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When we face loneliness, self-love plays an essential role.

Sometimes, our emotional baggage is so heavy that it causes our self-esteem to drop to the ground. The bad news is that we are the only ones who can lift us up. The good news is that we can do it!

There are different ways to get your self-love and confidence back. But also many things that we must avoid because when we are in those sensitive moments of our life, we can easily hurt ourselves.

Today’s guest is Yaa Astar. An exceptional woman who, after losing her mom, work, and relationship, hit bottom and almost ended her life. Now she is stronger than ever and dedicates her life to teaching others as a coach. In this episode, she will teach us how to gain self-esteem and confidence through fitness and food, two things that changed her life. 

Have you told yourself today how amazing you are? Cause you are!


Born as Yaa Asare-Nyarko to An American Mother from Brooklyn, New York, and an African Father from Ghana, Africa. Over time, over her life experiences and shedding of other expectations of her and embracing her true identity as Yaa Astar. He was born and raised as a Yankee, but until the age of 30, he began to live a nomadic lifestyle. As the trifecta tragedy hit in 2008 —from losing her mother, her job, and deciding not to move forward with her engagement—she opted to move to Georgia in hopes of starting over.

After several attempts of failing the CPA exams and not feeling fulfilled or making an impact—she decided to take a less traveled road. Yaa gave up the pursuit of others’ happiness for what he believed and still considers her calling: to help others gain, restore and live their best lives through health and fitness.

Yaa is a personal trainer, a nutrition coach, and a change behavior specialist. Now she is a woman that helps people transform their lives; their health strategically. She is not exempt from showing up her best self; as a survivor of Breast Cancer. She has shown it herself by going through many challenges and staying consistent, which led her to be a marathon runner and second place in bodybuilding competitions.

The woman you will forever remember by her smile and her massive energy; Yaa Astar.


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What would it feel like to gain restore and live your best life through health and fitness? Well, today’s guest is going to show you how to show up in your best life physically and mentally. She is not exempt from showing up as her best self after the trifecta of tragedy hit her in 2008. Losing her mom her job is deciding to not move forward with her engagement. And being a survivor of breast cancer, she is now encouraging others to challenge themselves by making small pivots to transform themselves from outside to within. She has demonstrated herself that this is possible, the woman that you will forever remember by her smile and her infectious massive energy I bring to you yeah, a star. You’re listening to feed your business with love with Jen Dragonette. You are about to experience a tsunami of self love in your life and business. Because we have too much magic inside to just be a ripple, let go of society’s standards and those gurus who leave you burnt out, put aside any imposter syndrome feeling and ask yourself, what is it? You really want? Because success starts from within, rediscovering yourself builds confidence in your message and who you are, your tribe will follow. let’s unleash the magic inside by being our true authentic selves.
Starting podcasting for your soul in 321.
So welcome to the podcast. Yeah.
Hello, hello, hello, hello. Hmm, love it.
I am really excited. Like, first your energy just makes me want to like dance. For those of you that are watching live. And for those of you that are on the podcast, like bright, big smile, just I don’t know, it makes my heart so happy. I just wanted to say that. But my first question is, in this moment in time in your life, what is that thing that’s lighting you up the most in your business?
The thing that’s lighting me up the most in my business is seeing my clients smile, seeing my clients, you know, getting their energy back getting their life back, seeing my clients actually live out their theme. So what I do is what I when I do my consultation with my clients, I usually you know, question them until we come up with a theme. So for example, one of my clients theme is being in charge being in charge of for like a woman in charge. And so I love seeing the progress that they’re making as their theme. Another one of my clients is getting her life back, what are you doing to get your life back, and these are all the things that she’s doing. And so I that’s what really lights me up I love you know, of course, just the weight loss, but it’s more of the feeling that’s attached to it. So the weight loss is just basically the byproduct of that. But it’s more about them actually participating in their life again, actually participating in, you know, being confident about themselves again. And so that’s what I absolutely love, love, love. And for me, it gives me the passion and fuel to continuously go out there and reach people and let them know, hey, look, it’s not difficult, it’s not hard, you may have to put in a little bit of work, but it’s so worth it. Because now you’re letting your light shine. And so for me, it’s so wonderful to be able to help my clients, you know, feel better, you know, start to look good, but most importantly, show up their best selves. And that’s how they’re doing it, they’re showing up their best selves, not necessarily for family and friends of work but for themselves. And that’s what matters. So so, so much. So I absolutely love love that just being able to see them transform from where they were when we did the consultation to even right now, like amazing getting up on your own having energy. You know, you’re just, you’re just noticing so much about yourself, you’re liking yourself again. And so to me, that matters so, so much more. And so that’s what keeps me alive, doing what I do, and you know, just brings me brings life to me. And so I absolutely enjoy it. And so, you know, my mission and my platform is to, you know, use food and fitness to help people become confident in themselves. And so you don’t have to look like what everybody else looks like. But you can just love yourself just as is. And so how do we go about doing that we come up with a plan. We’re very strategic about coming up with a plan on how you can just love yourself right where you are as you progressing, but also appreciating that journey. So I take my clients on this beautiful journey from where they are to where they want to be. Ultimately, they want to feel phenomenal. Ultimately, they want to feel confident ultimately, they just want to show up their best selves. They want to feel energy and have life again. So how do we go about doing that? We walk you through our three pillar system systematically how you can go there, but it’s a journey that needs to be appreciated. So I don’t work with people that want quick results. quick results just leads to fall back, but being able to appreciate everything single step of the way, as you’re growing, not, you know, as you’re growing more into the person that you desire you want to be. So it’s all about, like, you know, this the vision that you have for yourself, bring it to life.
I love that. And I know that because you’re so excited about seeing this in your clients that you have a story where you watched your vision come to life. So can you tell us a little bit about that before your vision? Person?
Yeah, yeah, absolutely hot mess, okay, in a ditch with a bottle for sure, for sure. Um, I was, I mean, just to, you know, I know, we’ve got very little bit of time. So I’m just gonna give you a cliff notes. I went from, you know, losing my mom, losing my job. And my fiance and I really broke up to where I am today. But I but I tell you, you know, that was a journey from 2008, to what 2022. And so there were so many things that I had to grow through in order to get to where I am today. So I had to grow through, you know, no longer having treatments where I was having treatments for about, I’m gonna say a year and a half almost seemed like two years ago, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28. And so I’m seeing my doctors regularly go into my chemo, go into my radiation going to my hormonal therapy appointments. So I’m seeing people regularly and so I have this. So I go from all of a sudden a support system to now okay, I have moved to Atlanta by myself. And I have no family, no friends here. And what I thought was going to be a job opportunity. Well, now that has fallen through the cracks. So now not only has that happen, I have now turned to the bottle, I’ve turned to you know, you know, alcohol to help me numb the pain that I was going through, especially the loss of my number one cheerleader. So what do I do? That’s all I knew what to do. But then one day, I can remember where, you know, I’ll never forget to stay for the rest of my life, because it has really helped me to appreciate even these moments that I’m in today where I’ll never forget, I drink probably a bottle of wine or maybe two, who knows. And I took some pills. And I remember saying And mind you, I was surrounded in so much debt, I went through my savings, everything and I’m like down to my last dollar and I can’t afford to pay my rent. My joy, I had a roommate at that time. So you know, just imagine. And so I remember looking up into the ceiling, and I was like, God, if you have a purpose for me, allow me to wake up the next day.
So And I’ll never forget, I went ahead and fell asleep instantly in that moment. And then I woke up the next day. And I looked at the ceiling and I said shit. Well, I guess I’m gonna have to live life. And so going from you know, that ship moment to now I am a woman helping others. But see you really you see, you realize I had to go through these things in order to be the coach that I am. So I can’t coach people if I haven’t been through it. So I’ve been through the Depression, I’ve been through the suicide, I’ve been through, you know, alcoholism, I’ve been through, you know, um, you know, self image problems. I’ve been through just, you know, comparing myself, I’ve been through all of that. And so that’s what makes me so much more of a connection with my clients, because I’ve been there. Yeah, I can tell you, I’ve been there. You know, that’s what helps me fight so much more for my clients. And so I went from, you know, I can remember talking to my cousin Wesley, for every single day, for a year and a half, I started walking and talking with him. That was the only thing that I could think of to, you know, one get me out the house and figure out something. So he walked in talk with me. And then I went from that point to I can remember I had four part time jobs and still was not able to pay I still was not able to pay. So because I went through all of that. I lost so much weight because I was so anxious. I was depressed. I couldn’t figure out anything. And I’m like, What do I do? So, you know, I remember I had an apartment had to leave there because my apartment got broken into. So I had a roommate with somebody. But from that point I started running. I’ll never forget the day where I was only able to run for like 30 seconds to fast forward years later, I’m able to run four and a half hours. So you know, that’s a marathon that I did. So you know, and you know, I’ve taken on other challenges too. I can remember where I started going to the gym in 2009 didn’t know what I was doing. I said well, let me just go ahead and grab a magazine. I don’t know. But it gave me confidence anytime. You know, I went there looked through the magazine and I did with the lady there Then I was like, okay, cool. And I felt confident. You know, and so that’s what and because I’ve done that, I was able to get on stage twice to do a bodybuilding competition. So I’m always able to revert back to where I was. And so generally I use fitness for me personally, as a mental breakthrough for me, because if, and that’s what I do, is if I can do this physically, then mentally, I can handle anything. And that’s the whole key is to be able to handle anything that comes my way. And that’s what you know, I love sharing with my clients is, okay, what is going on in your world today talk to me, I need to know what’s going on. Because then there’s a times where we’re not talking about food and fitness, we’re talking about where you’re at mentally, it’s so key to know where you’re at mentally. And even this week, I went through my own trials and tribulations, you know, mentally, but I’m glad that I didn’t give up on myself. And sometimes that’s what people are looking for someone not to give up on them. So you see it for me, everyone had already given up on me, including my parents. But the one person that didn’t give up on me was my cousin. And so he so he was, so he helped me to get to the next part in my life where I had a coach, a personal trainer who didn’t give up on me. So even as you go through life, different stages, you’re going to meet your person that’s going to hold you accountable. But most importantly, that’s not going to give up. And that’s all I ever wanted, I want to feel included. And I didn’t want people to give up on me, I wanted to feel love. Because I didn’t experience that. I didn’t know what love was because I you know, I thought it was more of an exchange kind of thing. Or I had to prove to people, you know, if I do this for you, then you love me. So that that whole kind of exchange thing. But if I didn’t value myself, and the only way I found value in myself, it was what is what I was doing for me. And so for me, my value came from Okay, what am I eating? Now? I’m not gonna say I’m, you know, going did a diet or anything like that. But how does this food make me feel? I feel good. Me moving my body? How do I feel? feel mentally fantastic.
And so that’s what it’s about. Okay, what can you do today to honor yourself? And so that’s the life I live now. Okay, what can I do today to honor myself? But not only honor myself, but also to what can I do to serve others? You see, I came from a past before. I’ve done entrepreneurship before, but it was all about give me give me give me What can I get out of this. But I’m so grateful that my higher power allowed me to lose it in order to start back up again. Because now it’s all about how can I serve others? That is the thought every single day? What can I do to serve others? How can I make other people? How can I make connections for other people, and you know, just just living an honest, transparent, unapologetic life. Don’t apologize for who you are, you are a magnificent person, believe it or not. And whatever you’re going through, at this very, very moment, it is not the end. It is just a signal that your breakthrough is coming.
How powerful is that? It’s not the end, it’s a signal of the breakthrough is coming like, boom, Mic drop. We could be done right now. And like, that’s a bad thing. I’ve heard it. I’m like, my brain is like,
Oh, you can say it four times in the back.
Did you hear that? Come on, if you did not. Play again, go back. Absolutely. I love how you’re sharing this and being transparent about all the different things and there’s there was so many things that you just said that like trigger trigger, which some of them are good triggers, some of them are like, because of my experience. I’m like food and movement. I’ve used those as punishments where you’ve used them as allowing them to bring you to that next level. And I think that that’s, that’s a really important thing that we need to distinguish. Because a lot of the time when people talk about food and fitness, it’s as a punishment, or a beat down because you’re not fitting into society’s boxes. So how you’re sharing this makes my heart so happy.
Oh, absolutely. And you know, that’s the thing too is that, you know, I start working with my clients on wool, especially on the consultations is what is your relationship with food when you were a kid? Because now we need to bridge why you why you have that relationship today. And so what we want to do is break those that barrier. Why do you use food as punishment? I choose us Food as a punishment, it wasn’t for me to consume it. But it was for me to deny myself, I can remember where, you know, I would because I want to, I had such high expectations of myself. And because sometimes if I felt like I did not do well, or accomplish or whatever, I would say you don’t deserve to eat today, and literally that go on. And I’m like, so literally, one day, I had to say, Yo, why don’t you keep saying, and it was, oh, remember when you used to live in DC, and they didn’t feed you? Right. That’s where that comes from. And so now because I’m able to identify, Okay, where does this come from? Now I can start put it in the work and say, No, you deserve to eat. You absolutely deserve to eat. You have food here to nourish you. You have food that tastes good get food that so yummy. Enjoy it. But you know, it doesn’t have to be a punishment. But you have to ask yourself, why? Why is this? Why like, why am I punishing myself with food? What is going on with me internally? Because there’s always something going on internally that you have not resolved? Because you haven’t resolved it? Your way of resolving it is okay, let me just, you know, let me just eat or whatever, however you are with your food. So it’s so important to look at your relationship and really dig deep. Why do I punish myself with food? Why do I deny myself food? Or why do I eat so much sweets? What is it and because of that some of my with some of my clients were able to identify, you know what the reason why I am the way I am with food is because I can remember when I was a kid, they used to say, hey, you eat that you’re gonna get back. And so that’s stuck with her all the way into her 30s. So you’re in your late 30s. And you’re still behaving as if you were six or seven or 13 years old. Okay, what can we do now? We know what it is. Let’s go ahead and start the work on removing that Berry. Because everyone deserves to eat you and everyone needs to enjoy the deliciousness this the savory foods. There’s nothing wrong with that. But how do you go about it? Is it that needs to be you know, addressed?
Oh, yeah. 100%. And it’s I’m just, I’m so in awe of like what you’re bringing, because it is still sadly, the not normal to hear this version. And I just I think that it’s magical. And I think it’s cool that you brought your, like you said the story of DC like they told you not to eat that it’s like, whoa, right? impacted? How many years later,
right. I mean, 20, you know, I mean, so that affected me for like, what, 30 years? Because I’m 45. And so, you know, you go from Okay, well, they didn’t feed your 13 Year 12 or 13 years old, and they’re just not eating because of whatever personal issues that are going on. So I’m sitting in a room not eating. Okay, or either if I’m lucky, maybe tuna and crackers. And that would be it. You know, to now you know the same thing with the whole leg finish everything on your plate. I’ll never forget I used to I sat at the table for two hours. I mean lives. But guess what, that followed me all the way into my adulthood? Oh, I got to finish everything. It doesn’t matter if I’m stopped. I got to finish it. Now let’s okay. You don’t have to continue eating this. Really? No, you don’t. It’s okay. And that’s the key thing. You have to let yourself know that it is okay. You have to let yourself know that it is okay to feel the way that you are. It is okay to be who you are. It is okay to say you know what? This is where I am. I don’t necessarily like where I am. But I would like to do better. Very good. That’s the step in the right direction. I’m not asking you to do bootcamp, and I’m sure not gonna ask you to do like 1100 or 1000 or 500 calorie diet. I’m not gonna ask you to do that. Because I myself, I’m not gonna do it. That’s actually one of my meals. I mean, come on, let’s be real. That’s actually one of my meals. Okay. But what I am going to ask you is how does that make you feel when you eat that when you consume that? How does it make you feel knowing that you’re on the couch with the remote watching Netflix and not moving your body? You know, I’m going to ask you these questions. I’m going to be honest, I’m not going to judge you. Hey, no worries. But let’s see if we can perhaps while you watch one of your favorite shows on that. Let’s, let’s see if we can perhaps maybe get you to stretch, some stretching, or maybe some AB movements, whatever, I’m not gonna tell you, you don’t even have to move from the couch. Oh, so it’s all about slowly transitioning. So you want to transform. So a lot of people come to me, I want to transform the way I look on the outside. Oh, that’s very good. I’m glad you come to me with that. But see, my thing is, I’m gonna transform I’m a help transform you from the outside to within. So you’re doing the work on the outside, but I’m gonna help you really dig deep down inside, to bring bring whatever is on the inside out. And you are going to shine like a star, because you are the star of your show, which is your life. And so how do you want to shine? How do you want to represent yourself? And these are questions that we go through. And so we identify, we identify and identify, we identify, ah, she wants to shine like this. Very cool. And so I will always remind you daily, oh, my queen, my sister, my star. What are we doing today to shine?
What are we doing today to shine? So what did you do today to shine?
Gosh, well, a plethora thing.
I had to ask the question,
right? I mean, like a plethora of things. I mean, trust me, I didn’t wake up shining, I woke up like a hot mess, crying and everything like that, you know, Boo hooing and everything like that. I mean, keeping it real, I was just a hot mess crying. And I said, Okay. We already know that you’re not sending out invitations to the pity party, because the last time you did that nobody can. So what are we going to do? So I went ahead and I walked my dog, I did get a run on I worked with, you know, my clients and you know, chatting with you know, you know, someone that, you know, I can release and you know, kind of talk to them about what’s going on in my world. And that’s the way I allowed myself to be open with someone where I can share my world with, you know, I was just being you know, just being honest with myself. And then just allowing myself, you know, I don’t I don’t not be rigid, because I used to be extremely, extremely rigid. And so for me today, shining was just getting out walking my dog. And if that’s all that I did, then I am so happy to me, then that’s a success. You know, I used to measure my success on material things, and you know, money. But now my success is what did I do today? For me? What did I do today that I accomplish? Some days, it could just be, like I said, simply just walking the dog. That was a success. I’m proud of you. Sometimes it could just be showing up for you know, a meeting. Very good. And that’s what people need to, you know, understand and realize you don’t have to do 1001 things. But what is that one thing that you can be proud of yourself that you did today? And don’t be afraid to pat yourself on the back? Why not? You deserve it.
Be Your biggest cheerleader celebrate everyone.
Absolutely. But I had to learn that, you know, it’s so it’s, you know, it’s we grow up a certain way. And then sometimes we look at society and we we have social media, we have so many influences. So now I have to pick which one is going to influence my life, which one’s going to influence my day. So sometimes I have to go from here to you know what, just right here, I just need right here. I just need my dog, you know, my significant other, you know, and then just someone I can trust a good friend. And then that’s it. That’s all the influence that I need for that day. Because that can lead to and it has, for me, you know lead to Okay, could imposter syndrome, compare and despair, all of that. And so if I can just limit to okay, my circle of influence, and then who am I being influenced by? How am I being influenced what is influencing me? So, so, so important? Because that actually dictates how you live your life? What is influencing you right now? Yeah, that’s a good question.
It’s an amazing it’s one I should ask myself every morning when I wake up because we do like when you say social media and like it’s just everywhere. Everything is in our face. And it’s like that comparison itis. Oh, man. She’s the nasty girl sometimes.
Right? Oh, she’s very nasty. I mean, like, so it’s sometimes you have to just take, you know, take a break. You know, even for me like I mean, last week and I’ll never Again, and you’d normally I’m not on social media unless I’m, you know, doing, you know, promoting something or what have you for work. But last week, I got caught up in it. Five scrolls later. Still on there. Two hours. What are you doing on here for two hours? And now you wonder why you feel the way that you do? Oh, he just was on social media for two hours. What do you expect? Me? What do you expect? Yeah, what do you expect? Now you, you’re in compared despair, you’re about to fall out to bed, you’re about to make a scene in your own house, because he was on social media for two hours. It’s not necessary. It’s not, you don’t, you don’t have to do what everybody else is doing. Because that is not your path, you must remember what your path is, your path is just to move at your own pace, and you are moving at the right speed. Not too fast, not too slow, but at the right speed. Because sometimes if you try to move too fast, and try to follow everybody else that’s on their path, you’ll miss some gems that you’re supposed to get. And because you missed it, you got to go back and revisit it again. So it’s better for you to stay on your own journey, have someone to hold you accountable on that journey, have people you know, cheering you on from the back. But then also have someone guide you have a guy, you know, good influence guy, you don’t need very many people. You just need those who support you now find your support. Sometimes it may not be family and friends, sometimes you may just have to find a group. I’ve done that before. I’ve joined Facebook groups, because I needed that support. I need to surround myself with other like minded people, regardless what realm it was rather from business to, you know, fitness or whatever. That’s what I need. And so, you know, I challenge you to find that support today. I challenge you to ask yourself, How will I shine today? I don’t care what time it is, you can always shine. You can it’s never too late until you’re dead. I don’t care how old you are. It’s never too late. Don’t let anything or anyone limit you or your mind. Like I tell my people I tell them, you know some of the kids I mentor as high as the sky go ahead and reach for it. Because nothing in this world is impossible. You just have to figure out how to go about achieving it.
Yeah, for sure. And like that impossible word. A long time ago, I saw that meme. And it’s like, I’m possible. And I’m like, Yeah, that’s right. I am possible.
That’s right, you are you are you have to believe it. You know, you have to find find your word for the year. You know, I joined a group, it’s called Happy neighbor project in the word for the year is imagined. But my word for the year is breakthrough. So find your word for that this year, and hold on to it and capture it. So what’s your word for this year? My word is breakthrough in every single aspect of my life. I want to breakthrough in my relationships, in my finances, in my health, in my spirituality, mentally all of that. So what is your word for the
minus? What a sign in body and intentional are my I have two words, because I feel like you have to be intentional to embody. So everything I’m doing is intentional to embody this new version of Jen.
Absolutely. And so what does that look like? You know, you have to ask yourself, What does embody what does an intentional embody? Jennifer, it looks like? How does she move? What is she doing? Why is that her words? When is she going to experience that? What part of the days? Are she going to experience? What does that exactly look like? How does it feel? How does it smell? What are the senses of it? So that you know, and that’s how you know what your word is? And then you’re able to really experience that work. And body in action intention. Yeah.
And it’s so powerful to just pick the one word to because I used to make this huge, big thing. And I’m like, No, let’s keep it simple. Because simple allows you to move forward.
Absolutely. You just You just need a few words or one word, that’s it. And then and then just remind yourself, even when those moments come where you feel like you’re not where you’re feel like you’re not being intentional, or you’re not experiencing that embodiment, just know that is just a it’s just a way of you letting you know, hey, look, a breakthrough is about to happen. So never give up on yourself. And put all of that and I say that all on you. Like you know say if you’re at the casino, I say you know what? I put all the money on me. You know if you can’t put all bets all on you bet at all.
Oh, I love that. So to go back to to rewind and go back to what you said about the two hour stuck in the squirrel What did you do after you got too stuck for two hours in the scroll watching everyone’s highlight reels because you know, that isn’t their real life? How did you shift out of that feeling? And that? Just, I don’t know, for me, it just creates this like tightness and like closed off Ness. How do you shift when you end up? Because we’re all human? We’re gonna get stuck on occasion.
Yeah, well, I’m gonna be real with you. Because this coach was like, you know, I’ll be honest, I’m like, but some bullshit on the slate. Not me. That’s how I was. I was like, I’m going to sleep. And I went to sleep man. And just but I mean, I went to sleep it that way. But, you know, I had to journal. I mean, the next day, okay, let’s, let’s, let’s get real. Let’s get down with it. Because sometimes, you know, not every No, maybe there’s no one around that I could talk to about or joke about it, whatever. But for me journaling works, because now I’m getting down to the root of why is it some bullshit? Why is it that? Because I don’t have what they have. Very good. I’m not experiencing their life. Well, what is it that you want? So it’s all about asking yourself questions. Very good. Now we’re getting somewhere. Okay. So once I’ve journaled that, because that is like, you know, I mean, that it’s why I have to do like self coaching for myself. Why is that? Why does it make you feel that way? Well, how do you feel about yourself now? Well, what are you gonna do? Okay? Are you okay? with who you are? Do you really want to experience their life? And do you even know how they even got there? Do you? Do you know, even their story or journey? Do you even know if it’s real or not? Know, you’re right where you’re supposed to be. That hurts when even yourself or someone tells you, you’re right where you’re supposed to be? You’re not supposed to be where they are. They’re supposed to be where they are, you’re right where you’re supposed to be. So buckle up, buttercup, and enjoy the ride. And that was that was, you know, like I said, Before, I mentioned where, you know, I did entrepreneurship before, you know, it was all about, Okay, I gotta hurry up and experience this. So I can have this fabulous lifestyle crashed and burned. Now it’s all about, okay, what can I learn? During this time in the season of my entrepreneurship? What can I learn and appreciate about this season in my life? Because I’ll never ever get the season back? And I sure do not want to repeat it. Yeah. What can I do now in this season?
What can I do now in this season?
Right? Yeah, because you know, I was on, you know, I shared yesterday with someone, while you’re waiting to get to where you want to be, you can always be doing something. So I’m waiting to get to 678 figures. While I’m waiting to get there. What can I do now? Oh, I can go to networking events, I can have one on ones. I can do consultations, I can do podcasts, I can do you know, Facebook Lives, I can do workshops, these are things that I can do. While I’m waiting to get to this six, seven figures. You have to appreciate the moment that you’re in now, or else you will not appreciate even when you get to where you want to be. So what can we do now to appreciate the season that we’re in, you don’t have to rush, life is not going to be over so quickly. And so soon you can actually experience it. So just like it says behind me, today is a perfect day, for you to live your dreams. Whatever it is, whatever it is, today is the perfect day. To just appreciate appreciate everything and everyone. Appreciate the things that you do have, and even appreciate the things that you don’t have. Appreciate your health. So much appreciate your help appreciate your financial position, even if you’re down to your last dollar because then we should down to your last dollar. Appreciate everything. And so the more appreciation we have, the more abundance you will have. And that’s in every respect of your life, health, wealth and relationships. But first you have to have our appreciation for it. You don’t and I promise you when you start having appreciation and gratefulness and showing gratitude for the things that you have in your life. You’d be surprised the abundance that’s gonna come afterwards. You’re like wow, wasn’t even expecting this. This is awesome. This is great, because you have already showed appreciation for what you have. So why not get more of what you want?
that energy attracts more, that’s for sure. And it comes easy.
Yeah, absolutely. Right. So easy. Is that out here? Hustling? No, you don’t have to do that. You just have to just do. Yeah.
Do it your way, that’s for sure. Yeah. I
mean, like, you know, it’s, we put so much pressure on ourselves. But we have to ask ourselves, why am I putting so much pressure on myself to reach that particular goal? You have to ask yourself why. And I promise you, you will get down to the root of if you continually ask yourself, Why am I in a rush to, you know, have six, seven figures? Why am I rushed to lose weight? Why am I in a rush to get into a relationship? Or get out of one? You know, ask yourself these questions. Why is the number one question to always ask to get down to the root of it? Once you get to the root of it? Now the decision is, the next question is, what are you going to do? question after that? How are you going to go about it? Question after that when you’re going to do something? Yeah.
And who are you going to have as your team?
Absolutely, absolutely.
Because it goes in your case and your cheer squad?
Yeah, absolutely. Who’s gonna cheer you on. And maybe for the time being, maybe you have to be your only cheerleader. You have to learn you have to learn how to cheer yourself on. Because the more you rely on other people, the more you will rely on them for your success. And whatever realm in your life, whether it’s health, wealth, or relationships, so sometimes you have to learn how to cheer yourself on. Yeah.
Or have somebody like you help learn to chair so we can learn to cheer ourselves on. So where can people get a hold of you if they want you in their corner? Because, like, she just like, fires me up. I’m like, okay, I can run 30 seconds. I get the food makes me feel. Absolutely horrible.
Right? Absolutely. I’d be like, Yeah, I love cheesecake too. Don’t get me wrong. I thought I enjoy that. But where you can find me and maybe find me having a slice of cheesecake is on my Facebook, which is yeah, why a A star A S T AR? Also on Instagram? Yeah. Underscore, a star and then also my website. Yeah, a
I’ll make sure to get all that information in the show notes. Because, you know, we all like easy click and go. Absolutely. Right. So my favorite question to close out interviews is if somebody to walk away with just that one, like mic drop pivotal moment, like nothing else mattered, but would you want them to walk away with
what you matter? That you matter. That is the mic drop there. So we’re, you know, I’m hoping that this, you know, reaches someone where they may be in a place and space in their life where they may be going through a struggle, a difficult time in their life. And they may feel like you know what, this is it for me. But I want you to know that you matter. All you have to do is reach out to someone and know that you matter. You’re worth it mattered

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