The Power of the PODCASTING as part of your Marketing Strategy .

There is POWER in the REACH and Longevity of a Podcast. You business can reach new levels by either HOSTING your OWN PODCAST or being a Profitable Guest Expert on Someone else’s show! Learn How to UPLEVEL your Business, Impact, and PROFITS with Podcasting

You keep telling me your voice wants to be heard, yet you are still hiding in the corner! I’m here to pass you the MIC! It is time to get your VOICE into the WORLD. Your MAGIC needs to be heard!

Why not use podcasting to share your GIFTS with the world? Fear? Doubt? Overwhelm?

That stops today!

Sometimes you must stop the “outside” noise, to find that inside FIRE!


Is trying to be PERFECT actually moving you FORWARD? Start with imperfect action and it keeps FUN in the FOREFRONT! Imperfect action does not mean unsuccessful action, it’s moving you forward without getting frozen in perfectionism. It’s taking action, even when you feel scared! It’s moving you forward, towards that big DREAM you are DESTINE to REACH!

It is TIME TO get your VOICE out in the WORLD

You think podcasting is scary, overwhelming, expensive, have fears of being laughed at, or worse… 

Taking all that time to create your podcast and no one to show up. 


I get it. I was there!

It all started in 2020

In February of 2020 (you remember that time right, LOL) I decided podcasting was no longer going to be a bucket list idea, it hit my to-do list. That day I launched it. I did all the things, pushed all the buttons, and by November of 2020 the Feed your Body with Love Podcast ranked #52 on the TOP 100 Self-Love Podcasts to listen to in 2020.

Now as I level up my podcast this year. I am inspiring others to start their podcasts, too.

What makes me different is I have the strategy of not just how to do it my way, but how other experts are running their podcasts. 


The part that really needs the tools to support you on that day you want to give up, feel unworthy, under-educated, undervalued, uninspired, and like an imposter!

I have fun tools that help you when you get stuck creativity UNBLOCK.

I have easy tools to use when you feel like an imposter.

I support you along the way!

I’m there to make sure you aren’t part of the 75% club. You don’t want to be there! That is the percent of podcasts that STOP, FLOP, and JUST SIT uninspired! 

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