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I  empower women to connect to their confidence so they can show up authentically in life and business.

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Hello Beautiful Souls.
I am so honored to be a mentor in May 2020.
AWAKEN YOUR MAGIC and Feed your Body with LOVE!
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Go on a journey to transform your life and rebuild your self-esteem with support and guidance. With self-esteem comes trust and increased self-worth that allows you to overcome obstacles and achieve your dreams. It’s time to say goodbye to the beliefs no longer serving you and rewrite your story in a way that awakens your magic by being authentically you. It’s time to make peace with your inner critic and promote massive amounts of self-confidence


Do you not take care of yourself because you are busy taking care of others or your business. Learn how to show unconditional love to yourself no matter what through nutrition that fuels movement that is  fun, and love for your body, right now at any size. Do not let outside factors dictate inside beliefs. Tap into your intuition and begin eating for health not to change your body, moving for happiness, and  awakening your inner magic.



Journey to finding your connection to your higher self and a higher being. This is an important part of your overall health as it ties to your purpose and desires for a meaningful life. It is the inner part of self that inspires, lights up,  awakens connection and allows us to tap into our gifts that we are meant to share with the world. This deep connection brings forward your intuition, connection and embodies your entire human experience.  The core of true morals, emotions and nature of being human.

My Journey

My journey began at the age of 13 when I got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, IBS, Asthma, Depression, and I became a frequent flyer to the Emergency Department.  I was experiencing constant pain, brain fog, inflammation, exhaustion and weight gain.

I was put on multiple medications and diets for over 20 years but nothing worked. Intuitively I knew there was a better way and that there was something internally going on that medications and diets could not heal.


I reached out for support from a functional medical doctor and acupuncturist. On my first visit, she noticed my skin and asked about food intolerances. After working together we did an elimination protocol to find those sensitives and it changed my life.

The holistic therapies had such a profound effect on my mind, body, and soul that I embarked on a decision to help others on their health journey. I have 20 years of experience working with western and conventional doctors on my own health, so I began my second round of formal education so I could better serve my clients.

I am now certified in Integrative Nutrition, Hatha yoga, EFT Tapping, and have a Master’s in Business. I am a Reiki Master and a food lover. This combined with my own 20-year journey to self-acceptance, love, and healing is allowing me to guide you to awaken the magic within you!