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I want to talk to you about when you first started a business or when you first start something that overwhelming excitement where you hit the pavement running at 200% of what you are actually capable of doing. You go, go, go. And all of a sudden you’re no longer connected,  your feet are touching the ground and  my head’s up in the clouds.

I don’t remember the last two months. If we are being honest, I don’t remember the last year. And boom, like a ton of bricks came at you, you come to the screeching halt.  You pause, breath and, holy crap, what am I doing? Here’s the truth bomb and enlightenment that I have just had. And I challenge you to do the same, whether you are first starting out or have been working at something for years.

Ready for it?

 I have been challenged to slow down and meaning that I don’t need to be working 12 hours a day trying to do all the different things. The tasks that I am focusing on are the wrong tasks. And in this slow down period when I started working on the chronically unstoppable crew, which is my amazing membership program.  I challenge you to slow down and take a day off too.

In my pause I realized that in the last two years I had created four programs. Amazing courses that I actually sat down and watched again. I was shocked, wow, I should take my own advice and now I’m actually enrolling myself in these programs. How is it I 100% forgot that I had created these amazing courses because, well, I was spinning out of control.

Shiny Objects

 I was constantly looking at that shiny object, the shiny object of the new program, the new coach, the new this, the new that I’ve got to be on Instagram, Facebook, Facebook business pages and then 10 different Facebook groups. Then adding Pinterest and YouTube. Crap I forgot, Linkedin just popped up and read, what about SnapChat, Reddit, blogging for others, podcasting. It just popped up and oh my goodness, I needed the new shiny object. I just was spinning out of control.

Like I said, I don’t ever really remember the last year and a half because I had let myself get so wrapped up in this that I didn’t pay attention to my priorities. The things that I loved and wanted and the things that were number one for me. Does that sound familiar?

So here’s the wonderful thing that I learned.

If you slow down, things become clear.

Holy Crap, MIND BLOWN, I could stop right there and you wouldn’t need anything else.

 But in this process, when I slowed down and started building out this membership program that I’ve released, and it’s still in founding member prices, so if you’re interested, I realized that when I started, I started as calling myself an energy and mindset coach. Boom, mind blown. I’ve made a full circle back into focusing on energy and mindset. Even though I’ve gone in so many different directions, which I all felt were very important.

And I feel that it’s very important for me to work and help people stand tall and be chronically unstoppable with chronic illness. But the standing tall and chronically unstoppable doesn’t have to be for people with just chronic illness, standing tall and being chronically unstoppable is anyone that’s human. Because realistically there’s those moments where we all feel stuck in our current situation. Whether that’s a chronic condition or that something along the lines of stuck in a chronic thought pattern, or stuck feeling, unworthy, not enough, or as a shell of a person.

 We all get stuck because we’re human.

We all should stand tall and be chronically unsolvable. We all need more energy. We all need to work on our mindset, being mindful, and slowing down to be present. And that’s what I love and I know to be my purpose is to help others become chronically unstoppable. Through that process of getting unstuck through mindset,  mindfulness, movement ,and all the things that also help chronic illness help everyone who is actually stuck in some sort of a chronic pattern in their life that is leading them not to being their full potential.

Because I have finally slowed down and I found these crazy programs that I don’t even remember creating and I’m going through them again myself. I have got amazing feedback from my Beta Testers and totally forgot about that. I am going to release all those programs that I created and I am releasing them at some crazy low investments for you. I mean CRAZY low Investment.


We think of chronic as a negative thing, but it doesn’t have to be a negative thing.

 Think of chronically unstoppable is that nagging feeling of being unstoppable, of being empowered, having the energy,  and of showing up for your life in an unstoppable manner. That’s what I help you find. That’s what I finally found myself.

It’s about finding a way to remember the last year and a half when I took vacations. Even on those vacations I was spinning out of control cause I had to be busy.

You don’t have to be so busy.

You don’t have to be so stuck.

 You can have the energy and you can be chronically unstoppable.

I am here to help you stay on tall and be chronically unstoppable. And again, come check out all those amazing programs, as one might help you break your current story. And again, I’m offering them at stupid low investments to you. They’re more than 50% off the original investment of what I launched them for in my Beta programs. But I just want to get them out there in the world and start getting some feedback and see like, where is it that my zone of genius can help you?

I’m sending you all the love, all the good vibes, and I hope to talk soon.

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