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Our thoughts are what define us. They create our identities, help us think of the future, and decide how we want to live our lives. In today’s world, those thoughts need to be valued and preserved. People have started using journals to capture their ideas before escaping from their minds or evading existence altogether.

Join the conversation with Daria Davis. Daria is the founder of Enchanted Flower Healing, whose mission is to evolve the planet towards love through teaching and healing. Her students learn from her to love themselves through others through Holy Fire Reiki, Chakra Life Coaching, and Sound Healing.  As a child, she knew she was different from others and understood that it could be difficult for her to express herself, and so her true soul’s divine life purpose has been in teaching people about love. In 2018, Daria got certified as a Holy Fire Reiki Master and later as a Chakra Life Coach in 2019.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn About:

[00:01] Introduction to the show

[01:34] Our guest today; Daria Davis

[02:21] A training at The Naughty Shaman School that changed her life

[03:32] Breaking beyond her limiting beliefs and how it has impacted her life

[05:08] How her self-love has changed since she started transforming her life

[07:33] The job that Daria does currently and the fulfillment it brings

[12:21] Daria’s mission of bringing love to the world

[14:33] Her daily routine practices staying in alignment

[18:00] Understanding different emotions and their boundaries

[22:53] What’s a Shaman, and how do they assist in your life

[26:46] Death and rebirth of your thoughts

[28:42] How you can connect with Daria

[32:03] Takeaway advice from Daria


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Today, we welcome back. My friend Daria. I am so excited to share this episode with you as we are talking about the beautiful practice of shamonic healing and the process of death and rebirthing into a new and powerful life. Many of us. See the word death is this sad end of something. But when we end something, something new begins and this beautiful conversation allows you to see how you can use different.

Practices and tools, and really allow yourself to step into your greatness by allowing the things that are no longer serving you to die and to rebirth into the new version of you. Are you ready? Let’s dig. You’re listening to feed your business with love with Jen dragon neck, you are about to experience a tsunami of self love in your life and business because we have too much magic inside to just be a ripple, let go of society standards and those gurus who leave you burned out, put aside any imposter syndrome feelings and ask yourself, what is it you really want?

Because success starts from within. Rediscovering yourself, build confidence in your message and who you are. Your tribe will follow. Let’s unleash the magic inside by being our true, authentic selves. Starting podcasting for your soul in 3, 2, 1. Welcome back to the podcast with a new name, feature business with Bev, we would love to welcome back Dari.

Hi, everyone. Thank you so much for tuning in and thank you, Jennifer, for having me. I’m really excited to be here today. we’ve been having this conversation that has gone on for it. , can it go on forever? But there’s been so much that has happened since the last time that we talked, we had talked and you were getting ready to go into your.

Shaman price at a practitioner. You can tell them novice. I, training. I want to know a little bit about, how was that training and what did it change in your life? That’s a class was really life changing. I looked at myself and ways that maybe at the time, I didn’t really want to, but I really benefited from looking at myself in these ways.

And the experience was really powerful. It was probably the most powerful experience of my life. , It taught me to just have this really powerful relationship with myself. And I’ve seen the benefits each and every day after the class and how much it’s changed my life. Yeah. So there was a little bit that we had talked about before and this pattern that you had been stuck in before this class and how you were able to break through of this limiting belief and really blossom on the other side.

Can you tell us a little bit about that pattern and how you, , broke out of your shell and became this new, like you are a glowing, everybody who’s listening on the podcast. She is glowing. And I want to know about where you were and are now and how you’re I know you have a new, cool job too, but we’ll get there.

I’m too excited. , I have had a lot of limiting beliefs about myself and stories that I would repeat and repeat and over and over in my head, , that I don’t belong here. Because of the way I learned and I had limiting beliefs about relationships I had with men and the stories, I would just tell myself to be a victim and.

That I couldn’t make it. , but after going through the class, I really learned how to walk out of that story of playing the victim or the walking out of the story of being a rescuer and even a bully, in life we go through. Cycles of either being a bully victim or rescuer. And this class really took me.

It took me off of that triangle and taught me that the only person that I can rescue is myself and that I don’t need to be a victim and I don’t need to bully anyone because I’m sick of being the victim. So I really worked on. Just walking out of those stories in so many ways that I’m so excited to share more about those ways with you during this podcast.

And there it is. And like I said, we’ve been having this conversation and I’m like, I have all the questions because I know all the juiciness behind this, but as you’re like, starting to empower yourself, how has that changed your internal. Love for self like that. How are you walking in? Self-love.

Being that victim where that love was being directed outside of you. What’s that changed? I think the biggest thing is knowing that I’m becoming more independent on myself for such a long time. I depended on happiness outside of myself, through men giving me that attention. Men giving me that approval and needing a man to make me happy because.

I wasn’t happy with myself. And for the first time in my life, I have been really taking the time to not get into relationships with anyone. Just really work on that relationship with myself and to take that time, to figure myself out and what is going to make me happy and really making myself happy.

I’m happy even though I’m not in a relationship happy just to be single. I looked back at a few years ago. The last time I was single, I was in my twenties and I thought it was like some sort of death sentence that, , someone’s saying you’re single and I would cry and be so upset. And now I have my moments of crying and breaking down and allowing myself to feel my emotions.

But now it’s watching me rise. Watch me become stronger with inside of myself, watch me do the impossible, which is learned to take care of myself and put my needs first and put the energy into me. And I think that’s giving me so much confidence, creating that glow that I, that you are seeing now versus my other podcasts that he did with you.

Yeah, and it is it’s a huge difference to see. And I love watching women blossom. I love that you’re willing to come back and share , Hey, it was not perfect. When I showed up before I thought I was happy, but I had this belief, this, , I think you were describing like as a web of things that were trapping you, that you’ve been able to move through and let go of through learning a new practice and leaning into.

I am good enough alone. I am powerful alone. And I’m so excited to watch you arise. So I want to ask a little bit about during this process, you found a new position that seems so soul aligned. I want our listeners to know about, , what are you doing right now? I really walked out of that story of the limiting beliefs of, , being, learning having different learning styles and not having a job, appreciate that and doing lots of other things to improve it.

With neurofeedback therapy to change to work on limiting beliefs as well, and to also change my brain functioning in my brain which I gained from neuro feedback. And so it allowed me to. New position. I’m an activities resonant resident engagement assistant. So I engage in activities with in senior living homes and it’s just such a rewarding job.

The residents fill my heart each and every single day with their. Beautiful stories they have to share and their kindness and their empathy and their compassion. Just to be so loving and a time where I definitely needed that. I am surrounded in love in a new way. And I’m able to most importantly, able to give holistic practices, which is huge for me.

Within this facility, I do sound bath meditations. For these residents and today at work, I was able to play my golf, just play my gong, , and I think that was really freeing to know that you can find a job that. You got to do your passions and this job has been such a great asset in my life.

And they’re also now paying me to take a Tai Chi class so I can learn another modality and offer that to clients. Moving the energy. But it’s just been such a rewarding job. And it’s something that I worked really, really hard for. I never been really successful at a regular job before, and I’m just really proud of myself for how strong I’ve become and that I can use holistic practices.

So I’m just really excited for the future for it. And I, I love how it’s empowering you and you’re actually feeling that energetic exchange of being appreciated and cared about in a different way that you’ve never been able to see for yourself before. And it’s also allowing you to expand your own practice outside of your job.

Correct? Yes. Yes. And that glow that the fulfillment, I feel like allows me to be able to channel into my business and. , putting time into myself has also been very helpful to create this magnificent business. I’m not putting it into finding another man, really finding myself. And I never really understood what that meant.

I always like, yeah. Yeah. I love myself. But I really, really didn’t know what that meant. And I don’t think a lot of people really truly understand what self-love is. And it’s dying symbolically of these limiting beliefs that you’re not good enough that you’re not worthy, that you don’t belong here. That you’re worthy of abuse from men.

And. Freeing yourself from these beliefs and removing yourself from people that are not in alignment with you anymore is huge. And you think a lot of the time in my other podcast, and throughout the past few years, I was with the wrong person and, , allowing my energy to be taken away from me and realizing that I.

Rising when I walked away from the limiting belief that I deserve to be treated really badly in a relationship, a romantic relationship. And I, I think you’re right. Not a lot of us understand what it is truly to like self-love love yourself to, to be in that walk of life of self, love, to rise as self.

And I think that’s so important and I love that you were able to recognize that. By going through a training that you weren’t going to use for other people, but instead you found yourself and that’s, that’s where the magic happens is when you find yourself. I think I’m like, I’m finding myself right now and I’m like, yeah.

Awesome. I love it. And I see that in you. It’s , there’s this new. Like I said glow, but it’s the six sight mints. Like you’re bringing a new excitement to the work that you are bringing to the, to the planet, which is changing so many lives. And it’s truly my mission in life to be just offered space, just be, have space for someone just to heal and know that I inspire people to heal their own self.

I I’m not, sometimes people think healer, it means I heal you, but no, I just. Help you to help yourself. You heal yourself, you feel that power and you take that journey yourself. Nice. Share that journey with you. I’m right there beside you on this journey and just off being of service to you. I’m just a place where you can come and just to feel and to let go and release.

Through different modalities of Reiki and shaman practices and sound healing. Just show up and be of service and help you to see your power. That knowing that you have power, not just, I don’t just have power or you just don’t have power, but each and every person on this planet has power. And to know that they deserve to feel powerful and to feel loved by themselves.

Mic drop moment right there. They deserve to be felt pouted. Ah, look at my, , I can’t even say it. You can tell where my energetic blocks are. I can’t even we deserve to feel empowered and love. I’m like, look, I get all choked up. There’s that wonderful throat chakra block something I need to work on.

But I think that, that statement right there is so powerful is that each and every human is worth. Does deserve. And I’m so glad that you taking this time to find yourself, empower yourself and move forward. So what does your daily practice look like to keep you in that alignment? Because I know breaking beliefs and these patterns that we’ve been stuck in and releasing all this stuff, especially not feeling that you can have all the emotions can be really tough.

Yeah, it’s definitely not freaking pretty like healing is not always sunshine and roses. It’s definitely. It takes courage. Courage is not, doesn’t take being courageous is a practice that is not easy to obtain. It’s something that you really have to go through something deep to become courageous and brave.

And it’s a brave act to look at yourself and to take yourself out of these stories. But what I’m doing for myself, Time of transition. I was with someone for a very long time and that relationship was very abusive. And I tried to rescue and save it. But I’m working on rescuing myself through, , doing neurofeedback, which is, , changing brainwaves my brain to.

Reprogram my brain to do different brain functioning to calm anxiety or to calm depression. We do that twice a week. I do therapy twice a week. I also meditate before I go to work and I’m getting into a practice now of twice a day before morning and nighttime of meditation. And after I get out of the shower, when I’m putting on my Oh, I have body oil instead of Instead of lotion that I put on and I look at myself and say, affirmations of setting boundaries to self-love to power affirmations every day for myself and I in the car, I say this prayer, this shaman prayer that I say to help for good luck at work That I do.

And really taking the time to tap into shamonic practices of ceremony, of putting using my crystals and doing ceremony with that sitting by my fire taking Epsom salt baths and doing a lot of energetical cleanses has. Really helped me during this time and also allowing myself to cry, allowing myself just to be angry, just to be mad and that’s okay.

And how to channel that anger and transmute that anger into something powerful and to help people in their lives but also be vulnerable and cry , and then laugh and have a good time. Just really feeling all of my emotions right now has been helpful. Yeah. I started feeling emotions last year.

I finally allowed myself to have, I was always a crier, but that anger piece, I never realized how powerful tapping into your anger can really be like, it’s okay to be super angry. And if you allow yourself to feel that anger, there’s, there’s so many. Mirrored back things is the only way that I can explain it.

I’m this angry, but what’s mirroring back at me. And I love that. You’re bringing, talking about embracing all of these emotions, , not just the pretty sunshine and rainbows and unicorns. Let’s talk about all of the emotions and this from the high, highest to the shitstorm low

Yeah. Yeah, my, my teacher, my shaman teacher was so great. She’s , don’t put a cherry on top. Don’t put a puppy on it. Like it is what it is. And, , just allowing yourself it’s okay to be angry, knowing how to contain yourself. We don’t want to harm anybody when we’re angry, but it’s okay to sit and be angry and.

No, what to do with it. And I think our society tells us it’s bad, or we’re just going to blow up a building if we’re that angry. , when SUNO had harness that power of the anger and to understand what it’s showing you, a boundary might be being like your boundaries might being crossed, or you might need to.

Stand up for yourself. And there’s so much power that comes when standing up for yourself and putting your foot down and a boundary and feeling angry and putting that boundary down and respecting yourself and teaching others how to respect you from that angle. Yes. I’m you keep bringing up like my least favorite yet favorite word, which is those boundaries.

It’s like the hardest, it’s the hardest thing. And I don’t know if it’s just because of who I am, ? Cause I want like you, I wanna, I want to help everybody. I’m the fixer, I’m the saver and it’s exhausting. When you start to put up boundaries, it’s , Oh I’m going to be not liked. I’m going to be not worthy of the existence if I don’t help everybody.

And I think it’s really cool how you’re taking these boundaries and empowering yourself with.

Yeah, because I realized I wanted to help the person that I was with. They wanted to help him grow and to learn. And, but I’m not teaching him anything by allowing him to treat me badly. I had to put that boundary and walk away and sometimes it’s not fun or pretty.

And you just want to, , that person to change or, , They’re not going to, and the person that you have to think about in that moment is yourself. , am I being disrespected right now? How can I. Put a boundary up and like, how do I respect me? Like, how do I respect myself? Or sometimes, , I love to help a lot of people too.

And we can only help people that really want help themselves. And I can’t help everybody. And that’s something that was really, really hard for me to do because I have a huge heart and I want to help. I don’t want to help and give and give, but I know that. I can’t help everyone. And I can’t do it for somebody who can’t make the horse, drink the water from the trough.

I can lead it, lead the horse to the trough, but I can’t make the horse drink the water, which is a very hard thing to come to terms with sometimes very, very hard because yeah, I just, and I love. As you’re putting up these boundaries, you’re refinding yourself. It’s really seems to be reinspired during that fire inside to bring all of this to the world, to those people that actually want help.

And I just, I think that’s amazing. Thank you. Yeah, it’s just this mission. I’ve always had such a strong sense for, since I was a little kid and it took me a while to understand it and to come and master it. But I feel like this point in my life, I’m just in this amazing new energy in lights. Who I am truly as, , a powerful being, , and my mission and helping this planet to be, make a difference, be a voice, be more than just a pretty face, , someone that is educated and smart and can be inspiring , to women or even to men.

That’s. That women are more capable than just being sex objects. There we are smart and we’re powerful. And and we’re inspiring. And not to mention, like I was telling you before shamans were women, the sham, the first shamans were women. That is, again, that to me is so crazy. , I want to know more about , cause maybe some of my listeners don’t understand, like what is a shock.

And how do they assist in your life? It’s a Samoan it’s. I call myself a Shama shamonic practitioner. I like to reserve that I I’ve only had, , a couple months of training. I know real shamans have intensive. Practices. And they were born into that. I think maybe in a past life, I was a showman. But I want to honor and reserve that for, , in the indigenous cultures, but it’s a practice of learning indigenous beliefs.

I studied Peruvian shamanism and , I can hold things up to so improving we have what we call me says, so I’m a medicine carrier. And the medicine carrier is like the medicine wheel of learning the death and rebirth cycle of life. And throughout life, we go through death and rebirth in so many ways, whether you physically die and you’re physically born to symbolically dying and symbolic.

Symbolically being reborn it’s that process and the work of a shaman is really tapping into the power of earth, learning how to have a better relationship with staying grounded. A lot of times spiritual practices focus on up here and not on the physical plane. And the physical plane is so important because we are here.

We are human and how to be human, how to be an effective human, but also spiritual. We are spiritual beings having human experience. So we have a better relationship with the earth doing ceremonies and taking off our shoes and getting on the earth and, , shaking our, shaken, our rattles but also shaman practices also tap into past lives and bringing.

Being bringing awareness to your past life and how it affected you in your work fields. You can have things in your org fields that might need to be extracted that are blocking you from growing in this life that occurred symbolically in this life, or actually happened in a past life and also works of a shaman.

We do a soul retrievals, bringing back the soul bits into our body through if we went through a lot of trauma it brings the soul back into the body. So your heart is more whole, and it’s a beautiful practice. And there’s also a practice that I’m still working on perfecting.

But it’s called the death spiral and it’s. The death and rebirth symbolically of the old beliefs. So that is what the shamans or what I studied, what it offers to people

that is so much, there’s so much in my heart that wants to come out.

, I don’t even know where the question is in my head. I need all of that in my life is this, but this concept of the death and rebirth, it’s light lit up every little neuron in my brain. , yes, it is a death. It’s something that we, again, it’s another one of those words, like anger that we associate with something negative, a death, but it is.

That next level, it takes you to that next level. It’s a death to rebirth to something else. And we always , oftentimes, especially in society these days, we never talk about the next step. Right? We always talk about the death today. It’s an end of a relationship. It’s an end of a P , our human life, an experience, it’s the end of something, but it’s also at the beginning of something.

Better most of the time.

Oh, I agree with you 100%. Yes, girl. Yes. That is definitely. Very very what I resonate with. Like we have this thing with death and we fear death, but death is also a beautiful and death is only the beginning and we, I believe in the next life that we live and we just keep again.

Death and rebirth throughout time and space. We keep coming back to learn how to fall in love with ourselves, how to, what love is and how to give love to others. , we learn that through our own lives and, , through the mass collective and all the shifts that are happening in the world right now, it’s really about love and coming into a higher state of consciousness of love.

Yes. It all comes back to love, which is why we’re so aligned with one another. And I’m like, we need to get to, we need to, one of us needs to come to the other coast. Cause I find some magic would have like in person, some magic would seriously happen. Yeah, definitely. I would love to do some sort of healing, something with you.

That would be so amazing. I think we’re definitely aligned in our missions and Yeah, I definitely I’m like girl, calm come. Say I would love to be with, I would love to see you in person. I just need to get on a plane. I just need to do it. Rent a car, get on a plane and do the whole east coast too.

That would be awesome if people want it to get into your space, where can they find you? Cause I know you have a many things that you offer sound healings and different other kinds of Reiki, healings, and I’m sure there’s other things that I’m forgetting right now, but where can people find you?

Okay, well, they can find me. I do a lot of stuff online. They can find me online. I. I think the best way as of right now, I’m my, my website is under, under construction. So the best way to find me is through my Facebook business page and chanted flower healing. I’m on Facebook. I’m also Daria and on Facebook and you can add my business and I have my services.

And you can find that I do shamonic Reiki., I can do that virtually or in person. But for people who are distances an issue I do through through zoom but you can find all that information on my Facebook business page. And Very soon. I will have my website back up where you can book sessions and but message me if you are interested message my business page.

And I would love to work with you. I will get all your information in the show notes, because again, I love that you are creating the space for the death and the rebirth because the more women. Allow the things to die in their lives that aren’t serving them to rebirth this new thing. Like you said, women are so powerful.

We’re going to the next level. We’re going to be the next we’re. We’re going to be the big change makers. I truly believe in the world. Once we step into our power.

Yeah, I think it’s women on the rise with spirituality. That’s really making the shifts in the world and it’s time. I would love to inspire more men as well to step into this power.

We need more men on board here, , Because when men make that shift, we’re going to see big changes. Once men can tap into something more feminine that feminine energy that they are denying that they have. So I would love to inspire men as well, to tap into this power of power in a different way of vulnerability and healing.

And psychic ability. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Yeah. I can not like now that you said that I’m . If everybody on the planet could tap into that divine masculine and that divine feminine, and for those of you that are listening, that don’t understand, we’re not talking about your, your gender. We’re talking about the energetics of the divine feminine and the divine masculine.

If we could have a planet full of people that have tapped into that, holy smokes. Be an entirely different world. We lived in

100%. We are very powerful humans. We are very intelligent and it’s time we see how intelligent we are and not live in the barbaric times, especially men.

So if someone were to walk away and only take one little nugget from this interview, what would you want them to remember? I would want them to remember how powerful they are , and to see themselves in a completely different way than you’ve never seen yourself before and know that you can achieve that and know you can rise and be stronger with inside yourself.

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