It all started when she took a 1-year sabbatical from the corporate world…

Today we are talking to Claudia-Sam, a soul coach inspiring women to TUNE-IN to who they really are and live as their true self without guilt!

By traveling and learning that all we are seeking is to be happy and to connect with others and connect with ourselves.

“When I went to travel I left for one year of sabbatical back when I worked incorporate. And I left because I was trying to find myself outside of work. And what eventually ended up happening is that I was looking in all the wrong places, I was looking outside of myself.  I was looking to all these different traveling locations, and to all these different teachers, and to all these different places for answers when in reality. When all I  really needed to do was close my eyes and tune in”.

“You have it in you that, that creation of kind of a deeper inner connection that Listening skill have that deep down inner nudge, that confidence to be, who you are meant to be. And the belief that nothing can stop you. All the answers of all of your questions are all already inside of you and it is your choice to determine whether you want to hear them or silence them. You have it in you”.

Claudia-Sam is a Soul Coach for driven women who are stuck with where they’re at in life, who feel like they’ve lost sense of who they are and who feel unfulfilled and who don’t know how to put themselves first without feeling guilty. She supports them to trust themselves, be the “so much more” they know they can be, make decisions about their life that they’re happy with (even if they’re afraid of judgement from others) and helps them to put themselves on their to-do list and feel good about it, using her Tune-In method!

Claudia-Sam’s signature program is called Tune-In: Your Confident Self Awaits. It’s a 3-month soul coaching initiative for inner guidance. Visit for more information.

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
So welcome Claudia Sam. Well, thank

Unknown Speaker 0:03
you so much for having me, Jennifer,

Unknown Speaker 0:06
I am really excited that that we made this work first off real quick, and that you’re here. I want to know, my favorite burning question is what is lighting you up in this moment right now?

Unknown Speaker 0:21
What is lighting me up is the word lightness comes to me finding lightness in the shifts of being that I am continuously doing in my life and helping my clients do so that it’s not so heavy.

Unknown Speaker 0:44
And what kind of things? I know that it’s been a very heavy year. But what kind of things are you noticing, as we’re starting to, like, become a little lighter? As a society? I feel and lean inside me?

Unknown Speaker 1:00
Can you? You mean, how can we get more lightness? Is

Unknown Speaker 1:03
that what you said?

Unknown Speaker 1:06
Well, definitely, once we tune into ourselves and start to be aware of what’s going on in our body, I find helps tune out all the noise of the media of what other people’s opinions are going about of politics and all the rules and the restrictions that are happening outside of us. Once we start to tune into the body and to how our physicality is responding to it, we start to be able to attend to what we need. And it just feels more light because we have the choice. And we can, in that instance, decide what to do about how we’re feeling. Does that make any sense?

Unknown Speaker 1:52

Unknown Speaker 1:54
And you said one of my favorite words is like we get to decide, we get that choice. Have you always felt in your life that you were empowered enough? And making your own choices? Or did you get here because I know that you have a tuning method that I want to learn all about. But I want to know a little bit about that backstory that led you to this.

Unknown Speaker 2:16
Thank you for asking, you know, I really believe that as a white woman and I had an have the privilege and I’m very aware of that. And I’m still learning about that opportunity and that option to have the choice, the choice of education, the choice to get the job that I want. And, yeah, the choice to as a woman also to decide if I want to have children or not, or I feel like I’m getting off track. The the choice has always been part of my life. And my parents raised me in a way that allows me to look beyond what other people expect of you to go for what we want. And more. So when I was a kid, I remember I had tennis lessons, swimming lessons, dance classes, soccer, name it, I was doing everything I was given the choice to do whatever I wanted to do, and to try it out. So I think that as a very young age, I had that opportunity to go ahead and just try stuff. And as I became older, traveling became a big part of my life. And I started to explore what it was like to be in another culture and to and to have an area of choices. It was like, my life was no longer only directed as to which school I want to go to what do I want to become as a profession? Or what do I want to do as a profession, which friends I want to hanging out with? But it became Where do I want to explore life as well? Who do I want to learn from? And where and how do I want to expand

Unknown Speaker 4:13
who I am.

Unknown Speaker 4:15
Does that make sense? That’s okay. There are so many questions I have in there. But one of them is I want to know, like add on your explorations around to different areas. What what kind of things did you notice? at that young age?

Unknown Speaker 4:32
I have a really bad memory. To be really honest. So at a young age, I wouldn’t be really able right now to tell you what I noticed. Okay, something is coming up. I noticed how it was also very easy to go, Oh, I don’t like it. Because there was always another option. I’m not saying that was really good to like not appreciate the array of opportunity that I had. But this is what is coming up as an adult, though, their travels and the Explorations around the world, I’ve traveled to many countries, and I’ve met a lot of different people. And I think what I noticed is that we are all seeking, we’re all seeking the same thing. We all truly want to be happy, we all truly want to be free. We all want to create a deeper connection, mostly with others. But then with ourselves, I remember when I left, I used to be in corporate, I used to work a lot. And in corporate in my life, my work was my life.

Unknown Speaker 5:39

Unknown Speaker 5:41
oh, gosh, where am I going with this? by traveling, and learning that we all are seeking to be happy and to and to connect with others and connect with ourselves. There’s the link. When I went to travel I left from for a one year of sabbatical back when I worked in corporate. And I left because I was trying to find myself outside of work. And what eventually ended up happening is that I was looking in all the wrong places, I was looking outside of myself, I was looking to all these different traveling locations, and to all these different teachers and to all these different places for answers when in reality, all I needed to do was close my eyes and tune in. So not saying the travels weren’t really cool. And I didn’t learn so much from them. But I noticed that I was just yearning for this external experience, that I was never going to get

Unknown Speaker 6:54
to create a deeper connection with myself.

Unknown Speaker 6:57
Oh, that that leads to so many other questions is that deeper connection with the self. So when you started to notice that you needed to go inward instead of externally, like what was what was that process looking like or what sparked that moment, to go inward and stop seeking outside?

Unknown Speaker 7:17
Mm hmm.

Unknown Speaker 7:19
It was actually before, okay to stop seeking outside. I lived in an ashram in Nepal, where I was secluded from cheese and chocolate and lots of internet and society as a whole. Because in the ashram, I was waking up with

Unknown Speaker 7:43
the sun,

Unknown Speaker 7:44
I was going to bed, same time as the sun. And as the sun was waking up or coming or was rising. We were in silence at the ashram in the morning. In the morning, it was until three hours of yoga that then we were eating, and then we were talking. And then later at night around 8pm until I went to bed around nine that back then it was silence. And I was finding myself unable to connect with anyone else than with myself and I not that it’s the best way to force that kind of realization and that connection. But that’s how it worked for me then. And I don’t want this forceful solitude to be a necessary experience for self growth, which is why I decided to empower and help help women be their own inner guides and feel empowered from within.

Unknown Speaker 8:41
And I think that’s exciting that you’re able to bring all of those experiences into empowering other women. So where How are you working with other women right now to empower

Unknown Speaker 8:52
that for asking? Yes, well, I work mainly one on one with driven women who feel like they have this deep inner knowing that they can be so much more in their life. I work with women who know they can be happier, but they have just lost their sense of fulfillment and purpose. And now they’re wanting to create that deeper connection with themselves prioritize themselves but without the guilt that might come with well putting yourself on the to do list. And I do that using my tune in method.

Unknown Speaker 9:27
Yeah, that’s what I do.

Unknown Speaker 9:30
I want to that’s that that leads me perfectly into the question of like, I want to know what is this tune in method.

Unknown Speaker 9:37
Thank you for asking. I’m really loving my tune in method. So tune in was created. From the seven years of traveling and of healing and coaching and therapy and energy work and yoga teacher trainings and energy medicine and name it. The tune in method was created As a way to help women who are in this corporate kind of nine to five, lifestyle gogogo 1000 miles an hour, put in everyone else before themselves. So that they can have a sustainable way to make self care a lifestyle to be able to put themselves on that to do list without, you know, feeling selfish about about it. Yeah. Without a think without it meaning, and believing that self care is only doable when you have time. Because that’s a myth. Self Care is not about the bubble baths and the many petits and getting your hair dyed. Although those can be really nice if you’re into that. I love a massage, and really do. Self Care is really about being shifting your way of being and making that a habit. So the tuning method helps in three parts. The first part is balance, balance at a level of body, mind and emotions. What I mean by that is, at the beginning of this of this chat that we’re having, I mentioned how being aware of how we’re feeling in the body is a way to create more lightness, or that’s how it works for me. Well, being aware of everything that actually well is happening in the body, the headache, the the the heart pressure, the palpitations, that anxiety, the rush of adrenaline, the backache, the the knee, sprain, whatever. I mean, if you sprained your knee, ouch, but all these body sensations mean something, they are a sign, our body is constantly talking to us. Therefore, when we start to be aware of how the body is speaking to us, we become aware of what that means in the mind. For example, I don’t know about you, but I have I used to have a lot of headaches. And now when I have a headache, I think, Okay, what am I putting pressure on myself for? What am I trying to force? What am I trying to control? Because it’s really like you have this pressure on the temples, the headache creates an inner pressure, but often from the external from the external world. So how can I use the physical sensation to help with what’s going on in the mind, and sometimes it’s pressure, for example, around self care. A lot of the women at work that I work with who I work with, they will say, I don’t deserve self care right now.

Unknown Speaker 12:36
I haven’t.

Unknown Speaker 12:38
I haven’t deserved it yet I have, I need to still work towards it towards deserving it. Well, that often can create that pressure that pressure to be and do so much more before they get to put themselves first. So it’s like a vicious cycle. And then how does that make you feel? Well, makes you feel anxious makes you feel stressed? So balance, that first part of the tuning method helps women create the foundation of being aware of what’s going on in the body? What’s going on in the thoughts? How are they self sabotaging themselves, and what emotions are there, because then when we can start this awareness, circle of body mind emotions, we are able to create a foundation of self care, that doesn’t mean you need to take time for yourself because you can tune into your body while you’re in line at the grocery store. Right? So far, does that make do or Is that good? Okay. Now, the second part of the tune in framework or the tuning method is connect, connect to who connect to you connect to the universe, but mainly to you. What do you want? What are your needs? What are your sole values? How can you shift in an in a place of putting your focus on yourself first, instead of putting focus on others? What is draining you versus what uplifts you? What are you saying yes to constantly just because, but in reality, you could say no, and that would feel so much lighter. Has it happened in your life, Jennifer, when you have well not respected boundaries and felt like you weren’t connected to yourself?

Unknown Speaker 14:23
Daily? Let’s be real. That’s where I’m working right now is boundaries, and myself a little bit more.

Unknown Speaker 14:32
I think it’s a life process. It’s something that when we choose to work on ourselves, creating that connection, finding that balance from within as is a is a life’s work, which is why I love to bring that work to life and offer this opportunity to women so that

Unknown Speaker 14:49
they can

Unknown Speaker 14:50
use that forever. Use those those tools and keep going to them when they most need it. And the third part of the tune method is trust. Trust. Well, the universe, but trust yourself, because I often say it’s not about saying, Okay, this is what I want universe and then crossing our arms and just leaning back and letting the universe do its job. Although we do want to let go of control and trust that we are in an abundant world, and what we are meant to have and be and do will come to us in a timely manner. But trust in that inner voice, that hearts voice, that intuition, versus the ego, the mind the fear, and really noticing the difference between the fear which would be You don’t deserve self care, you don’t deserve to stop right now. That’s the fear. And then the other voice that’s like, Oh, you, you, you really need to stop, you really need to care for yourself, you need a break,

Unknown Speaker 15:53
that voice

Unknown Speaker 15:54
is there to help us and support us. But often the mind will come right in here. And will say, No, no, no, you you can keep going. So noticing that dance between the devilish ego mind thought, and the more Angel like voice of the intuition, and it’s not about eradicating the mind, because we need it. But it’s about bringing both equally in our awareness. But in order to do that, we need to have a foundation, which is what balance is there for. So balance, connect, and trust is really a step by step way to be in your own inner guide, finding that reason why you’re here that connection to how you can be happier and be more in your life, like you want to finding your way to purpose in a way that suits you. Because this is not like a follow me, I know the the way to have a happier life. We all are different beings, we all are unique, we all have our own way. So this is about finding your way, using a little bit more of a structure, because it can be overwhelming to go. Okay, I want to put myself first but what do I do first?

Unknown Speaker 17:08
I think that that’s really like, an important takeaway that I’m getting is that every person has a different process. That’s why a lot of these cookie cutters don’t work, whether that’s in business strategy, you know, any of the things, any of the cultures that are out there. We’re not going to go into that. But any of those cultures that put us in a box, and I love that you’re bringing that. So when you left corporate and you moved into this, did you use your own tuning method before it got refined into the tune and method? Oh, totally, totally.

Unknown Speaker 17:45
And when I left corporate, I kind of jumped in the unknown, like, I remember I was one year after travels, I was supposed to go back to work. And I knew deep down that that’s not what I wanted. I didn’t want to go back. I did not know what I wanted, though. I didn’t know what I was going to do was I going to be a teacher and get paid $50 a class. How was I going to live that way. For me, that’s not where I wanted to go. That’s not how I was going to make an impact and help that much and find my purpose. Although it helped me for a little while. And I really enjoyed it. And I’m really grateful for the teaching experience that I have accumulated. But jumping into the unknown, of calling my boss and going, I’m not going back without having money without having a plan without knowing where I was going to go, what I was going to do that I feel comes back to that trust, that peace of listening just to that deep down inner nudge that is like, okay, you can’t go back. So just go ahead and using the fear that’s there. Yep. It’s fearful to go,

Unknown Speaker 18:55
whoo, I’m jumping.

Unknown Speaker 18:58
Except I knew I needed to do it. So I would say that the tuning method, yes, it was created from these experiences in my life. And then when I put them all together, in order to trust, I was able to listen to the deep down inner nudge, I knew it was there. But I also know it was there way before because I didn’t leave for a year on sabbatical. So I kind of knew I had to listen to that voice. But I, you know, I did it slowly, because I still kept the attachment to my corporate job. While I was on travels, it was too scary to jump and take the leap from there. Now I know that I would have I would do it differently now. But back then that was my safety net. And it was okay. For me at that point. To answer your question. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 19:45
And I think that’s another point that I kind of want to just reiterate back to you is that it’s okay to keep that safety net while you’re making the transition. But there is a certain point where you’re when you listen, when you really tune in with your body, that it’s going to be like no You can’t do that anymore. That’s what happened to me is that I just was like sick, I could never go to work because I was sick all the time. And then finally, it’s like, Okay, well, we can only have you out for so long. So it parted ways. And then this, this beautiful thing that came from that. So I’m excited that you learned before.

Unknown Speaker 20:22
Oh my gosh. But like you I also got sick. I remember when I was in corporate, I would get sick four times a year. And that was my body saying, yo, you better start listening. And then eventually, I burned out. Eventually I had panic attacks, eventually, it became worse. But that was what was the tipping point of, okay, you have to make a change. And unfortunately, meant for many women, that’s how it works. They don’t have the urgency to create a change in their lives until they hit a wall. And it’s unfortunate, but hopefully, if you’re listening, you don’t wait until that wall hits you so hard. Until you can tune in and create that deeper connection with yourself.

Unknown Speaker 21:10
So if someone was listening, and they just they were ready to just start barely tuning into themselves, you mentioned that like self care isn’t all massages and pedicures, what is one thing that is self care that is outside of what we put in the box of self care?

Unknown Speaker 21:26
Well, I feel like one of the most important things is shifting the belief that self care, like we mentioned at the beginning is taking time for yourself. It’s one of the things taking time comes from listening to that deep down inner nudge voice that says you need to rest you need to take time you need to slow down. So self care is not about doing a specific thing. Because often will go I need to take time for myself. And then we’ll insert massage, or reading a book or getting your nails done or whatever, we’ll insert the doing part. And what it comes down to me is that self care, self plus care caring for the self, it’s a lifestyle. It’s something that happens all the time, continuously. So self care is about being and as boring as that might sound. We are being every day except we are in the past with our thoughts, or we are in the future with planning with the work that we do. And we are hardly ever in the present moment. So we are hardly ever being when self care is all about that.

Unknown Speaker 22:46

Unknown Speaker 22:49
So one of those moments, I’m like, okay, I lost my questions. I have no questions. My mind is processing that. So that leads that. And I know that you have something that’s coming out, but it’s a slow down and distress. Correct. And that’s that brings you into that moment. Can you tell me a little bit about that slowdown and de stress?

Unknown Speaker 23:11
Yes, thank you for asking. Slow down de stress it, it is what it sounds like it’s an opportunity to create that deeper connection with yourself over a five day free self care challenge. And it’s really meant for driven women who are used to going well who are doing the Go go go and being in that 1000 miles an hour rhythm. But who realize it’s not for them anymore, even if they’ve never prioritize themselves. Until now. They’re ready to explore that now. So it’s a free self care challenge. And you can sign up at any time on my website, Claudia, Sam, soul coaching calm, and you can find all the information on there.

Unknown Speaker 23:55
And I’ll make sure to get all your information in the show notes, too, to make sure that it’s easy for people to find you, other than on your website. Is there anywhere that you’d like to connect with people?

Unknown Speaker 24:06

Unknown Speaker 24:06
I have a wonderful community on Facebook of like soul women who are on this journey to transform their lives and becoming a better version of themselves. It’s called you have it in you. And it’s on Facebook.

Unknown Speaker 24:23
I was so excited. So I want to leave with my absolute well. They’re all my favorite questions. If you haven’t noticed. I’m like my favorite question. I have a lot of them. But my normal question is, if somebody walked away with just one little like that mic drop moment, what would you want that to be?

Unknown Speaker 24:41
Oh pressure.

Unknown Speaker 24:51
You have it in you that, that creation of kind of a deeper inner connection that Listening skill have that deep down inner nudge, that confidence to be, who you are meant to be. And the belief that nothing can stop you. All the answers of all of your questions are all already inside of you and it is your choice to determine whether you want to hear them or silence them. You have it in you,

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