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Today we are talking to Carrie Veatch about MONEY. How to make money online, having time and location freedom. She wants to normalize the idea that you do not have to work ten hours a day to be successful. In fact, she finds that when she talks to people working that many hours in a day, they failed to do the one important thing they needed to do in order to build their successful online business, which is talking about money. When you start talking about money, you can work part-time and earn a full-time income. That is more possible than ever today!

We learn how simple it can actually be as we discuss what she did to create her business. She started with Acuity Scheduling and an email list. That was it. If your mind doesn’t get blown right there and your wheels turn, then you’re doing it right already. Many people are hiding in the background, in tech, doing the busy work, but the key to success…

Is having a conversation with others about MONEY!

In case you missed it, she is simply seeing too many people caught up in the wrong things. As a result, they become very frustrated. In your business, you need sales, so it’s appropriate to talk about money. You need to gain those sales in a way that feels good to you. The sales process can be easier than you think if you find your flow. Yet you have to become aware of your current money story and find ways to change it. 


Hi there! I’m Carrie and chasing freedom and helping others find the same, is one of my biggest life passions.

I lived for so many years unable to truly set myself free. Living in vicious cycles of victimhood, self-sabotage, and self-doubt, I kept myself in a prison of my own making. I doubted the light I had within myself by constantly giving away my power.

Once I healed my gut and learned to tap into the power of my mind, I truly learned how to unlock the magic within myself. And I’m fully convinced we all have limitless potential within ourselves with the right tools and support.

With my MA in counseling psychology, I’ve been a therapist, worked in gang prevention and victim services, and was the Executive Director of a highly successful education-based nonprofit. Now I’m the proud owner of two online businesses and the host of the innovative and community-based podcast, Set Yourself Free.

I’m a nomad living and traveling abroad, morning routine enthusiast, Crossfitter, scooter-loving, coffee-addicted, community-minded, gluten-free foodie that is obsessed with helping YOU create the life of freedom that you desire.

The online space can feel frustrating AF. Why is everyone else making it look sooooo easy?? WTF is wrong with me that I can’t sign clients online as easily as everyone else?? If that’s you (because that was 100% me — I got you!)

We all have different versions of what freedom means and I’m here to help you uncover YOUR perfect version of how to set yourself free. Doubting yourself, starting and stopping in your business, wondering if you “have” what it takes (you do!) might be a part of your story but it doesn’t have to be the whole story and I’m here to help you set yourself free.

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Holy smokes may flew by, but we still have one more MoneyMate to go. And we are talking to my friend, Carrie, I am so excited for this conversation. We’re talking about setting yourself, free location independence and what it’s like to have true finding. Freedom. She helps people bust through limiting beliefs to have wildly profitable online businesses, just like she does.

And she travels all over the world. Again, location, independence and financial freedom. She uses a combination of neuroscience to rewire your brain through mindset work so that you can create that time and financial freedom that you are dreaming of. So without further ado, let’s dig. You’re listening to feed your business with love with Jen dragon neck, you are about to experience a tsunami of self-love in your life and business, because we have too much magic inside to just be a ripple, let go of society’s standards.

And those gurus who leave you burnt out, put aside any imposter syndrome feelings and ask yourself, what is it you really want? Because success starts from within. Rediscovering yourself builds confidence in your message and who you are. Your tribe will follow. Let’s unleash the magic inside by being our true, authentic selves.

Starting podcasting for your soul in 3, 2, 1. So welcome back to the podcast, Carrie, for money may. I’m so excited to be here. Thank you. I am really excited about this conversation because I don’t even remember how we got into each other’s space other than through this podcast, but watching your journey and watching you truly embrace this, I can be a, , I can make a massive income, massive impact and still travel the world when I want has been so inspiring to me.

So: I want to know in the last few months, where have you explored. Yeah. So I’ve been in Mexico for the last three or four months. I was primarily in Mexico city with a lot of random travel. I went to Cancun. I went to the beach in Porto Escandito, which is basically. Yeah, pretty much directly south of Mexico city all the way on the coast.

And now I’m in Cabo for at least a month. Oh, and how has travel affected your business? Cause I know that what you’re doing is you’re helping women create this massive impact and income and freedom. There’s this balance that you’ve created within your life. How is traveling from place to place to place while owning a very successful business?

Yeah. So I’m all about time financial and location freedom and helping clients to have the same. And for me personally, it creates a lot of spaciousness for that. I never want to say there’s not things that go wrong or all of that. Of course there are, but. It is really a thing that drives me personally, of I want to go out and adventure.

So I’m going to be focused during my work time so that I can go out and adventure. And it really helps me to laser in with my clients as well of okay, let’s have honest conversations. Are you having. Money-making activities happening in your business every day, or are you hiding in fear? Which is so normal.

Like I just, I want to normalize all that, but the truth is, is there’s so many people that are like, oh, I’m working on my business for 10 hours a day. And I’m like, Cool. Did you have any conversations about money and it’s well, no. And so it’s just I want, I want to normalize that.

And if we focus on the right things in business, it really doesn’t have to take you a long time. So you can work part-time hours and make a full-time income. Like it’s more possible than ever before. I love that. And that is something. I am just starting to lead into, cause I am, I’ll be the first to admit I am that work 10 hours doing the busy work to stay, , until recently I didn’t realize it was my hiding technique.

Cause I thought you needed all the new graphics and the pretty website and all those things. And then one day it dawned on me like this doesn’t make money. This is not necessary. Yeah. I mean, the first year of my business, I had an acuity link and email. I mean, I had some graphics or some whatever.

Right. But I just see way too many people get caught up in the wrong things. And then they’re really frustrated. Rightfully so, but the truth is, is like we have to talk about money, which is why I’m so glad we’re having this conversation because you need sales in your business and you need to have sales in a way that feels really good to you.

And that can be so different for every single business owner, but it’s sorting out a sales process that you can get behind and that you can show up for. And. It’s probably not as hard as you think, but it does mean you have to face a lot of your fears and your money stories and the things that are going on internally.

Oh yes. But first we’ve got a back up here. So for the first year of your business, you only had acuity and an email list. And

I hadn’t Facebook and I like talked to the people on Facebook, but I didn’t have a CRM or all these fancy things that people focus their time and attention on. And it’s just not bringing you revenue. Yes. I’m like we just had the back up there for a minute because I am a collector of technology.

And I know a lot of the people I’ve worked with, we collect technology like a badge of honor, just like the busy badge of honor. And I think that is a huge statement right there. Like you had acuity, which if you, if people don’t know what that is, it’s a scheduling system that can actually take payments and an email list and you have a successful business with those two things.

Yeah, and I mean, don’t be fooled. Like I invested thousands of dollars in a coach that held my ass accountable. And that’s why I grew quickly because I was like, I’m all in, I’m sick of playing small. And I want to invest in, , mentors and coaches that can help get me out of my own head and way. And now you’ve become that for.

Yes. And it’s my favorite. I love it. So we’re talking money and kind of getting through that mentality. Have you always had this mentality of that? I can make whatever kind of income or what work is the kind of beliefs that were getting in your way? No, I’ve always had the belief system that I can do anything.

I set my mind to. I just am kind of that personality, but money has been so freaking sticky. And I, I talk about this a lot, especially if you’re a coach or a consultant or you do some kind of service-based business. You might have a past life in sales. Like I have a lot of clients who have past lives in sales, but then you own your own business and you’re a code.

And you’re like, oh my gosh, I don’t know how to sell. I don’t want to talk about myself. It feels gross. I don’t want to be right. And I, a hundred percent was that person, like I ran a very successful nonprofit. I was an executive director. I learned sales and negotiating and got really good at it. And then I started my own business and I froze because I thought it was all about me.

And guess what? It’s about your potential clients. So, I mean, we don’t have enough time to take it into all the money stories and all the things, but no, I mean, for me, it’s been very, very sticky and challenging. I grew up with money as like a manipulative thing. So I was like, I want nothing to do with it.

If it comes with strings, I’ll be poor and happy and that’s great. And then I woke up one day and didn’t want to be poor anymore. So at that moment that you woke up and you’re like, I’m no longer accepting this level of income and this, this lifestyle of whatever, poor, this lack of abundance, whatever you want to call it, what, what did you start to shift?

What were those little changes you started? Because most of us, unless you had that, that pivotal yes, this magically changed overnight, but most of us had a journey to get to that. 100%. It’s the micro things, right? Like it’s never the flashy posts you see online. It’s a million decisions. Like I’m doing 75 heart right now.

And I’ve been talking about this a lot. Like I have to do two workouts a day for 75 days. I have to do a lot of other things for 75 days. It’s not sexy. It’s not glamorous, but the end result might be to some people, which is the same when you see the big income numbers online. Right. But it’s no, no, no.

It’s those little things that have had to shift. And I say this to anyone and like an invitation, if you’re newer into entrepreneurship or sales feels really, really hard. Start with the money, like basics in terms of going back to, what were you taught about money? What comes up for you when you go to sell or someone sells to you?

If I had to do it over again, I would start with a lot of that stuff. Because you can have the best offer in the world, but if you have your own money stories coming up every time somebody rejects you or gives you an objection. It’s going to be a long, long ride. And so for me, it’s like going back to those money stories and who do you need to forgive?

Who do you need to, , let go of their beliefs so you can decide your own money stories and money beliefs. Yes. And that’s a huge one in any area of business and life is figuring out what’s your. Yeah, isn’t that the truth and it isn’t, it isn’t always sexy. It’s not always fun. It’s not always laying on the beach in Cabo soaking up the sun.

No, it’s not. And I always want to I just even posted something maybe on my stories or something this week or today. And it’s you see me in a swimsuit, you see this whatever amazing life, but If you’re comparing shut down the app, like no one’s showing their fights with their partners.

No, one’s showing the like messy middle that we all have. And I just want to normalize that I don’t focus on that because I really believe what we focus on expands. And you get to be a human in your experience. Ooh, that messy middle. I wish there was more of it that showed up. I know we don’t want to focus on it too much, but it is refreshing when you see somebody.

I mean, I hate to say it and this just sounds so wrong. Having that entrepreneur breakdown and sharing that moment where they’re coming to you and that vulnerability. Oh, my gosh, I’m going to throw in the towel. I’m not cut out for this. My offer just flopped. I just put so much love and effort into this.

And it does, like you said, it comes back to your money story because if you’re not in alignment with being in love with money and money loving you back, it’s not going to come to you very easily. No. And also noticing like for me, one of the big shifts was understanding that money loves a purpose. And so.

Looking at, what am I going to expand into this month? Let’s say, you’re trying to expand your income. What are you going to buy? What are you going to put that money toward? Can you give it a direction and a purpose? Because otherwise it’s really hard for it to flow. If it doesn’t have a place to go.

Oh, I love, I know. And it was like, it was one of those like, Ooh, that hits home because I don’t have an intention. I’m just like, ah, I’d to make to the next income level, maybe pay off some bills, maybe do this on occasion, but I, I can see how having a powerful intention for it would allow it to come.

Anything. We set our minds to kind of shows up. A million percent, right? Like I am obsessed with reticular activation system within our brains and basically the red car phenomenon, which I always tell clients about you go to buy a red car and you leave, you don’t buy the red car, but you leave the lot.

And all of a sudden, all you see are red car. And you’re like, oh my gosh, there’s a bazillion red cars. Where did all these come from? Bubba. They’ve been there all along, but you’ve just shifted your focus and your attention. And it’s a, literally a part of your brain that then is focused on finding more red cars.

So it’s just like wild to me that this is, this is how we can retrain and actively participate in our lives, but we’re not taught this stuff. Unless they come and hang out with you. Yes. I will brainwash you into believing all of this because it’s literally true and backed by science. And I was so skeptical and trust me.

So I’m like, I was not this person before and I promise that you can rewire both your brain and your body for a totally different experience. Oh, wait, you can, you’re you’re saying that I can, my money story is going to shift how I sit in my body too. Yeah. Oh, that’s deep. That’s juicy. I’m like, I love that.

I love that. Being in your space that you bring so much fun and joy. And this like lightness to talking about money and you’re really breaking down the stigma of money is bad. Let’s get all those old stories out because I knew I grew up with a lot of them. Don’t be rich, rich people, or this money is dirty.

Like now in my husband’s oh, don’t pick up that coin. It’s so dirty. I’m like never say money is dirty. Never, never, never. Let’s just erase that. Yeah, it’s really true. I mean, and it starts with just like anything of how I teach thought work is just beginning to observe, right? Witnessing what’s going on in your brain without judging.

This is the hardest part for most of us, like witness the thought, but don’t judge the thought. So you have this. But money is dirty. Cool. We have some data versus oh my gosh, what’s wrong with me? I think money’s dirty. It’s no, we just have some data of some stuff that needs to be shifted, but we’re not going to judge it.

We’re just going to notice it and be like, back to what you said of like really deciding what’s yours and what you want to keep. Do you want to keep that thought? Do you want to keep that story or do you want to build some different, more empowering thoughts around money? Oh yes. Yes, yes. And yes, we want those empowering thoughts.

We. One of my favorite things that I, I’m not sure where I picked it up, but it was like the more money we make, the bigger impact we can make. Like you have a choice to choose, to be the rich jerk that we all get in our minds. If we’re going to become, or the one that’s out there oh, I want to help that person.

Or I want to help that thing. Or heck I want to rent a private jet someday and that’s okay too. Why not a hundred percent. Yeah. I mean, cause the truth is this. Without money. It’s really hard to really help people, including yourself. Yeah, of course, if you can’t pay your bills, like it’s going to be really hard to help anyone else, because you’re going to be in constant survival, right?

Like survival, survival, survival. And you’re just like in your the, your brain that you like, can’t get out of your, in your fight or flight response. Yes. And we don’t want to live there. It’s not good for our minds, body or. No. It’s like being in that box, like I’m trying to get out, but you can’t get out.

Let me out, let me out. Exactly. And I just, I like am so inspired by your journey of I’m just going to do this. I’m going to travel around. I’m going to own this. Big business that is creating impact in people’s lives. So you, one of the things that you mentioned was that, you didn’t have to work so hard.

I think that’s one of the beliefs that I, again, the few things that I pick up is, our belief that, of our money system. And it has to be hard if we’re not working hard, we’re not worthy of that money. And I think that the lifestyle you’ve chosen has really showed us that you can play. And you can work hard and you can have it all.

You can eat your cake, you can have the frosting and it has no calories in it and it tastes good. Yeah, honestly, that has been one of the biggest ones that I’ve undone to the point where I’ve almost shifted so far, the other direction. Sometimes I’m like, wait a minute. But I definitely had the story and the belief that hard work equals.

Whether it’s more money or just like better something. And I prided myself on it, like big ego trip in so many ways, because I’m a hard worker, like anyone who’s ever worked with me or hired me as like Carrie beach, a lot work you. And I’m like, yeah, I will. And yet it was this like badge of honor for what?

Right. I dunno. So I, I, I think my line in the sand moment or one of them was a couple of years ago when I was too afraid to launch my business and was just kind of like dipping my toes, looking at what was going on and lurking. And then I started seeing 20 five-year-olds making millions and I was like, wait a minute.

I have a master’s degree. And they, some of them don’t even have a college education and they’re killing it. And I judged and I was triggered and all the things I had to go through my process, but then eventually it became a lean-in moment of wait a minute if they can. So can I, and it really comes down to that belief system.

Like they believed it was possible for them. And so they started to go after it. And it doesn’t have to be hard. And if you believe it’s hard, It’s going to be hard which is the most annoying thing when you’re in that space. Like I used to want to punch people on the internet that set this kind of stuff.

Right. And I had to do a lot of unlearning. Like I never want to say it just happened overnight because of course not. It was years of conditioning that I had to unlearn and, and go, I want to work smarter. And I want to have the lifestyle that I see so many other people having. And that starts with my internal beliefs around what I believe around money.

Yeah. And yourself, I think, yes, because I believe that how we, how we feel about ourselves plays a lot into our money stories. Also. I think they kind of like the more I get into my money story, I’m like, man, come on, Jen, pick yourself up. This is not okay. And then things go well and I’m like, okay, universe.

I want to buy this book. Literally throws the 20th, like abreast of wind came up and threw a 20th. You know, I was like, oh my gosh, I love it. Thank you universe.

But I do think it does start with that belief and I being in your community. I see that, you inspire others to believe in themselves. And that is something that not a lot of leaders are doing. A lot of leaders are doing those scare tactics, follow my strategy, follow this, follow this. Or you won’t get to that next level where I feel like yours is really approached with this love.

I want to inspire you to see this, this, you know, empowerment inside of you. Thank you. And yes, and I think it’s because the truth is, is like you can eat and we all see examples of this, or we’d be there had clients, or we know people in the online space where it’s like some guru is teaching new, their six step formula and 10 different people.

Enroll or do it and they don’t get the same results. And it comes down to embodiment. Do you fully believe and embody this version of yourself that gets to have whatever it is that you say you want, or is there some in congruence going on and do you need to look at those places and shift and heal those things?

Right. So teaching people to make money is actually not hard. Anyone can teach you to make money truly, right. There’s a bazillion sales tactics. There’s a million business coaches out there. But for me, it’s all about like empowering people because myself included, I feel like I barely have tapped into any of my potential.

And I know that when we are empowered and we have a vision, we show up for that and we show up when it’s hard and it’s not convenient and it’s not sexy. Right. But like when you have that, you’re going to keep going through the bumps. Versus if you’re just trying to follow someone’s formula and then like tech breaks or whatever, or you have a bad day, you’re just like, see evidence.

It doesn’t work for me. I’m not cut out for this. Versus starting with that internal that then manifests in that external yes. And those road bumps can be really hard, especially tech the tech gremlins. Aw, man, there has been many times that I’m like, I’m just going to go back and work for somebody because tech, but like you said, in the beginning of this episode, acuity at an email list.

So if all this tech is breaking folks, like you may just need to back off the tech and honestly, Just go talk to people. It’s not talked about enough, but I’m like, if you genuinely want to grow your income, if you want to sign clients, if you want go talk to live humans, help people be of service. Like literally allow it to be that easy.

That’s the fastest way. It’s not like sitting behind the tag, having a fancy funnel, all the things, you know, yes, as you scale, like sure. Have systems have repeatable processes in place, but. Go talk to humans and help them and make offers. Yes, yes, yes, yes. But those are the, in the back. I hope you’re screaming with us.

Yes, this is, this is it. And this is the part that is your set is missing in so many business strategies is weak set up all these funnels, but we forget that it’s a human on the other end. Yes. We either see them as a checkbook or we see them as oh, oh, this, this elusive, you know, creature that we’re, you know, like big foot, we’re going to find them.

And you know, we’ve got to build this perfect trap for them, but it really is about connection. That’s one of the reasons I love podcasting is that I actually get to connect with humans and it’s powerful. Absolutely. You know, I just, I come back to remembering like on the, you know, crappy moments and the hard days, it’s wow, why did you start your business?

You know, and for me, it’s always I genuinely want to help people. And I lived in such a disempowered state for so long that I want to help people to tap into their potential, to see past their limitations. And to know the business can actually be really simple. Speaking of business, being simple, I want to know, like when you’re working with people, what are the three things that people are doing the most of the time that are keeping them hidden, but backend stuff so that we can hide and feel safe?

What do you see as the most common? Definitely like spending hours on content. Often, not even publishing, not even just spending hours on it, but writing it and then telling me like, oh, but I couldn’t hit publish. Or it took me three hours to write my email newsletter this week. And I’m like, what were you doing for three hours?

So things like that comparing. Sitting scrolling and like feeling less than right. That’s like very, very common. And I think again, just like normal, like we all compare people that are like, don’t compare yourself. I’m like, we all do it. Let’s just like acknowledge, but it’s stopping yourself in that track versus going down the rabbit hole.

So I would say those are some of the big ones avoiding talking about money. I mean, honestly, like that’s a huge one, but it manifests in so many different ways, but that’s probably the biggest one. And the reason people are not growing their businesses is because they’re not having conversations around offers because it’s scary and it’s uncomfortable and it brings up all of your stuff.

Oh, yes. It’s Hey, here’s this program for you? This is, this is the amount. No, I’m not discounting. It that’s been my big one. It’s oh, I just said it before somebody even has this like chance to say yes or no, I’m like, but I’ll discount it for you. I’ve been coaching a couple of clients this week on sales conversations.

Cause one, one or two of my clients were like, okay, here’s what happened? And I’m like, so when you’re in a sales call situation, you have to say your price. And say nothing else. And they’re like, whew. But it’s one of the things that like I have learned. And one of my mentors and coaches was telling us, like, when she first started learning this, she would have to mute her microphone so that you wouldn’t say anything, but because it’s hard, bite your tongue or have a post-it to remind you to say the price and then shut up and see what the potential client says.

Yeah. And I like the more that I have these conversations around and money may and just talk, having this conversation. It’s there is a, the money belief. There is so much of the money belief. That’s okay, am I worthy of this money? What will happen if I get this money? Am I going to lose this?

There’s so many things that immediately makes me. Discount before they, I mean, like the, I don’t even pause. It’s like straight up here’s my price, but for you, I will offer. I mean, it’s like they don’t even get a second to breathe and I’m great at the dramatic pause except when it comes to money.

Oh my gosh, I love it. Which is why I’m bringing money may. Cause this is not my area of expertise, but this is what I see. I’m going to say a 95%. Of the people that I work with is that money struggle. Yeah, absolutely. And it’s super important to have these conversations, to normalize it and to learn, learn, to get better at it, you know?

And that’s why I’m really passionate about it because, you know, I mean, it’s cliche and then some people like hate it where it’s oh, if you don’t have sales, you don’t have a. But it’s true. You have an expensive hobby, so I want you to get paid and there’s way too many amazing service providers out there.

Like truly that are so gifted in what they’re doing. But. They’re not great at being a CEO and they’re not great at sales. And so they get in these cycles, right? Like maybe they get some referrals or some other things happen, but then they’re very frustrated because they don’t know how to sell. And I want everyone to be able to do work.

They love. And that’s what you’re supporting people with, correct? I mean, amongst other things, yes. But if I’m very passionate about it, because again, like without the money component coming into your business, like you don’t have a business. And so I just, I know that this is so important and something I wish I would have focused on, you know, earlier for sure in my journey.

Yeah. So where can people find you? Cause I know like for you, like I was saying earlier, if you’re making money and earning and you know, playing and showing people being inspired, like you can have both, you can have your play life, you can have your work life, they can blend. Sometimes you have to work on those correct activities, connecting with humans.

If you did not catch that, it’s connecting with other humans is number one. Just making sure that that’s really sinking in. So where can people get into your space so that they can like, just absorb all of this, like money is our friend. Yeah. So I have a Facebook community it’s called set yourself free, or you can follow me on Instagram, set yourself free dot LLC.

Or just pop me a message. I can add you to my email list. I’ve got a free journal that helped me to book over 40 sales calls and 14 K in less than a month. We’d love to give you those prompts. If you’re interested in having that, that’s amazing. I’m like, oh, 40 sales Mike. My heart just stopped when you just said that.

I was like, ah, like, all right, there’s a block I have to, yes, I’m responding. Yes. I’m triggered. I have to look into that. That’s I’m like 40 sales calls. Like my heart just stopped. Yeah. I booked 17 in a day and I blew my own mind and it was like, whoa. You didn’t do all 17 in one day, right? Oh no, no, no, no.

I didn’t do all the calls in one month even and I’m always very transparent. Like I think 14 people, it was like 44 calls and 14 people didn’t show up. It was just that energetic for me. It was an experiment. And this is how I have to view business now is everything’s an experiment because in the first year I took everything personally.

Right. Most of us do. But now it’s like a fun experiment. And so that was me playing with energy. Well, how many can I book? Like, how can I hold this? How can I expand? And so that was really what that was about. Oh, our business is an experiment. Yes, it is. And I, that is, makes it so much more fun thinking of it as an experiment.

This is our science experiment guys, but what can we do to get to the next level? What’s going to blow up in our face. What’s gonna, you know, create the perfect, magical, whatever it is, where, the unicorn, all the things. How fun is it to look at your business as an experience? That honestly, that’s shifted so much for me and I had a long-term client and that was the only way she could participate.

Like she’d been an entrepreneur for a very long time, was like way more successful than I am. But I love working with clients that are like stages ahead of me. Cause I know I’m really great at coaching them. And that was how she had to view it because otherwise she would just hide under the covers.

I can relate. I don’t hide under the covers. I had Canva a lot. I spend a lot of time and, you know, Canva, WordPress, all those things that aren’t really necessary to maintain a business. Yeah, totally. I just, ah, there’s so much, there’s so much here and I, I love that your business is all about setting yourself free and I really feel that you are in, but like you said, in body that you do and body.

Thank you. And like I said, it’s just fun to watch. Sometimes I see you out, like doing the fun things on peaches and I’m just like, okay, I’m just going to be there with her. It’s like not a jealousy thing. It’s just like, all right, I see this, I see myself over here. We’re hanging out together. I’m going to be on this more beach with her.

Yes. And I just is, it’s inspiring. It’s inspiring to see other women standing in their power. And owning the life that they want, because it is a choice. Exactly. And that’s the thing and that’s where it all started. Right. Of me being like, oh wait, I’m giving away my power because I used to be like, must be nice, blah, blah, blah.

And then it was like, wait a minute. Okay. If they can soak, can I, oh, if they can. So can I, we can all do it. We can all rise together, but do it with the couch. If you want to skip steps, find a mentor and a mentor million percent. And if this is resonating, get into carry space, like ASAP, because if you want to have more fun and flow and freedom and all of those things, that is what, what your true gift is, is helping people get to.

Level of my experience of this human crazy experience. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Come play. Come play. So if somebody were to walk away with just that one mic drop moment, what would you want them to walk away with?

Okay. In this moment, I would say you have so much more power accessible to you than you even realize.

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