Jennifer Dragonette Presents

The Art of Release

It’s time to let go of the things no longer serving you

Who is the Art of Release for:

It was created for the woman who needs to release their feelings of being lost and adrift. She is seeking someplace to anchor. She is stuck spinning her wheels and is not sure how to process her emotions without feeling out of control. A woman ready to get moody, experience their feelings, release those feelings not serving her, and find a place of calm.

NO NEED TO BE CREATIVE! NO NEED TO HAVE ART EXPERIENCE or EVEN ENJOY ART! But is open-minded to the experience. 

Hi! I’m Jennifer

I’m so happy to meet you. I’m an ocean, art, and photography lover, who turned my passions into a transformational mentor practice. My formal education includes visual communications, EFT Tapping, Hatha Yoga, NLP, Integrative Nutrition Coach, Reiki Master, and the school of hard life lessons. I have combined my real-life experience and my education into this beautiful method of transformation. Using art combined with guided session has allowed me to break through my traumas and limiting beliefs. It has allowed me to build the life of my dreams, now I’m helping you do that too. Are you ready to move past the BS holding you back, through quick, simple, messy, art?


I Gotcha Covered!

How to select your Medium

Why Paint with your Eyes Closed

Guidance to a new emotion

Lift a Bad Mood

Release the need to be perfect

Unlock your creativity

Find Peace in your schedule

Create a sense of Calm

Safe Expression of your Mood

Destress your mind and body

Anchor  into SELF-LOVE

Share with your Children

Are you spinning out of control or stuck in a rabbit hole of self-dought? I’ve got you covered. The art of release was created for you to move through your emotions in a way that feels calm and anchored in LOVE! You don’t need to be perfect, actually, that’s why the first half of our session you blindly go into your artwork. Yes, you read that correctly, we close our eyes for the first part of the session. You don’t need to have a creative bone in your body to benefit from this beautiful peaceful experience. 

Experience peace by getting moody through art!

The Art of Release Sessions

Group Events


Events Listed in the Feed your Body with Love Community.

Paint your Mood

Get Moody with Art: All mediums

The collective energy of the GROUP

Allow up to support you on your self-love journey

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One-on-One Session


A deep dive into your limiting belief, each session will cover one belief or emotional trauma you would like to work through.

You specific guided session

Start by diving into the root of the emotion

Work together to create a new Pattern or Feeling

Individual Attention

2 weeks of Voxer support after session to help through the belief we worked on


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The DIY Course


Pick your medium: Watercolor, Acrylic, Pens, Pencils, Crayons. PLUS: How to Session for each medium

NEW Guided Sessions being created Monthly

Benefit: Do this whenever you want, where ever you want. On your schedule. No need to book and keep an appointment

Forever Access, including new guided sessions being upload all the time. Most of them being requested by students.

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Happy Artists

It felt so freeflow with paints. The same feeling I get when I do jigsaw puzzles – a clear mind – & with nature and blue skies with fluffy white clouds – but then again who doesn’t love the sky anytime especially with less air & noise pollution – Letting it BE &&&annnnnnd. Letting it BE GOOD!!!
Aline M. (LIVE Session)

Thank YOU! There were some big moods going on here today. This was a fantastic shift for all of us. I hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

Tasha S. [LIVE Session]

This experience was awesome. My girl’s mood shifted from low and tired to creative and happy to running around the backyard jumping with joy. Thank you for doing this! …and I’m already planning for when I can do this alone for myself because I was on-duty so they could participate!

Anna H. (LIVE Session)

It’s Going to be Perfectly Imperfect!

Let’s find your inner creative warrior and awaken your Magic!