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Mushrooms have been a part of our culture for centuries. They have been used in various ways, from spiritual ceremonies to physical healing. More recently, mushrooms are being used for therapeutic and healing purposes while providing clarity and empowerment in life. How? This conversation with Bijou Finney, aka the Mushroom Mamacita, will educate you wide and deep.

Bijou Finney is a certified marketing strategist, branding consultant, and content creator obsessed with storytelling and human optimization. She has produced custom campaigns for companies such as Red Bull, Razorfish, Lamborghini Austin, & OCTO and directed the personal brand strategies of corporate executives and creative entrepreneurs in the US, Canada, and Mexico. She forged a solid reputation as a visionary problem-solver and creative tactician in brand activation, concept design, media production, and professional development in the last eight years.

As a coach, Mamasita teaches Conscious Entrepreneurs how to use Sex, “drugs,” and Soul to save the world. Mushroom is one of the winning secrets that no one has ever told you. Learn more from Bijou.


Bijou is a Brand Stylist™, psychonaut and holistic guide specializing in visionary life design for conscious entrepreneurs & couples. Her cutting-edge therapeutic process teaches business owners & lovers how to use psychedelics and healing practices to retrain the nervous system and clear limiting mental blocks. You can find her on Instagram as Mushroom Mamasita, follow her to learn more about this integration alchemist and her transformational retreat experiences and 1-on-1 virtual therapeutic coaching.


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  1. A Netflix Documentary: The Fantastic Fungi 

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The Magic Mushroom with Bijou Mushrooms Mamacita

Mushrooms have been a part of our culture for centuries. They have been used in various ways, from spiritual ceremonies to physical healing. More recently, mushrooms are being used for therapeutic and healing purposes while providing clarity and empowerment in life. How? This conversation with Bijou Finney, aka the Mushroom Mamacita, will educate you wide and deep.

Bijou Finney is a certified marketing strategist, branding consultant, and content creator obsessed with storytelling and human optimization. She has produced custom campaigns for companies such as Red Bull, Razorfish, Lamborghini Austin, & OCTO and directed the personal brand strategies of corporate executives and creative entrepreneurs in the US, Canada, and Mexico. She forged a solid reputation as a visionary problem-solver and creative tactician in brand activation, concept design, media production, and professional development in the last eight years.

As a coach, Mamasita teaches Conscious Entrepreneurs how to use Sex, “drugs,” and Soul to save the world. Mushroom is one of the winning secrets that no one has ever told you. Learn more from Bijou.


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In This Episode, You Will Learn About: 

[00:19] What’s in for you in today’s episode

[02:05] Bijou’s disclaimer

[02:58] Her life in Houston and how she fell in love with mushrooms

[07:05] The magic of mushrooms that no one tells you

[11:40] Mushroom microdosing and its effects on our lives

[16:40] How mushrooms can give you clarity and empowerment in life

[19:40] Better results with the right mushroom dosage

[24:20] Nature can provide healing to everything in the world

[26:04] How Bijou is helping clients achieve their goals with ease

[29:34] How you can reach out connect with Bijou

[31:56] What Bijou offers in her therapy sessions

[35:17] Key takeaway lesson from Bijou



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I am so excited to bring you this episode. Now, before you turn us off or you skip through, because you’re like, oh, mushrooms, let’s break through that stigma of mushrooms being bad. We are not talking about that trip. You went on in college that traumatized you for life. We are joined by Bezu the mushroom mama SITA, and we are talking about the power to use this beautiful, beautiful plant two.

Really unlock. The power within to release those beliefs that are holding you back in your life and in your business, and to really connect to your body, mind, and soul so that you can thrive and live that life you desire. So I really hope that you come into this episode with an open mind and an open heart because Mizzou brings nothing but love.

And I really think that you’re going to walk away with understanding the magic of these beautiful. So let’s dig in because it is so juicy for the soul. You’re listening to feed your business with love with Jen dragon neck, you are about to experience a tsunami of self-love in your life and business, because we have too much magic inside to just be a ripple, let go of society’s standards.

And those. I believe you burn out, put aside any imposter syndrome feelings and ask yourself, what is it you really want? Because success starts from within rediscovering yourself, builds confidence in your message and who you are. Your tribe will follow. Let’s unleash the magic inside by being our true, authentic selves.

Starting podcasting for your soul in three, two. Welcome to the podcast issue. Thank you. I’m happy to be here. I am really excited for this conversation, but first I want to start with something that’s never been done on this podcast before, which is your disclaimer. Yeah, well, just to make sure that people know we are not medical professionals, I am not a medical professional, so this is not medical advice.

And that we are not condoning the the sale or the purchase of illegal drugs. We’re just talking about a medicine that we hope will be legalized across the nation soon. So, yeah, that’s it great way to get off on the right foot? I am so excited. So you are the mushroom mama SITA and. All things mushrooms, but I know that your story didn’t start in this place of healing, because although we’re talking about mushrooms, this is really about self-love.

This is about healing. This is about your journey. Can you tell us a little bit about your life back in, off? Yeah. I it’s, it’s actually one of my favorite things to think about now before east to almost make me cringe a little bit, but now I have a lot of love for where I’ve been and who I used to be.

If I look back, I was definitely Very focused on money, very focused on my drive to succeed. And what I thought success was that was mirrored from other places in my life. And they really weren’t aligned with my soul. And I think that’s why I was kind of unhappy and running away from a lot, keeping myself very busy, working very long hours.

I think I would consider myself a good boss at that point. I or a good person, a good human. I mean, I definitely was sweet and loved people, but I didn’t explore the depths of my love for myself or for my community or for the planet at that point. So, I was very surface level and I believe that that actually looking into.

Shadow or your icky places that you don’t really paying attention to is where you can find a lot of love eventually. So yeah, I was, I was running myself a little ragged back then and I kind of just hit a wall and I was really trying to find answers in the biohacking world. What supplements can I take?

What wearable tech can I do? What breathing exercises do I need to do? And it was very focused on results and I accidentally kind of stumbled upon mushrooms or psilocybin. And I was originally utilizing it for what. They were touting it to be, which was a focus and clarity and mood and everything that an entrepreneur might want.

But then it got way deeper than that. I, I developed a much deeper relationship with them and I found profound healing. And that’s when I realized that my business and myself would never be the same after this type of healing that I did, because everything changed after that, I was actually able to show up for my business, like my face and my, and my soul and my values.

And Feeling really good about the work that I was doing, because it really aligned with what I wanted to do in the world. And, and yeah, it was just like my, my intimacy blocks were removed and are still being removed and not allowed me to have better connections to my clients. And I was just like, wow, this is What entrepreneurs need.

And so that’s what I’ve been doing is just really trying to de-stigmatize them and get entrepreneurs comfortable with the idea of utilizing them as a tool. And I just try to hold their hand since it is a little bit scary to develop the right. Regimen and dose and protocol for them.

And that way they can utilize it and still be moms and still be business owners and still be wonderful members of their community. Yeah. Yeah. We’re definitely not talking about the trips that you went on back in the day. Or most people went on. I was normally the designated safety zone. I was always, I was always the safety net for everyone.

And we’re not talking about that here. So the power of mushrooms and the connection that we have to mushrooms is it goes beyond just. What we hear the stigma, or if you are into holistic healing, maybe you’ve taken some of the more holistic route. I know that like I take Lee lion’s mane is one of my favorite, especially this time of the anytime of the year.

Let’s be real. I take them all the time, but there is these magical properties to mushrooms. Yeah. And if anyone has hopefully you’ve watched it, but if not that fantastic fund guy on Netflix does a superb job of explaining how powerful, how intelligent and how much we really depend on mushrooms without even knowing it.

There’s so many amazing medicinal mushrooms out there. That are helping with the way that we age, the way that our brains work our cardiovascular systems. I mean, you can really find a medicinal mushroom for almost every one of your ailments. And so that’s where I really got even deeper into a relationship with mushrooms, just because I was amazed at how much you can.

Deal with them. I mean, heck you can even create vegan leather out of them now. I mean, they’re, they’re really just anything that you need to do with mushrooms is almost possible at this point. So yeah, I mean, I think more and more people are getting comfortable with the idea of the medicinal route. And I hope that eventually that the psilocybin is just lumped in with them just because they are so incredibly safe.

They’re not addictive. And I mean, they’re. Orders of magnitude safer than most things that people take on a daily basis. And so, especially at the right dose, a very small dose allows you to, to go about your day. Like it was a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. So, I would say, yeah, it’s, they’re all just medicinal to me at this point.

Yeah, that documentary, if you haven’t watched it, I recommend it. It was so eye opening to hear what would happen if mushrooms ceased to exist. I was like the planet. I was like, how is something so small that we just take for granted? Granted, I love them and all forms, but we take them for granted or as a nuisance or my husband calls them poop flowers.

I’m just like, well, I will gladly take my poop flowers any day of the week over whatever else it is that you’re popping in your pill bottle. Yeah. I mean, they did such a fantastic job and I really love. Telling, especially my new clients that are at any type of apprehensive to watch that documentary just because it really shows how safe they are and how they can benefit your life.

And the fact that they were lumped in with some of the other really dangerous drugs that they couldn’t like understand, and they just assumed were bad. And I can understand that scientists back in the fifties, might’ve watched someone. On a mushroom trip and go, oh my gosh, like they just went crazy.

That’s a horrible thing. But honestly, it’s how we somatically move a lot of trauma out of our bodies. And it might look a little bit weird for a minute, but it’s what we really need. I believe that that’s what. Talk therapy. Sometimes isn’t enough. Like you need talk therapy for integration, but you really need to move energy out of your body.

That’s locked up and doing it with purging energy by either shaking or crying or Just like being in field position some of the things that happen on a really big trip really help you feel so much better after the fact. So yeah, I can understand why they were kind of like lumped in with those scary drugs, but they are absolutely.

They have no correlation to any of the drugs that in, in my opinion should be on those lists, like heroin and cocaine and all of that stuff. So. Yeah, I, I think that soon, especially with all the research going on with mushrooms, that eventually they will be taken off of that, that bad list and put on the nice list because they are so.

Let’s cross our fingers. Let’s do you know, like all collectively, just be like, but our power into the power of a mushroom. I think that’s so amazing. So you’ve talked about two different, two different things that I’ve picked up, which is one is this micro dosing. And one is like the bigger, profound, like we’re going on a journey.

Can you explain a little. I don’t know which one to start with or how that affects us in our business and our life. I’m just, I have all the questions though. Yeah. Well, and that’s why I really came out talking about micro-dosing just because I believe. Almost anyone can microdose and see some real benefit out of it.

People that are older, like 80, even they can see a really helped with neuroplasticity that is caused by psilocybin. And then entrepreneurs like the stress management associated with it. And what I like about microdosing is it, it gets you comfortable and in a relationship with mushrooms and you begin to.

Them and you get to see the great impact that they’re having on your life. And that typically leads people to loving them so much and wanting more results that they might do are really simple. What I like to call a, meet the mushroom tea, where it might be anywhere from a gram to a gram and a half.

And it helps you maybe move some frustration that you have in awhile. So it might just be a really nice cry, or it might be a really big laugh, or it might just be a really cozy moment and you could even do it with your partner. And then typically if you, especially, if you have. And you’re helping a therapist, get some of these deep seated psyche blocks up to the surface, then you realize, oh, that’s a big one that I don’t know if I can move with just practices.

I might need a deeply profound trip. And in that case you would want a facilitator. My humble opinion is that it’s really nice to do in a ceremonial setting. I know that. There are people and facilitators out there that might do it in a more clinical type setting. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s definitely a safe way to go. But I, I do love the layers that a ceremony offers like the smells of the incense and the container that’s being made for you and the coziness and the music and everything just really add to you surrendering and letting go and really getting some of your. Of your blocks up and out of your system.

So yeah, it’s, it’s a journey and I believe that doing microdosing for awhile and then doing a couple of teas really gets you prepared for the type of surrender that you’re going to do. To be able to do it in a bigger trip situation. And then eventually your brain just gets so used to this and it’s not going to freak out as much that it becomes easier for you to actually go in there with an intention to do some work, rather than just acclimating your body to what exactly is happening to you.

And so, in my opinion, I see it as this nice journey and I don’t use them all the time. I do containers of microdosing. Based on what I have going on in my life as like a maintenance. And then typically like once a year I might do a big trip and that might be to cancel clear some really big, stressful moments that I had, or it could be clarity on my business.

And then definitely my partner and I. We do a really nice trip on our anniversary typically, just because it helps us rebond and kind of heal all the thousand little cuts that happened throughout the year because of stress. And honestly, my microdosing now after five years is really just a way for me to connect with my body.

Really cleared so much stress and trauma. And especially with other practices, like breath work and moving my body and talk therapy that it’s just a really amazing meditation now. And it happens really quickly. It’s over in 30 minutes and I go about my day. So. I honestly believe eventually it’s going to be like someone else said to me the other day that they’re just going to be, it’s an additive that you put in your smoothies and then you’re just like, it’s so normalized.

I really believe that we will get there eventually. Oh, I hope so. Because that’s, I mean, from what you’re describing, that sounds. Like the best way to approach life, to be able to just be present in that moment, go in you. One of the words you said that really sticks out is go in with attention. And I think that that’s one of the things that has put the stigma on there is that a lot of people weren’t going in with the intention of healing, that was not our, that was not the intention.

And I just, I love that this is what you are bringing to the world. The things that you just said that you’re able to do and work through, you know, like you said, 30 minutes, wow. To be able to work through that where you might be in talk therapy for years to bring connection to your partner, to your body, to your business.

That is. Okay. Mushrooms are getting more and more magical to me. Every, yeah. Yeah, it is it. I believe before I was intentional, I was really blocked. I was not connected to my body. I was not connected to. Even my purpose in life, everything was very unclear to me. And that’s the, the thing that I’ve gotten the most out of is clarity and empowerment to do what I actually want to do.

And so, yeah, it’s, it’s a really interesting thing that I know a lot of people feel like it sounds too good to be true. I mean, it’s helping people with addictions. It’s helping people with brain issues. It’s helping people with like sleep and depression and anxiety. And, and I know the list is so long that they’re like, how can one thing help that, but honestly, why it can help all that is because it, it goes to the root of the problem.

Especially if you have a facilitator or someone that can ask you some questions, because we have done such a good job of burying our. Since we don’t have the time and energy to deal with them and we’re going about our days that it can be really hard to find the roots. I mean, typically when I work with someone, they are aware of this as the problem.

And then eventually we find out that actually it was this thing and it’s the problem that caused all these problems. And so when you really target that one and that’s your intention, wow. Can a lot change with just one. Solution. And, and to your point, a lot of people come to me and they’re like, oh, this one time in college, I took way too many when I was drunk at a concert and it traumatized me and I don’t think I could do this.

And I’m like, yeah, yes. Yeah. That would really traumatize anyone. And that in my opinion is not the way we should utilize them. Definitely. There is a recreational aspect to them. Camping with your friends are taking a very small amount. Once you’re comfortable with them to really feel the music. If you’re going to a concert or I don’t know, just like a couple of different varieties of experiences that this might help enhance it, but knowing your dose really well, and knowing that it’s going to make you much more sensitive to the stimuli around you and really leaning into that rather than being.

Freaked out by it. So it does take a minute to tweak and to refine and to dial in your perfect dose for your physiology and what you’re trying to accomplish with it. But once you do, you can utilize it across your life. And it’s, it’s really interesting. So when you say like the perfect dose, is that just finding that level of, you’re still able to, you’re able to get the connection to self and.

I don’t want to say function. Cause then it sounds like a bad I feel like it’s, you know, dropped drop on the floor drunk, but and still have that ability to live your everyday life. That’s a better word for it. Live your everyday life. Yeah, no, you’re right. I mean, so let’s talk about alcohol, right?

If you were to have one glass of wine, you would be fine. You could function, you could talk to anyone you could potentially. Yeah, I suppose to, but you can drive it’s it’s not a big deal. If you were to have four bottles of wine, that would be a different story, right? That’s the same with mushrooms. So you need to find your right dose and your right dose differs for different people.

So for instance some people’s metabolisms are different. Some people have trauma that they need to pass before they start seeing some of the really amazing aspects that a microdose can offer, or some people are on SSRI. So they have to take a little bit of a higher. Which is another thing that I love helping people get off of SSRI is with mushrooms.

Yeah. So you have to take everything into account. Like how sensitive are you? How much do you weigh? How tall are you? What are your goals associated with it? Do you want to take a higher dose before bed and pass and earlier stuff at night? Or do you want to utilize it in the morning for focus and clarity and mood?

So really having someone hold your hand and figuring out the right dose for you really it really gives you an empowerment. So, They can take their perfect little dose in the morning and have a really wonderful meditation or a stretch or an alone time for 30 minutes and then go about their day.

And it’s just barely in the background. And they have a great resource for dealing with their stress or focusing on their calls and their word recall is better and their mood is better and they can sleep better. Whereas some people are like, Yeah, I have my three times a day, I mean, three times a week microdose, but then on the weekends, when I want to do something creative at home, I might take two of them.

So it really just allows you to kind of stack depending on what you have going on and exploring the benefits of the different doses and what the different doses offered to your life. Oh, I’m like, okay, where do I sign up? Yeah, I know. It’s, it’s pretty incredible. And I don’t know, honestly, what’s going to happen in the future.

Since. It is very inexpensive to grow your own in your own closet and be empowered enough to help yourself. That really does take a lot of money out of the pharmaceuticals hands. So they might be trying to synthesize it right now and put it in a form that makes people feel safer to take it. But inherently it takes the the intelligence or the.

Natural side out of the medicine, which I am worried about. And if they were to put a big lockdown on that, where you had to have a prescription and it was super expensive and you had to go into a clinical setting and someone’s just going to put a blindfold on you and take notes instead of being there for you.

That’s kind of like a nightmare that I hope doesn’t happen. But to be honest with you, if that is the worst that happens, it’s still mushrooms getting out into the world, which I is my biggest dream, just because Biggest problems I see in our society is we’re not connected to ourselves. We’re not connected to the environment.

We’re not connected to our communities. And definitely what I’ve seen across the board is not only in my own life, but in my clients’ lives is connection. It’s, it’s a reconnection, but in a really beautiful, profound way that makes you. Do a lot for yourself and your community and the planet. So whatever it takes for us to make these big changes I just hope that it’s in a way that empowers people and it still allows it to be very inexpensive, but knowing our society, I doubt that that’s going to be the path that we go down.

Who knows with, with everything that’s going on in the structures that are getting broken down, hopefully it doesn’t. And hopefully it never goes something because the synthetic is never going to, you know, work with our bodies the same way. It’s just like you were talking about the SS our eyes. If you can do the same thing with a plant that is magic.

I mean, nature can provide us with everything we need. We, we, you know, I’m a, I’m an anti big pharma kind of girl and. I mean there’s their time and place, whatever, but I believe that nature can provide healing to almost everything in this world. Yeah. And it mean I’m really passionate about getting people off infest Sri’s because the side effects that some of these people are experiencing.

Are horrendous and also it’s extremely expensive. And honestly, a lot of times you have to keep switching because they stopped working for you. And a lot of people feel like they’re not able to feel the depths of their emotion on them, which is a very. It makes me really sad because that’s what life is all about.

And I feel like it’s more of a band-aid than a solution. And yeah, if you heal the things that are making you sad and anxious, that’s a way more than just taking something that makes you forget about it. And in my humble opinion, like who am I to say? I’m sure that there are some people that really, really need SSRS.

But I would say from my experience, the majority of people would be just fine without them and, and utilizing therapy and small amounts of mushrooms to really help their, their mood and their anxiety. Yes. I’m like, okay, you have, you’ve sold me. I will be in your inbox. I am all in being somebody who had to come off of the SSR eyes, that shell, that it made me.

That’s how I felt like I walked around this planet. It was like, I am a shell. I am in this meat suit. I am making the motions there. Wasn’t happy there wasn’t sad. It was just this. Being that wasn’t really being, it was just taking up space and not in a good way. I love that this is what you are bringing and you are helping clients through this to correct.

Yeah. So, what I’ve realized is I mean, we’re all extremely different and we all have these it’s an extreme amount of nuance to us and that’s why it should be a very customized approach. But once you take the time to figure it out, Someone’s past traumas and where they’re trying to go, what their goals are or what their desires are.

Then we really are. Semi identical in the way that we have certain layers to us, like our inner child to work on the programming that we might have gotten from our parents and our society. I like to call it and what my training was calling it is the ecology to thrive. So a lot of times We knew what to say, to get what we semi wanted out of our environments growing up.

And we kind of keep utilizing those methods to get what we want, but we were never really taught to. Say what we want, find out what we want, support people in giving us what we want. And so really putting it all out on the table to figure that out and doing it even on a micro dose. So a lot of times my clients will take one and then we get on a zoom together and I ask them leading questions that when you’re on your microdose, you’re much more open.

And you’re much. It’s easier for you to process emotion and easier to answer questions out of your body or out of the back of your brain. And rather than the frontline that. What do I have to say to my therapist do not sound crazy or is she going to judge me or, you know what I mean? So it allows you to kind of just be you and to be honest about what’s going on so you can actually get deeper help.

And then you can find either the little ones that need to be moved, like the little blocks that could be moved with. Reparenting your inner child or with a reconnecting to your body or figuring out what your goals are and going on a different path or your, your values, or maybe it’s a huge block. In which case, after a couple of calls, we realized this seems like.

It’s it’s rooted it’s it’s in there and we need to do potentially a big trip. And in which case we would go somewhere where it’s legal and I would facilitate in person a pretty big trip, but having that real intention, having the, the idea of what really needs to be changed in your mind and makes all the difference.

And, and that, I feel like. Almost like a surgical approach to getting results rather quickly. So in just a year or two years, you can be on a completely different trajectory of your life rather than 15 years of talk therapy where you’re kind of just parroting through some of your problems to feel like, yes, it feels good to say them out loud and maybe you do get a lot of clarity onto what’s been bothering you, but then you’re left with this information and you don’t know what to do with it.

Yeah. I’ve had a lot of talk therapy and that’s, that’s been one of the things that I, I was like, Ooh, this isn’t, this is interesting. Now what do I do with this? Now? It’s at the surface, my hour’s up. I’m not ready and figure out what to do next. Yeah. I think we’re all having the same experience. So where can people find you?

So I’m super active on Instagram. I love Instagram, even though I know a lot of people believe it as social media is, is evil, but I do love the connections that I make on Instagram. I do love when people message me with questions. I typically get a lot of people booking discovery consultations with me through my link in my bio.

To understand and ask me questions is this right for you? We go through what medications you’re on, what your goals are like, what your family life is like, what your business is like to understand what the right approach should be for you. So not a lot has to change. That is with like completely unravel what you have going on.

But yeah, it’s I also have a website that people can find me on and ask me more questions, but please, I know it’s scary. And I know that it might feel like insurmountable to try something like this in your life right now, but there’s been some pretty brave folks that have reached out to me and they’re very glad that they have, so yeah, I’m here for people.

If they’re interested. And what is your handle on Instagram? And what’s your website? It’s mushroom mama SITA on Instagram and it’s story X on my website. That’s amazing. And I know just from going on your website, you have a lot of there. I think there was a beginner’s guide or something like something along that lines of microdosing that I’m like, okay, I have to, I have to get this because this is something that I need.

So I do have a question, a follow up question to what you offer since you’re doing this on zoom or And then you can go someplace for the larger trips or bigger trips. I love that you call it like they’re called trips. Cause who doesn’t want to go on a trip. Right. I’m always down for a good trip.

A good vacation, good trip. Right? It’s a, it’s a double win right there, but how does that work? Do you help them find what? Cause I know that there’s again for me, one of my concerns. Just because I know that other people are probably having the same concern and I’ll be the first one to raise. My hand is finding the right.

Distributes that the right word, the distributor, or a story to grow it a source. There you go. Sure. Because I know that there is, there are mushrooms out there that we do not want to be ingesting. Yeah. And that’s a really good point. There are some mushrooms that grow naturally better psilocybin, especially in the, in the Northwest, but I don’t really suggest that people just find mushrooms.

They forge mushroom. I forward for mushrooms that they’re they’re edible mushrooms, not the psilocybin type. It, it just makes me uneasy that someone would not really understand the genetics behind the mushroom. And you should be working with a grower that knows how strong they are, organic beings. So you don’t really know how much psilocybin could be in any.

Certain gram, but if you know the genetics really well, then you can really gauge it. And there are certain strains that are appropriate for big trips and certain strains that are appropriate for microdosing. You’ll have a better experience if you utilize the right strain and dose. And for instance, there are some mushrooms that are much stronger than others.

So I love when people are like, oh yeah, I’ve taken four grams of mushrooms before. And I’m like of what kind, because four grams of golden teacher versus four grams of ape are completely different experiences. So you can’t just believe that all mushrooms are created equal. But yes, you definitely want to find a right source.

You want to ask them how old they are because they do lose potency over time. And you don’t want to just get a random bag of. Who knows what strain that could be like a year old or two years old. And yeah, that’s, it’s something that I like support people on in, in, in understanding the questions that they should ask and, and potentially where they can source.

But it’s all depending on where people are, honestly, and. Making sure that they’re safe in doing so. So the last thing that I want is for someone to take the wrong strain at the wrong dose and have a traumatizing experience because they didn’t feel prepared or know what to experience. And then they go out on the internet saying, oh my God, mushrooms are crazy.

Don’t do that. That is not the PR that they need right now. And honestly, if used correctly, can. Do wonders. So that’s, that’s been, my mission is like educating people, consulting people in how to do it safely and effectively so that they are not hurt. And the mushrooms reputation is not further hindered.

Yay. That is so exciting. I’m like, I definitely am going to be in your space because like I said, this is something that’s been in my mind for at least a year. If not longer, it’s probably been longer than a year. It’s probably been almost two years, but there has been that fear of okay, well, who do I talk to about this?

Who actually knows somebody in a kill me? Yeah. Yeah. I understand that. So that’s exciting that you’re doing this. So if someone were to walk away with just like that one, like pivotable, like mic drop moment, what would you want that to be? I believe that your business and your life can change in a huge way, as long as you feel empowered to make those changes.

I think the number one issue that I see people coming to me with is that they don’t believe that they can change or they don’t know what their problems are. And they feel like they’re going to have to make a certain amount of money or take a certain drug or. Be with a certain type of person to actually attain everything that they want.

So, my biggest thing is do the things that are going to empower you. So if that is working out, if that is breath work, if that is meditation, if that is micro-dosing, there are so many healing modalities out there that will empower you and help you believe that you are powerful. Do what you need to do for your life to change.

And I invite you to do those things rather than buy the next newest gadgets or take that special pill or whatever it is. I noticed, cause I’ve already been down that path for awhile and this is a much better path to be on, in my opinion.

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