Are you ready to live a Unstoppable Life? 


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What is Chronically Unstoppable?

Far too often we associate the word chronic with the negative. Chronic Pain. Chronic Illness. Chronic Symptoms. But what if you harnessed that Chronic thing into an unstoppable power? Wouldn’t it feel amazing to be chronically unstoppable? Heck yeah, sign me up for that Chronic Diagnosis.

It’s about using tools to make the good days freaking amazing and the bad days just a faint memory. 

Remember this isn’t FOREVER!

It’s about taking back the steering wheel of your life and kicking that annoying passenger of self doubt into the trunk. It’s about standing tall with chronic pain, even on your bad days. You get to rule your life!

It’s learning to listen to your body, understanding what it needs, and learning to build your days around the number of spoons you have available at the time.

You have enough to kick booty today! You deserve to be Unstoppable.

It’s making each day productive and successful without feeling chronically behind all the time.

It’s accepting that the pain might be there, but not allowing it to steer the car!

Who Is This For?

You are a smart person. You are a valuable person. You are ready to start standing tall and living a chronically unstoppable life, despite your current situation.

And you are a person who deserves to enjoy life at its fullest regardless of what your current life looks like!

Did it make you cringe a little reading the above sentences?

Does the concept of living your dream life rather than just surviving life, sound like a fairytale written for someone else?

It does? Oh boy, are we going to have some fun together!

Fairytales are usually found in books, not websites, and this particular website, is fact, not fiction

You are not your current situation. 

You are not your negative thoughts.

You are most certainly NOT your Limiting Beliefs.

You are ready to start Standing Tall and Be Unstoppable

I know this because I’ve done it.

I’ve created a life that is full of joy and love, despite my diagnoses.

You can live that life too! 


Not gonna lie, it wasn’t easy. But it wasn’t all that damn hard either. I just needed to find the right tools.


And once I found those tools, I knew I had to share them. That’s why this website exists. So, that I can share what I’ve learned with others.


There are more than enough spoons to go around for all of us. Get free resources to start living well with chronic crap! No more just surviving life!


Freedom X2

What if one FREE simple, eye-opening exercise could change your life?

I don’t mean exercise like yoga or cardio.

I’m talking about exercise like bust out the colored pens and create the life you really want and then transform the life you have into the life of your dreams!

No matter what your symptoms are.

No matter how many days you can’t get out of bed.

No matter what your diet is.

YOU can turn your life around in a single day.

That’d be worth the effort, right?

Sign up below for the  FREE exercise that changed my life:


After a minor heart attack, I am determined to maintain a positive attitude while living with the new changes I’ve had to make in my life. As I have a lifelong history of Depression and Anxiety, having a heart attack at 49 years old has been a bit of a shock.
Jennifer’s Diagnosed Freedom worksheet has helped me to identify exactly how I want to move forward with my life and has helped me to clarify what’s important to me and what I can let go of.
I love the down-to-earth and fun way the worksheet is written and I’m excited about my life again.


Chronically Unstoppable Support

DIY Programs w/support

More Details

Ready to go on a journey with a group of CHRONIC WARRIORS.  Unlock your inner Chronically Unstoppable Power with these programs, at your own pace.

This is a time to support your body and mind and learn how to live well with chronic pain and illness in a safe environment.

Not only do these programs give you the tools to create your UNSTOPPABLE LIFE and it also gives you access to support along the way. 

Whether you need help with changing your story, finding the right fuels to give your body, or tap into the energy you know you could have, there is a program for you. 

I look forward to being part of your new story.

One-on-One Coaching

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Want to dive deep into your current condition and learn how to stop surviving your life, because you have a chronic condition. Not into talking about your questions in a group. One-on-One coaching might be right for you! 

Interested in more than one coaching session. Let’s have a Free Discovery Session to talk about the best route and set up the package that is right for you.

Want to work out one single focus point at a time, the one sessions will be great for you. 

We are all unique and you do not fit in a box so you solution shouldn’t be in one, or in a book for the masses. I know you are an individual and I use the BioIINdividually to guide you to your new fully energized and thriving life.


Awaken the Magic of Beng You Sisterhood

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A community of like-minded women banding together to build a life that is full of energy, joy, and fulfillment, despite your current situation.

This community is open 24/7 for questions and support. There are weekly sisterhood circles (held online) to get the support and to be able to talk to other people who are living with the same conditions as you are and thriving.

This community provides a DIY program, office hours with video chat, and so much more.


If you’re wondering what makes me qualified to show you how to thrive with your diagnoses rather than just survive with it, check out my About Me page. All the juicy details are there, and you can also email me your questions.