Awaken the Magic of being YOU!

You are not in this alone!

It’s time to tap into your inner magic and unleash the possibilities that lie below those limiting beliefs, haters comments, and self-doubt.

Welcome HOME

You are an unstoppable force to be reckoned with but you are afraid to unleash your authentic self with the world. You have been hiding behind statics, plans, courses, others beliefs about how you need to grow your life or your business. Forcing yourself into overwhelm and burn out. Doing things that are just taking up space being busy or worse, doing things that do not feel good or aligned with your core values.

Maybe you are trying to start your own business, either full time or part time. Maybe you are trying to be a better mom for those two and four-legged kids. You desire more energy and time to keep up with those never ending energy sources you call your kids. You know you can have more of the things you desire if you could shift out away from this endless ground hog day of overwhelm.

Being this busy and stressed hasn’t gotten you closer to that dream life you desire anyway. So why not take a stand and let it go NOW!

Do you feel like you are a shell and all the good squishy greatness inside you has slowly left leaving someone who is just surviving life.  You are just making your way through your life without having that feeling of purpose, passion, or joy. You have put in so many hours trying to make the changes, to be lead back to the pasture by the shepherd because you slipped back into your sheep patterns.

You are not a freaking sheep, you are a unicorn in all your magic and greatness. You have hidden your wings, your magic, your true hearts passion for so long,  all you see in your reflection is a sheep.

It’s time to change that reflection and show the world your true magical powers. And light that fire inside you. The fire that makes you excited each day you wake up and open your eyes. The excitement of having the energy and joy to be with your kids, spouse, family, and friends in the way you desire to show up for them and yourself. 

You deserve all of this. You Deserve your dream life.

A safe space to be Uniquily YOU

Connect with your TRUE SELF

As you begin to connect with yourself, you now realize that you have powers that have been hiding. That there is a missing a part of you that has left you empty because your ego took a blow when someone laughed at your connection to source. You have been hiding in the shadows for far too long.

It’s time to break out and unleash your chronically unstoppable self.

Release the beliefs that are no longer serving you

Maybe you feel that you have become your chronic illness, chronic stress, chronic life failure.  You feel as if you have lost control of driving the car and you are just along for the ride. Are you starting to believe this is your life? I am my chronic condition! I am overwhelmed! I am not good enough! I am not enough!

First, stop those thoughts immediately, and ask yourself if they are really true! My guess is they are not. Those thoughts have just become habits and thinking patterns because of something from your past. Let them go!

Far too often we associate the word chronic with the negative. Chronic Pain. Chronic Illness. Chronic Stress. Chronic Symptoms. But what if you harnessed that Chronic thing into an unstoppable power? Wouldn’t it feel amazing to be chronically unstoppable?  

 Heck yeah, sign me up for that Chronic Diagnosis!

Surround yourself with like-minded empowering women

Be empowered by the strength of the sisterhood and know you are not here to do this alone. We are human, which means we have a need for support and love from others.

Endless Possibilities

During our 6 weeks together you will get to embark on this journey from seeing yourself as a sheep to seeing the UNICORN you truly are.

You will have the support to find your voice, step into your authentic self, and live the life you truly desire. No more playing small because of fear of others’ opinions or your old self-limiting thoughts.

You will be supported by other like-minded women, with no judgment. Your fears and truths will be acknowledged and celebrated for who you really are. You will be provided a safe space to walk this new path that allows you to gain power over your circumstances. It’s a space to get vulnerable and share what is true at this moment.

The next sisterhood circle starts on Sunday, November 24th, 2019 and runs through Sunday December 29th, sign up now to reserve your spot. Space is limited to 7 sisters and early bird pricing disappears soon.


Hi, I’m Jennifer.

My Street Creds!

Reiki Level II | EFT Tapping | Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher | Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach| Masters Degree in Business Management & Marketing | Chronic Pain Program Intensive Graduate | FibroFighter | IBS Warrior | Private Pilot | Unstoppable


Create Power in Surrounding Yourself with Powerful Sisters

Be empowered by the strength of the sisterhood and you are not here to do this alone. We are human, which means we have a need for support and love from others.

Speak your voice and be heard!

Release and Open Up

Release the need to be busy and use that time to put your energy into what lights you up. Improve your relationships with you spouse, kids, family, friends, and co-workers by stepping into your authentic self. Hiding who you are steals your joy, your energy, your life, and your ability to have healthy, happy, loving, connected relationships.

You deserve more. 

Stop being stuck in the drama of life. Tap into the joy of creating boundaries that allow you the space for self-care that is needed to embark on your new life.  Trust the process and allow yourself to truly be happy! It is your birthright.

It’s time to invest in yourself.


What’s inside each call


Each call will be 90 minutes long.

 During these calls we will begin with a mini guided lesson, followed by open circle. The circle is an open discussion to discuss any challenges, successes, or topics that you would like to have witnessed.


We will go through three modules (foundations) during these calls

Starting with the foundation of finding your core beliefs.

During the core beliefs weeks we will go deep into finding what you truly value and have as a priorities. This is so important when it comes to how you spend your time and what things you are saying “YES” to. We dive deep into what each value means to you and what it will look like if you are living a life based on your values. This by far is the most important part of your journey to self-awareness and awakening that magic again.



During the next module we will build on the first one by unraveling your current habits.

These are anything you are doing automatically. From your distorted thinking patterns to being busy to feel worthy. Other habits that normally show up during this time together are eating habits, exercise habits, people pleasing habits, and other fear based patterns you are stuck in. This can get very raw and feel scary, however, with the support of the sisters, you will be empowered to tackle these head on! Again, you are freaking unstoppable.


We are here to cheer you on and support you!

You are safe!

You are loved!

You are enough as you are right now.

During the final module we will work on self-awareness and bringing the new mindfulness to your everyday life. This will be the time what we put everything we uncovered into action.



You will have created some amazing connections along the way that are priceless. Too often we become too busy to keep in touch with our friends and family. We spend our days being busy on the wrong things, that steal our joy from our life! We work so hard trading hours for dollars in places we dread going each day, while our hearts desire spending more time with our family and friend. As you awaken the magic of being you and step into what your heart truly desires, you open space to bring in the abundance you desire in your finances and time freedom.



It all starts with letting go of that sheep mentality and stepping out of line to unleash your powerful self.

Are you ready to unlock your chronically unstoppable self and live the life you are proud of?

What you get

Ways to get Empowered Support

  • 6 Weekly (90 minutes) Sisterhood Circle Sessions.  Sunday Nights from 5-6:30 PST
  • Support from a Private Group between Calls
  • Support, Love, Safety, and Connection to other strong women
  • Office hours to dive deep into your support needs and growth guidance
  • 1 (60 min.) Deep Dive intensive call one on one with me to get your journey started

Additional Support

  • Access to Distance Group Reiki Sessions (when requested)
  • EFT Tapping for your specific needs (all you have to do is ask and I’ll create one for you in the group)
  • Tools to transition into greatness. Support material. Empowered Space

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your New Path Today! With the Powerful force of a SISTERHOOD