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Since Daria Ann was a small child, She knew that She was so very different from other because of how her learning challenges and how she viewed life. She knew at such a small age that her soul’s divine life purpose was to teach people about love.

In 2016, She had a spiritual awakening experience after domestic violence guided her to remember her life purpose to love herself and to show teach others how to love themselves. This led Daria Ann to discover the divine power of Reiki.By the end of 2016, she became a certified Reiki Master/teacher.

In 2018 Enchanted Flower Healing was born. Since that time, Daria Ann has grown into becoming a Holy Fire Reiki Master in 2019. In March of 2020, I then became a Chakra Life Coach.

She is now working on achieving my sound healing practitioner certification from the Holographic Institute of Sound & Inner Balance and is working on adding shaman practices into her healings by attending The Naughty Shaman School in Glastonbury.

Her mission within Enchanted Flower Healing is to evolve the planet towards love by teaching and inspiring others how to have a loving relationship with yourself and others through Holy Fire Reiki, Chakra Life Coaching and Sound Healing. 

I asked Daria what she believed self-love is and here is her response.

Self love is so important because our planet is suffering so much because no one has taught us how to love ourselves. We can not love another until we first learn to love ourselves. Self Hatred has a ripple effect towards others. The more I work on loving myself despite having learning differences, the more I can inspire others to take this journey of self love with me.

Self-love and working on overcoming my limiting beliefs that I am not worthy love or worthless is top priority in my life to overcome and I live to insider others through my battles of ADD, ADHD, DYSCALCULIA (Math Disability) ANXIETY DISORDER and more. I have had to also be a strong advocate for myself in jobs and have battled with discrimination in school and jobs. Using spiritual practices and other modalities has changed my life and I knew I was

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You are worthy of your own love. To always make that investment into loving yourself first. And know for me no material possession matters. It only matters how you feel about yourself. Daria







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So welcome, Daria. Thank you so much, Jennifer, for having me. I’m so excited to be on here with you today.
I am really excited. And we just had a mini conversation before this. This started. And I want to know, can you share a little bit about your story from birth? Because that’s such an interesting for me, I was like, Whoa, it started from the beginning, really from the beginning for you.
And yes, it definitely did. And I had a very tough journey growing up. So when I was born, I died. My mom’s umbilical cord got wrapped around my neck three times, and I lost a lot of oxygen to my brain. And my face was black, and they had to revive me. And ever since a small little girl, I had really explosive anxiety, panic attacks. And, you know, it was just a very difficult journey. And which also I had, I grew up with having learning disabilities, and not having many places that understood me, like school, or doctors really could understand, you know, who I was and how to help me, and which caused a lot of sadness and depression.
Yeah, and I know that you like as you went through this, like, you started to learn things about yourself. And you just said things like your doctors things. People were like, not understanding or be able to commit to working with somebody that had this learning disability and these these gifts that you were trying to let out. And I know these gifts, just because we had a conversation about it, can you tell me a little bit about letting those gifts out and like how, in the past it was reacted to?
Yes, um, when I was a little, like, I was about six years old. And I tell this story, because it was so powerful. It was my first real connection of understanding of, you know, I’m psychic, and I might be a medium. When I was about six years old, I just knew that my parents weren’t telling me something. And it wasn’t like really bad. It’s just they didn’t really say anything to me. So I decided one day to go to a photo album at off a shelf, and go to my parents and to ask them this question, Who is this person, and they told me, that’s your, that’s your dad’s twin sister, she died in 1978. She was 28 when she died from a drunk driver. And I was born in 86. And from that point on, I could feel her around me, I knew she was talking to me, I could dream about her. I was a little girl, like, I illustrated this little book, and I dedicated it to her. And, you know, I did tell doctors about it. I did tell one of my doctors and you know, they just think that I was nuts. You know, this girl thinks she, you know, talks to her dead on her guardian angel. And I also, you know, said that I talked to God and I had a connection to God. And they, they wrote that down as if I was nuts. And you know, I just really had a gift that these medical facilities had no idea what what it is. And they just want to over medicate you and not understand your gift. And it caused a lot of more depression, anxiety, having all these labels snapped onto me, and just not the acceptance of I’m gifted. So yeah, I just had to deal with that growing up a lot of those medical doctors really not knowing how to how to help me and made a lot of judgments and cause to cause me to have a lot of limiting beliefs about myself.
I think that it’s so crazy that, you know, those beliefs are pushed on us at a young age. And I know that there’s a lot more of the story, but if we could fast forward a little bit until like 2016, because 2016 you had these major awakening, can you kind of share with us a little bit about like that journey and how that looked?
Yes, and I didn’t get a chance to tell you in our previous discussion before, but um, beforehand, before my spiritual awakening in 2016 I went through five and a half years of domestic violence and I have a lifetime restraining order against somebody and that really pushed me to do that inner healing and I don’t know something about that relationship jolted me. Um, so a year later, in 2016, it’s kind of I started picking up the pieces and things of spirituality started popping out to me messages that I was feeling, and the word Reiki kept coming to me. I know I told you before, you know, I everywhere I go, people will be talking about Reiki. And I had a friend who did Reiki and she started doing Reiki on me and I was like, wow, I really like that. And my biggest spiritual awakening experience, you know, really happens when I was at a doctor’s office and it pushed me to understand why am I so sensitive? Why am I Why is there so many problems with me and you You know, um, so this this doctor’s appointment, I don’t know, it was, it was the weirdest thing. I didn’t even get the chance to tell you this, I was at a gynecologists office and I just had the spiritual awakening experience there. And, you know, and then I went home and started looking at the word sensitive, which led me to what ampath was, and all this stuff about, you know, spiritual people. And I was like, wow, that really makes so much sense. And we’re these doctors didn’t know how to give me these answers. And this sums up who I am, as a person. And I was, you know, that’s when I really had that spiritual experience. And I went back a year later to see that doctor, and I told her about it. And for some weird reason, I was able to kind of share that with her. And she said, Wow, I’m so glad you told me that because I’m an empath. And I’m a spiritual healer, and I’m leaving my office to start a holistic service. And I thought that was really powerful. If something she kind of woke me in that time period. And ever since then, I’ve just been on this path of healing and understanding spirituality. And it’s something that resonated with my soul, when I was a tiny little girl.
That is, so you never think of like going to the gynecologist as that moment of awakening, but it also is a big powerhouse area in our bodies.
Yes, definitely. The The, the sacral chakra energy of that area definitely woken me up to, you know, I was in such pain by that and she was telling me I that some sort of little bit of a medical issue. And I was like, of course, I was born, you know, with my beloved cord wrapped around my neck. And I was born with, you know, a crooked smile like my I had an overbite and my eyes were crooked, and I have learning disabilities. And no one knows how to teach me. And of course, I would have this and I just that was and I started to cry. And I was like, why am I so sensitive? Everyone tells me I’m so sensitive. What does this mean? And it’s so powerful that just in like a gynecologist is office, that it really awoken me to remember things of my past, and I think also was that domestic violent relationship as well, that really shook me up to do that inner healing and that I needed to do that inner healing, and was one of the most powerful moments of my life.
So as you were going through this healing, and kind of share with us a little bit of what that journey looked like, because I know, it’s not something that’s just like, boom, we’re done. Like, it’s a process. Can you share a little bit about, like, how that journey looked in your life?
Yes. Um, so yes, you know, growing up, it was very rough. I know, I, you know, had suffered with really bad anxiety, I went through a lot of sadness, and really difficult moments of, you know, maybe needing to go to a hospital to you know, I never ended up in a hospital. But, you know, those moments of extreme sadness. So during that time of my spiritual awakening experience, I steered away for a while from Western medicine and Western doctors, because I also went through a lot of them giving me a lot of limiting beliefs about myself and about money, that weren’t really true about myself. So I had a very negative perception about therapists from that point on because every therapist or psychiatrist or psychologist was very negative in my life. So I decided to use Reiki. So I understood started to understand the powers of Reiki. And I took Reiki classes. And by the end of 2016, I was a Reiki teacher master. And I started seeing other holistic practitioners that used you know, shamanic healing, I use different healing techniques like past life readings, all this type of stuff. And I got very heavily into that. But I was in my last relationship with my last boyfriend, who did not understand this at all. And, you know, he broke my heart because he never could understand any of it. And I was just being my true self, finally, being me and not trying to be somebody else, and he could not understand. So I went through a lot of depression and, you know, really a lot of sadness. And I really shut down and stopped meditating, and stopped doing my spiritual practices. And, and my partner that I met know, who I’m with now kind of led me to where I need to be as well because he was very open to it. And so I started meditating more on a more frequent basis. And when we were when we moved into this apartment that we’re in now I started to create a meditation practice. So meditating, every single day was a huge thing to reduce anxiety and depression. So I started using meditation, but I was still having really bad Anxiety and I was still, you know, wanting to do more. And I did see tons of different people from tapping specialists. But it didn’t really get to the core of my issues. So this past year during COVID was kind of my another spiritual awakening experience, I should say, too, because a lot of truth came out during this year of my limiting beliefs, my root causes of my opinion. And it really stemmed from feeling that worthy of my parents love that I was too hard to love because of being who I am with anxiety that I didn’t deserve love, or I was too hard to love. So I decided to one day me and my partner were in a really big, huge fight. And I was scrolling through, you know, Google, and I googled holistic physicians and I came to this place called the new innovation center, I decided to see an EMDR trauma specialist to help me get to the root causes of my pain. And I started with that last year. And that’s changed my life so much, including us still using Reiki and
meditation. And so I started to do that. And I also incorporated sound healing, which I love. And I love to play sound healing and meditations. But I love to use it on myself. I love the frequency of the bowls, I loved how the bowls made me feel. So I incorporated sound healing as well. So I started using all these practices, and I was still kind of going through a lot of anxiety, a lot of panic attacks still. And you know, me and my partner, were going through our stuff as well. And so I stepped it up a notch. And in December of this past year, I decided to do a new healing modality that I’m not trained in. It’s called neurofeedback, and I have this cap that I put on my head, and it changes the brain function in your brain to let go of trauma and really work on changing the brainwaves in your brain. So I’ve incorporated that with doing that with everything that I’m doing. And I feel like I’m on such a great path. But, you know, healing is not a destination, you’re not just boom, you’re here, you’re done. Um, it’s a lifelong journey. And it’s a journey that I love to inspire people to really get down more on because, you know, you know, when you don’t heal yourself, you don’t really, you don’t know what happiness really feels like. And you spend your you can spend your whole life doing it. I’m healing. And people think, oh, that’s kind of, Oh, I should get to this point. I don’t want to feel this way. But, you know, there’s so many layers that we have to pull back so many layers of conditioning from our society that we’re pulling back, and each year gets more beautiful and beautiful and beautiful. And you get really gets to, you know, the lotus flower opening up its petals. And this is this year of understanding the beauty of my pain. It’s, it’s beautiful in almost a sense, because I’m meant to overcome it, and not to let it define who I am, but allow it to teach me what I need to be shown. And now I look at my life as something to be grateful for. And even though I had this pain we all have, you know, limiting beliefs. We all have our stories. This is my story. But it’s not a story of sadness, and being a victim. It’s a story of victory, and that it can take you to a whole nother place. And really understanding your fear. We all have fear, we can’t really get rid of fear. We can understand our fear, and not let it cripple us and defy our bias and we can allow it just to bring healing into our lives. And that’s what I’m truly grateful for is just healing from all the suffering that I went through. And I still have my bad days. But now I’m understanding of like, how, what I need to do what I need to let go of, okay, universe, you know, what are you showing me? Thank you universe. That’s kind of my perspective now on my outlook on healing.
That’s amazing. So there’s a part of surrender.
Yes. Surrender. Surrender is huge. You know, in those moments, we think we’re the victim in those moments where we feel like so anxious, overwhelmed, we feel like we’re in tears, we don’t feel like we’ve grown much as a person. And in those moments, those moments are meant to surrender them. You’re mentioned surrender those moments and just understand what the universe is trying to show you and not let yourself be in the driver’s seat, allow the universe to be in the driver’s seat and navigate you to where you need to be and surrendering is huge part of healing.
And I love that because I think so often we try to fix or we try to do or we try to figure out that next thing, when in reality that changes vibration.
I’d totally agree, we always think that we’re in control, it’s up to us and, and fix it. And we, and it’s just, I like to say, Don’t micromanage the universe, because the universe knows what’s best for us, we don’t really know what’s best for us. Because sometimes our minds are too much in our ego of feeling better than or less than, but a lot of the time, people who feel better than really feel less than they have to feel like they’re better than somebody and our egos keep us in that state of being state of mind, where we’re not allowing the universe to be in the driver’s seat. And, you know, I had a bad day yesterday, too. And, you know, and I am the day before, and I realized, I’m on this mission, and I’m going to keep doing as much as I can to really heal myself with everything that I’m doing and allow spiritual truth to take over and just heal my soul and heal my heart. And I’m not on any race to do it. Because, you know, that would mean making the decisions and shots, it’s the universe and but I know that I may keep surrendering, and it’s okay that I still have some of these things. We’re perfectly imperfect. And it’s okay, it’s a journey. It’s a journey.
That’s That’s like my favorite tagline is like, be perfectly and perfect and be okay with self. And I know that we were talking about before of like this surrendering also with money with our money stories, and our money blocks. And I know that a lot of the feed your body with love audience, has a lot of these blots. Like how does that ego versus surrender fit into? Like, because I know you have your own business, and you know, you, you, you serve others with these beautiful gifts? How do you keep that surrender? When it’s like, oh, no, there’s there’s, there’s not this for tomorrow? Like, where do you Where do you tell ego to go when you have that surrender moment? Well, and that moment, sometimes I you know, I get in that ego because I do Reiki, I do life coaching, I do some meditations. And sometimes I felt like I have, my ego is going off, I have this deadline, I have to get my clientele up. So you know, my unemployment ends, this time, I have to meet it. But what happens is, when I’m doing that, I block it. Because when you’re coming from desperation, it never takes flight when you’re desperate. When you’re feeling in peace and joy and pleasure. That’s when the universe provides. And in those moments, I just have to surrender. And what I did was, sometimes I get on my hands and knees to the universe, and I surrender them, like, I surrender to you, I have trust and faith that you’re going to send me where I need to be sent and allow time, on time to allow people just to come to me, and not be so desperate for clients, to bring me that money that just having faith will bring you that money, trust, having that sense of trust that it will work and you know, you don’t don’t micromanage the universe, let it come to you. And it will, but the moment you try to do it yourself, and I gotta come up with this answer and this answer, oh, how is this gonna happen? That’s when you block anything from coming to you. And those are the moments that I just, Daria, just breathe, you got this, you know, it’ll happen. You were meant to do this. I’m meant to be healer, I’m meant to help people with my modalities. And it’ll happen, and not to try to force because that energy of force, it’s like what I love to say, this metaphor of last summer, I went kayaking with my guy, and we’re kayaking and our kayak. And I’m trying to, like there was this the current, the certain weather was allowing the current to be extra strong. And I was trying to up the current, like, try to roll the boat up the current and I couldn’t, because the pressure was so much, I had to go with the flow of life, and kind of surrender and follow what the the water was navigating me to go. And that’s kind of true with life. If you’re trying to force, it’s kind of like you’re pushing yourself up the stream that you’re not meant to go that direction, you kind of just have to be like, okay, I wasn’t meant to go there. So I’m just going to, like take my hands off the on the rows and just let the water take me to where I need to be. And just using the power of nature to kind of be a message for me not to force myself. Oh, I love that.
This flow this piece and flow. And that really, it energetically does align and open up a lot of different avenues of things that come to you out of the blue. When you actually do surrender. I know there’s been moments in my life that I’ve been able to actually surrender and it was like, Oh, hey, thanks, universe. You actually like provided, I didn’t have to work that hard. And I love that analogy of like, you don’t have to constantly be rowing the wrong lesson.
Yes. And, you know, sometimes when things don’t work out, we get so sad and depressed. But we also have to understand the universe has something better for us in store, if you get fired from your job, which I have, I’ve been discriminated against, I’ve been pushed out of jobs, because of having learning challenges. And maybe that’s not where I was meant to be. Maybe the universe did me a favor. And sometimes we let those situations cause of suffering, but that’s understanding of our pain and not understanding what the universe is trying to take us over there. Or the guy that broke your heart. Sometimes we want to dwell in the pain of losing that guy. And like my ex, you know, there was another guy that was better meant for me, because he got me, he understands me. And if I, you know, you know, constantly depressed about guys who didn’t resonate with me, it’s like, I don’t understand the flow of life. It wasn’t meant for me, there was a better path for me to go down, that would bring me to where I need to go. And that’s really understand life. It’s not meant for suffering, and we are not our pain, we are meant to be triumphant.
And I love that. And what I keep hearing is like this whole Be yourself. Like, except yourself if people leave. That’s because they’re not aligned.
Amen. Thank you, girl. Like, that’s amazing. Because, you know, I just got very motivated today, I, I was talking to my mother about my grandmother, and just always, oh, you know, what, what is this person gonna think? What’s that person gonna think I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t do that. Because that person is going to think that. And it’s like, when you care so much about what other people think, are not being your true, authentic self. It doesn’t allow people to know who you really are, and people can’t love you for who you really are. And maybe they’re not worthy to be in your life, if they’re going to be the person that doesn’t love you for exactly who you are. There are other people that will and so just always be yourself. It’s so important just to always be your true self. And he felt like for such a long period of time, I can never be my true self I, I knew that I was a spiritual leader and spiritual person as a small little girl. And as I grew up in middle school, I felt like I had to be a fashion II stuff. I went to school for fashion merchandising, I hit it, and I never could be my true self. And now I just want to I desire to inspire more people just to be authentic, and, and weird, be their weird self. Because, you know, not many people can really, truly be authentic in this world. And it’s a gift, your authenticity is a gift. 100% preach. I have I have such passion for this and educating people and inspiring people. Because, you know, I’ve been on this journey. And it’s always sometimes not easy. And I feel like giving up. But in those moments, I sit and reflect and like, makes me want to inspire people more now I want to get out more and inspire more people. And you know that you can, when you when you really work on your heart and loving you for exactly who you are, and knowing that you’re amazing and worthy. That we all are worthy that no one is better than you and you’re not better than anyone else. We’re all on this journey together. And you were where we all like we all like intertwine together and we’re all part of each other. It brings the ultimate healing. And I would love to inspire more women or men or whoever is watching this to really stop comparing yourself to somebody else and just always seek to be a better version of yourself. Always.
That’s like a mic trap. Okay, let’s just let’s breathe that in. Like, just be a better version of yourself and stop comparing like, Okay. Ah, I don’t even have a question to follow up with that.
Oh, yeah. No, I, I yes. Because I’ve done that. I mean, I’m not I don’t always follow my own advice sometimes. Because, you know, I’m working on releasing my ego and but I keep reminding myself, especially when we’re on social media, Facebook, Instagram, and all these other accounts, we look at other people and like, they’ve got it. So together, they got so many clients, but in all reality, and no one really has it all together. We’re all equals. And it’s just such a powerful realization that I have to remind myself sometimes too, because I’m working on releasing my ego and that’s the point of, you know, spirituality is to really let go of our ego Go and Let our hearts speak.
So powerful, so powerful. So I know that a little like, a little bit ago in our conversation, you mentioned sound healing. How did you get into sound healing because I, I’ve discovered it like two years ago, and I was like, blown away by the power of sound. How did you get into that?
Well, I had a great, um, I had a mentor, I had this, this friend in Connecticut, and he had a very powerful story. And he also shares a story about healing. He, he gave me one of my first samples I’m seeing was Calvin young had a great story about his, his life and his struggles and how he overcame, you know, being incarcerated and all this stuff. And he had a very powerful story. Um, but I didn’t really, I always kind of felt intuitive buy it, like in my one on one sessions, I always, when I first started doing my sessions, I took a little sample and just, like, just rang it a couple times. And I was like, kind of resonated with it, but I didn’t really do much with it. And so he started giving my first poll. And then one time, you know, my guy that I’m with, um, we do sound healings together. And one day during COVID, we decided I have a root chakra ball, which is this big ball, it’s a crystal ball. And he has a steel tongue drum. And which is a type of drama songs come tropical, kind of instrument. And he started, we started playing together. And we just started harmonizing together. And I thought that was really special, that we have a special connection, that whereas my past relationship would never be so vulnerable to do something like this, we’re both we both realized we’re both magical. And we share the space of feeling in love with each other. And we just really enjoy sound healing. So we decided to start doing some sound healings together. And we took a class together. And it’s really about you know, our love, that we’ve done our sound healing stuff together. But I also now love sound healing so much and incorporate it into my one on one sessions. So I’ll put the balls near the person like near their head near their heart. Because I can’t I feel awkward right now still putting like a big bowl on someone’s heart because I don’t want it to feel too heavy. But I do put it on one of my balls on their solar plexus, and I go over and move the energy. When I do sound healing with Reiki, it definitely helps move the energy at a quicker pace. So I do do that. But what how I really, really got into it is, you know, spending that time with my guy and doing it and having a great mentor, and friend on kind of navigating me towards that direction as well.
I absolutely love that. So if people are interested in connecting with you, where can they find you,
they can find me in a couple of ways. So um, I have my Facebook business page at enchanted flower healing 2586. Um, but most of the where I post a lot of my stuff or I get a lot of engagement. And I spend a lot of my time is my regular Facebook page, dari. And I have a picture of me my guy with his hand pan, our skill tongue drum up there. And I put a lot of stuff on there. I also have a website in China flower healing, calm. And I’m also now partners with one of my good friends, Stephanie love bonsai, and we do the breath of heaven studio, and where I do sound healing meditations there. And they also do this amazing meditation called the Holy Breath meditation, which is channeling in Ascended Masters, all different kinds. I’m a healer that loves all faith and belief and incorporate it all. And I teach alternate breathing to balance both hemispheres of the brain to calm the brain down. It’s really the first step in meditation. Because it allows our brains to calm at a more frequent rate. And they also play my sound healing in there too. So you can check breath of heaven studio calm as well. They also do virtual sessions there. And if you’re interested in an in person session, which probably probably a lot of people are not from this area, so virtual will be your best bet you can book on there. But my virtual sessions you can book, not virtual, like in person sessions, you can book an enchanted flower healing and breath of Heaven is more of my virtual stuff.
That’s amazing. And I’ll make sure to get all your information in the show notes because I think what you’re doing and what you’re bringing forward and your overall like end goal of what you want to create with And change in the planet is absolutely just it lights my heart up. So I want to end with my favorite question if somebody only walked away with just one little like Mike drop Golden Nugget, what would you want them to walk away with this interview?
You’re You are worthy of your own love. To always make that investment into loving yourself first. And know for me no material possession matters. It only matters how you feel about yourself. And I just would love people to walk away with a more deeper connection to their heart and to to just love themselves unconditionally.

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