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Today we are joined by Adrienne Rivera, a breathwork queen and a spiritual business coach who specializes in teaching healers and coaches how to use breathwork to get to the next level of income in their life and business. Success starts from within, and rediscovering yourself and unleashing the magic in you will help you manifest growth and allow money to flow in your life. 

In the episode, we talk about cosmic cash flow and how you can have that business of your dreams without getting stuck in burnout and the garbage that we put on ourselves from society. We also dive into how you can use breathwork to align your strategy with your intuition, bring fun and fulfillment to your business, and step into being a 6-figure earner without feeling restricted and stuck in other people’s strategies. 

Breathwork can be used in a multitude of ways to level up in life and business. The conscious mind is just like the tip of an icebag. There is so much more in the subconscious mind, and to tap into it, you need breathwork. Breathwork is a catalyst for creating excitement in what you do. It will keep you moving forward to create what you desire by aligning your business strategy with your intuition and staying connected to your vision without becoming overwhelmed.  

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Adrienne Rivera is a Spiritual Business Coach who specializes in teaching healers and coaches how to create a six-figure business online. She started out her coaching journey as an online fitness + mindset coach, grew it to a 6 figure business and discovered her passion and talent for business coaching. She supports her clients with growing and scaling their purpose-driven business through hosting online events & building their email lists. She focuses on helping her clients find alignment with their business on a soul level with breathwork. She is the founder of Breath of Gold–a breathwork company that hosts weekly breathwork & also trains breathwork facilitators.

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Adrienne Rivera

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adrienneriveracoaching/

Jenn Dragonette (Host)

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In This Episode, You Will Learn About: 

[00:11] Today’s topic, Cosmic cashflow 

[02:19] Breathwork; the thing that has been lighting Adrienne the most 

[02:52] How Adrienne manifested getting fired and her pivot to entrepreneurship

[05:35] How to use breathwork in your business to manifest growth 

[09:48] Bringing your inner child into business and allowing it to be fun 

[12:33] Offers that Adrienne is launching this month and how you can find them

[16:13] Adrienne’s recommendation on how to integrate breathwork into your life 

[17:32] Why breathwork is a journey and not a one-stop practice

[20:36] Creating the reality you want and allowing money to flow 

[25:26] Adrienne’s favorite way of bringing people into her space and community

[27:26] Breathe work versus plant medicine 

[31:28] Golden takeaways from the guest 



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Welcome back to money. May I am so excited to bring you our next guest, Adrian? She is, oh my goodness. I don’t even know where to start with this episode, we were talking about manifesting business growth. These quantum leaping into building the success that we desire living our best lives, manifesting money, allowing money to flow to us and.

As healers, we can really step into being a six, seven figure earner without feeling restricted and stuck in other people’s strategy. This is such a beautiful conversation and we are talking about. Cosmic cashflow and how to have that business of your dream without getting stuck in that burnout and the garbage that’d be put on ourselves in the society.

Yes, yes, yes. Yes. She is the breath work queen. And we are going to talk about how to use breath work to get to that next level of income in your life and in your business because success starts within. So let’s go.

You’re listening to feed your business with love with Jenn dragon net. You are about to experience a tsunami of self-love in your life and business, because we have too much magic inside to just be a ripple, let go of society’s standards. And those gurus who leave you burned out, put aside any imposter syndrome feelings and ask yourself what is.

You really want, because success starts from within rediscovering yourself, builds confidence in your message and who you are. Your tribe will follow. Let’s unleash the magic inside by being our true, authentic selves. Starting podcasting for your soul in 3, 2, 1. I am so excited for our next guest. We are talking all things, quantum money, cosmic cashflow, and all the things.

So welcome back to money Mae and welcome Adrian. Yes. Thank you so much for having. So I want to start in this moment right now. What does that thing that’s lighting you up the most breath work for sure. A hundred percent. And the thing about breathwork is that it’s been lighting me up for like the last five years.

It has been the thing and it hasn’t gotten old. I’m doing breath work today. I did breath work last week. Every week I have my weekly CEO breath work and it just blows my mind what we can discover when we go within ourselves. Oh, yes. And I know that just because I’ve done a little research before we got on that you manifested getting fired.

Did you do that through guests? Breathwork and you can tell us a little bit about that story. So I did not intentionally do that with breath work, but I did manifest getting inspired. So back in the day I had my first real job desk job and I. I am glad that I manifested the job that I did because it was just three of us.

So while it was a desk job, it was still working for an entrepreneur. And that really opened up my mind to, wow. Like you can create literally whatever you want and I’m seeing someone who’s not that much older than me doing that. Right. Um, so how I manifested getting fired was I was, you know, listening to entrepreneurship podcasts at work.

I was planning workouts. I was not fully present. And really what was underneath that was people pleasing and fear. I had no idea how to leave a job. Um, I had no idea how to write a letter of resignation of, you know, two week notice. I thought that it would be the worst thing ever to go to a job. Where they knew you were going to leave?

Like, how does this work? Um, so very much like ending a relationship, like, you know, I would have just thrown them the book and left, but, um, yeah, one day I sat down in the office and she said, Adrian, you’ve been listening to podcasts. You haven’t fully been present. I’m going to have to let you go. And in that moment, my heart sunk.

And then before I could even respond. This tiny whisper came into my head and it was like, you manifested this. And I just paused. I said, Hey, Can I leave right now? And she’s like, yep. So that was beautiful for me because otherwise I probably would have been too afraid to start my business. And my first business was in fitness coaching and doing that online.

And I even dipped my toes into relationship coaching for a while. And now with business coaching, you know, I’ve pivoted a lot of ways, but the thing that has stayed the same has been breath work. When my clients were plateauing with fitness coaches. It would be breath work that would support them in releasing the energetic and emotional weight that they were holding on to, um, same with helping couples, same with getting clarity and business.

So breath work is for everything. I really love sharing how it’s for business owners, because that’s how. Get 90% of the guidance in my business. And it’s really cool. So yeah, entrepreneurship totally found me and I’ve just been riding the waves ever since that moment, it felt like I was going down a really slow river.

And then after getting fired, it’s like, all right, we’re going down that cascade. We’re doing this. So that Skift, oh, I love that. So how has breath work? You mentioned it was like this big leap in your business. By using breath work. How does that actually work? Yeah, so it can be used in a multitude of ways.

And I’ll share a little bit about what breath work is for anyone who hasn’t heard of it. So breath work is conscious breathing. Usually it’s done in a circular connected way. Um, you know, people may be familiar with the term holotropic breathwork circular, connected breath, word, three-part breath word.

All of that is a very activating deep. Breathwork experience, um, studies out there show that it can activate DMT naturally in the brain, um, without taking anything else. So it does alter the state of consciousness and you’re able to see a lot more. Um, I, with breath work have been able to have spiritual experiences.

I’ve been able to meet my guides. I’ve been able to connect and feel God, more powerfully than I ever have before. And particularly with business, um, you know, I’ll share an example. We can only go so far in our conscious mind. I know that you guys probably have seen that little image of the iceberg where it’s like the conscious mind is just the tip of the iceberg.

And so what if we could use the entire subconscious mind for our business? Like there’s so much more there. So that’s what I think about when I do breath work. And a few months ago I led a lake Tahoe mastermind. And the woman who leads me and my weekly breathwork classes, uh, was her mind was blown. When I said, I’m going to lead a retreat in like six weeks from now.

She’s like, wait, what? I give like six months to market retreats. What are you talking about? Like, how are you going to pull this up? And so of course my confidence was a little high and I assumed that. You know, this is such a great offer. It’s going to be sold out in two weeks. Well, it wasn’t. And even after, you know, reaching out to like 50 people and feeling like, okay, I feel like I’ve reached everyone that I know that I’d want to be at this.

I surrendered into breathwork. And so she led me in a breathwork journey and my intention was specific. I said, my intention for this journey is to drop into my subconscious and to remember who I’m forgetting to invite to this retreat. So I lied there and like all the names channeled through one of them.

That is a really funny story. Was blue shirt, girl from Facebook. Uh, this is someone who I just connected with randomly remembered that she had a blue shirt, totally forgot her name. We connected for five minutes and I sent her a voice note afterwards of like, Hey, this may sound weird. I just did breath work.

I’m leading this retreat and I saw you there, you should come. And she said, okay, full body. Yes, I’m in, it was the easiest way I’ve ever had enrolled anyone ever. Um, and so at the retreat, Oh, about 25% of the people that attended came through breath work, which is pretty awesome. Right. So I think when we can marry our intuition with the strategy of business, then we can really create lots of fun things in our business.

And it’s a lot more fun than thinking about how many people do I have to reach out today and like numbers and everything, and being in the vibe of. It’s already done. I’m connecting with amazing humans. Um, staying connected to your vision. Breathwork helps a ton with that. That’s the number one thing that I see that gets clients into overwhelm clients that I support with business.

They are overwhelmed with strategy and they’re disconnected from their vision. And because of that, they don’t do anything. It immobilizes them. And so breathwork can be that catalyst to create this excitement for what they do and keep it moving forward each and every day. I’m like so many things right there is, it is, it is, it is a way to connect back.

And I love that. You said that it helps you get out of the strategy because I think that’s what we see online. And that’s why I’m starting to shift. That’s why I’m starting to, to call in other business owners that are. Aligning with that intuition, that spirit led that’s so led and not just this very structured, you know, how many people do I need to ask?

How do I do this? And really allow it to be fun. You said fun so many times. And I’m like, okay, we’re new, but you’re my new best friend. You just don’t know it yet. That’s amazing. I love. Yes. It gets to be fun because if it’s not fun, then it feels like a job and we are not entrepreneurs for that. Right.

Like we are doing this for fun. And, um, yeah. You know, it’s interesting because with this conversation, we’re talking a lot about like manifesting and calling things in and allowing it to be fun. And what’s coming through is to imagine children. And I don’t know if you ever had something where you. Really wanted something when you were young and you were so committed and you had that tenacity and that determination, and you let it be fun and you kind of surrendered and you really wanted it.

And it happened, you know, like for a lot of people, maybe it was a puppy or maybe it was a dollhouse or something for Christmas. Um, and I know I’ve had multiple of those experiences, but when we look at children, they don’t have it in their head that it’s not going to work for them. And they are so much.

Building their lives and creating their lives the way that they want to. And I think that when we can bring our own inner child to our business and kind of be like, okay, how can I play today? How can I make this fun? Um, and. The novelty of it, I think is key. Just like a relationship, you know, how can you be in a 10 year plus relationship and still have it be exciting?

The fun, the novelty, like always creating it to be new, learning about each other every single day in a new way. So. Not only do I use breath work for the intuition side of my business, but I also use intuitive journaling. And so last night, even more came through because I like to break the rules when it comes to business coaching, I’ve invested over like a hundred thousand dollars in business coaching myself.

And so I know all the strategies, one of the things that they always tell you. Don’t launch more than one thing at once. I’m like, well, what if I’m passionate about a lot of things right now? So I have my journal here and I like created this entire intuitive business marketing plan for this month. And the message that came through was if you market in different ways, different avenues, You won’t overwhelm your audience and you can totally do this.

So I have a game plan here that if I follow it, it, the projection is 128,000 this month. So that is pretty awesome. Just to see it on paper, to be connected to your vision. And it feels like a game. It feels like fun. It feels like play. So I’m excited. So I’ve got to know you’re launching how many things are you launching this month?

And like, what are their titles? Like, maybe they’ll go into all of them, but like, what are their titles? I, for the multi-passionate entrepreneur out there, which I know is the majority of my audience. Did you just hear that? You don’t have to just launch one thing. So I want to know what are the things that you’re, that you’re marketing this month?

Yes. So I just launched, although it’s not official the breadth of gold journal, I have the breadth of gold Oracle Zac, but the journal, no one knows about, except for you, you and your listeners are the first to know. And the thing about Amazon publishing is that it’s easily. The books don’t have to be in my closet, which is nice, unlike the Oracle deck.

Uh, but you don’t make a lot of money. You make like $2 per book. So that’s not that great. So what I’m going to do is because it’s a 12 week journal, I’m going to create a 12 week course, and I already know exactly who I’m going to invite to that. So I’m just going to personally invite people for that signed 12 people.

And it’ll start in June. It’s going to be easy. It’s gonna be perfect. And then the other thing that I’m going to launch mainly with my email list is, um, my three-day event, the abundant breath business immersion, which is going to infuse breath, work and intuition with business and strategy, and that’s going to be epic.

And so I have a way of marketing into that, which is mainly leveraged leveraging email list. Um, the ticket sales will bring in a certain amount of money and then also. I will enroll four people into my mastermind for spiritual business coaching from that. So that’s another way. Um, and then six people will come into my breathwork membership and the way that I’m going to do that is from continuing to have my assistant invite people to my weekly breath work, and then having a followup sequence.

That enrolls them into why the membership is where it’s at and they need to be in that. So that’s passive income because I’m already doing that. And then lastly, the breath work certification that I have, I’m going to leverage other people’s Facebook groups that are already talking about breath work so that I’m not overwhelming my email list with too many things.

So there’s so many different avenues. Might as well, just do all of them. And the cool thing about the mastermind is they get a retreat with me. They get the breathwork certification. So a lot of this is all married together and I like to create packages and all of that. So, um, yeah, I’ve got my game plan.

That is amazing. Like my mind is just. You just gave me permission. Cause I have like four things that I wanted to be talking about. And I, I too have spent over a hundred thousand dollars on business coaches and I’m having such a hard time saying goodbye to those stupid strategies that this poor manifesting generator does not want to be attached to.

That makes sense. That makes total sense. So where can people find these offers? Yeah, so you can go to my website, Adrian rivera.com to check out anything business coaching related, um, and then breath of gold.com as all things more breathwork related like the breathwork membership and the certification.

And. Um, as well as the journal and the Oracle deck. And yeah, the best way to reach me is Instagram at Adrian Rivera. Coaching would love to have a DM. And if anyone here wants to try breath work, because you totally hear how it’s changed my life and how. Just who I’ve already met have come through my consciousness, um, come to me in those sessions.

So I lead that every Sunday. The first time is free. So if you go to breath of gold.com/sunday, dash breathwork, you can come and check it out this Sunday or next Sunday for free. I love that. I love that. So when you’re talking breath work, Can this practice be something that is a shorter practice.

Somebody that, that just brings you back to self, or when we’re sitting with our breath and actually doing this breath work, are we talking about like an actual time commitment out of our day? That’s a good question. So there is activating upregulating breath work, which is the main one that I practice.

But I only do it like once a week, maybe once or twice a week. Cause that’s all you really need because so much comes through. And then it’s integration times and it’s taking action time. Right. So I do recommend one hour long journey once or twice a week. Now. Of course there is shorter breath work. I.

It’s more calming. So for the entrepreneur out there who feels like maybe they need a, down-regulate their nervous system they’re kind of in fight or flight all the time. They want to feel less stressed and more calm. Yes. There’s so many pranayama exercises out there that are like derived from yoga traditions that are shorter and.

Are really awesome. But if we were talking about the visions and the clarity and breaking through trauma, the full hour long journey is totally. Oh, I love, I just wanted to make sure. Cause I’m like, okay, well we hear so many different types of breathwork and you know, there’s the, oh, you just need a quick like box breath and you can come back to self, oh, you need this.

But what you’re talking about is actually being to like, to connect to all the different levels, like mind, body, soul, spirit level, and it is a journey. It’s totally a journey just like life is so it’s fun to go on that. Dirty fun to go on that ride. And yeah, I like to say that circular connected breath is kind of like a metaphor for the inhales and the exhales.

The inhale to me is like calling something new in maybe it’s channeling a new marketing plan for your business. Maybe it is, um, you know, Hearing names of people to invite to a retreat, whatever it is. It’s like calling things in clarity, I’m hearing a name of a new program and then the exhale is like letting go.

So that’s the fear. That’s the anxiety, that’s the overwhelm. Those are all the things that don’t work that keep us stuck. So we can’t always just have clarity and new ideas. It’s like, imagine if you were just inhaling forever and you never exhaled, we have to have that balance and breath where it really does teach us trust and surrender because it is so activating so much can happen in the body.

Um, your hands can cramp up. You can feel tingles everywhere and your body is forced to surrender in a way where. It trains you, and it trains your mind to surrender in life and to surrender in business and really to have faith, whatever faith means to you. But for me, faith is all about trust and surrender.

And coming back to this inner, knowing that I have in my body of like, I know I’m abundance. I know I’m successful already. I know I’m a millionaire already. Like I know all of these things already. And it’s just this knowingness. And coming back to that, because sometimes little things happen, little things fall down, clients get weird, you know, whatever it may be.

And then you may think that the world is ending, that your business is crumbling. But if you come back to that faith and trusting that everything’s happening for you, not to you, then it’s all for the greatest. Good. If a client’s being weird, maybe, maybe they’re freeing up time for something even better for new clients to come through.

Well, I’ve been doing that a lot lately. That’s hard for a lot of people. So I acknowledge you for that. It’s been, it’s been an interesting, like, as you’re saying that I’m like really that surrender piece is huge and surrendering into like owning your power. I know that for my community, again, I’ve, we’ve, we’ve collected in this community.

So led business owners that a lot of us don’t feel like we should be paid. Cause these are just like our intuitive gifts. And I love that you are sharing like, Hey, no, it’s okay. Step into that multimillionaire self. You can, you can do big things when you make a big money. And that’s one of the things that I I’ve seen an underlying theme.

Throughout the people that I work with and I’ve talked to, and I’d love for you to share, like any words of wisdom you have for that spiritual healer, whatever we want to call herself, entrepreneur. That’s like, I, I, I can’t charge more than $10 or $25 for this breathwork session or this yoga session. Like, I’d love to know what you, your thoughts are on that.

Mm. So those beliefs, if you have those beliefs, it is a reflection of your worthy. So worthiness is definitely getting to be increased. My mantra is I am worthy simply because I breathe and I am creating my reality. So think about the reality that you want. Think about what you want to donate to. One of my favorite charities to donate to is, um, a charity.

In the Amazon of Peru, because I lead a Peru breathwork leadership mastermind retreat every December, and they preserve land from being farmed on. So when I can make an abundance of money, I can buy land in Peru and have that be conserved and preserve the biodiversity in the world and the lungs of the universe.

Um, so yeah, I feel like it comes back to vision and thinking about. What can I create when I allow money to flow to me and to co-create how that money wants to be used with God. That is key. I think there’s also a little bit of fear around am I going to become an evil person or money obsessed if I have a lot of money and I totally hear that fear.

Um, and I didn’t have that for you. But there was, I’ll be a thousand percent honest because I’m a, an authentic person. There was a time where money. I felt like was changing me a little bit and it completely disconnected me from my vision. It was this period of time where I was so focused on money and the masculine that I was completely disconnected from myself and out of balance and way more way more in the masculine than the feminine.

And I know that that kind of stemmed from. Some of the conditioning from an incredible business coach that I hired, who made me a lot of money. It was awesome. She did her job. And what was missing was that balance and being connected to the people and my core values. So my core values are community love, abundance, adventure, um, connection, like all of those.

And so when I focus on that, it allows me to. Not think about the money, but think about like, you know, what I just shared earlier the marketing game plan. Think about that, but thinking about the communities that I’m creating with all of these and how it connects to all of my core values and, uh, keeping with that excitement and fun.

So. Yeah. Um, I won’t even share it. I got to a point where I was afraid to travel. I was like, if I travel, I won’t be on sales calls and I won’t be making as much money. And so that shifted for me actually, when I had a call with a total soulmate client and I asked her, what do you want to create in your business?

And she described her business. And I realized in that moment that that was the exact business that I have. But she was allowing it and I was making it wrong. So she was like, I want to make multiple six figures. And if I want to take off the last month or two of the year, just because I want to be able to do that.

And I was sitting there on the other side of the phone, like, oh my gosh, I’ve been in. So hard on myself for taking this month off, going to Peru and, you know, sales going down, even though there’s tons of abundance to be had and savings and all of that at the beginning of the year. So this year for me has been all about fun and fulfillment, which I feel that you can feel because it was a lot of.

Money and goals, which in turn took me out of the present. So I’ve come back to the things that work, journaling, breath, work, connecting to my vision daily and having fun with it. Oh, Ooh. So much juice. I’m like, yes, please. I’m like, you can just be like a big warm hug that’s coming out and the community that you’re creating.

So what is your favorite way to bring people into your community as a business owner? Mm, like which offering or what do you mean? Yeah. No, just like how, cause you know, we’re putting things out there, like what’s your favorite thing that you’re offering? That’s bringing, that’s allowing people. Come in. So you talked about the divine feminine and the divine masculine, um, which for those of you that are still new to this, it’s not male and female.

We’re not talking gender here. We’re talking about different roles that we play, but you’re allowing yourself to. Be in this divine masculine when you come up with your strategy, but then you immediately flip back to this feminine where you’re just like, I am open to receive, like, where is it your favorite place that you are open to receive these new people?

Hmm. That’s a good question, man. Wow. I love retreats. I love being with people in person in person. Connection is so juicy and amazing for me. So that is key. Like Peru retreat definitely comes up and then the other one is like breathwork membership. I love having people that come every single Sunday and.

Show up in that space, because you can tell that they value themselves. They’re putting themselves first, every single week. Um, you know, they’re creating space for the divine to speak through them and it feels really magical to have that. Space and incubator for spiritual entrepreneurs that are doing the work to be together and yeah.

Do breath work every week. And that’s always my, my favorite thing to lead because I never know what’s going to happen and it all just channels through me. And so. By the end very often. I’ll hear people say, you know, like Adrian, you were guiding us division, visualize this thing. And I was already there like, or I saw this thing, and then you said it, you know?

And so it’s just like little confirmations like that. We are all vibing on the same wavelength and creating magic and, um, the results and testimonials from that group are so valuable. And, um, yeah, it fills my heart every single week. So I’m glad that I’ve set myself up to have that kind of, you know, feeling full before the week even begins.

Oh, yes. I’m like what a great way. I’m like, okay. I may need to check this out because breath work sounds absolutely amazing. And what you’re speaking about is definitely not the breath work that I am familiar with in my own life, which has helped me so much, but this seems like I almost feel like it’s the.

You know, between like the, you know, some people go to hypnosis, some people use plant medicine, but how you’re describing it, it almost feel like it can be. Is it, am I, am I accurate when I’m saying it can be like the same kind of experience you get from those two? Yes. A lot of people compare breath, work, circular, connected breath, word to plant medicine, and it can bring some of the same clarity, same insights, same benefits and releasing trauma.

And I have had experiences with plant medicine and I will tell you that none of them have been as powerful or as life-changing as breath. So I’ve just gone back to myself. You know, I was curious for awhile dabbling around, but really right now what’s lighting me up is deepening the connection to myself and my body.

And when you can play with your body, like a, a tool for that, you can do anything. And it’s so empowering. So, um, for a long time before I found breath work, I felt like everything was outside of me when I had done fitness coaching that came from. Overcoming six years of binge-eating disorder and feeling like food was love.

Food was comfort. I couldn’t rely on people, but food was always there. And, you know, using, uh, relationships for pleasure and fulfillment rather than finding that within myself. And so breathwork is that reminder to come back to yourself, that joy is within you. Love is within you. Abundance is within you.

And when we come from that, And it’s so easy for our human brains to forget this. Trust me, I’m human. I forget this a lot, but right now in this moment, I am remembering, I remembering how powerful it is when we can connect to ourselves and remember that if we are whole and complete, there is no lack. And that is the present moment, because for so long, like I shared earlier, I was so much like future a future, a future.

And I wasn’t present. And so to feel the abundance of the present moment, I think is the gift. And we can’t miss that. Um, because when I did have my little phase of money, hunger, it was never feeling good enough. And when I hit 300 K I felt poor because I wasn’t a millionaire yet. And I’m like, wait a second.

I saved a lot of this money. And like, you know, I’m doing pretty well. And it wasn’t until this is horrible to say, but it’s the authentic truth. It wasn’t until I found entrepreneurs that I thought, and I perceived as more successful than me, um, were making less that I was like, oh, maybe it is worthy.

Maybe it is good enough. And that was a lot of the comparison that I’ve had to unravel. Doing the integration work from breath work has been key. So, you know, the downloads that have come through from that realization where, okay, I have sisterhood of wounds from always comparing myself to my older sister and feeling like I needed to be three years ahead my whole life, because she’s three years older.

And so talk about sister healing. Now we’re going to Bali together, just her and I, and Bali’s like the spiritual healing center of the world. So I’m really looking forward to that. Old me would have been, like, it’s not worth it to spend time with her. Like I’m afraid to spend time with her. And so, um, when we can remember that life and entrepreneurship are so intertwined and that when we do healing work in our family and in our life, it shows up in our business and vice versa.

I feel like that is really where we get to flow, seeing where the universe wants to take us. Yes. It all starts with it. And that’s like, my motto is like, why everyone’s like, why did you start a self-love for business podcast? I’m like, because if you don’t have self-love, your business is going to fail, period.

End of story. Like, it’s not, you’re not going to go anywhere because everything in your life starts within. So I think that that’s such a great point that you’re bringing up of, like, we do need to go within and beat with. That’s our power. Yes. And I love the name of that because my book, when I was doing fitness, coaching was fit through love.

So everything is like with love. So, so much synchronicities there with the messaging. Oh, for sure. So if someone were to walk away with just that one, like pivotable, I call them mic drop moment. To take with them for the rest of their life. What would you want them to walk away with fall in love with the juiciness and the all and wonder of every single moment.

And when you forget that, come back to yourself because if you have that and you’re like, wow, each moment of every single life is so magical, you have it all. And then when you create from that place of having it all, there is no scarcity. There is no fear and you’re creating from a place of full love and abundance.


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