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Dr. Alison J Kay has secrets no one else uses to upgrade, inspire & disrupt old paradigms within her community & the collective. She is an Award Winning, #1 International. Best Selling Author and the Founder of the Vibrational UPgrade™ System. 

She is an experienced subtle energies practitioner and natural healer with a holistic approach towards helping others thrive in mind, body and spirit. This is reinforced by her ten years in Asia studying subtle energies & ancient wisdom. With 20+ years working in & teaching Yoga, Meditation, Energy Medicine, MindBody Fitness, Longevity and Holistic Health with a specialized focus on the Chakra System, Dr. Alison brings a unique perspective that facilitates massive change.

Dr. Alison’s mission is to support the next higher evolution of the collective & create change for the health of this planet and those who are ready to unleash every part of the magic within them. Backed by the potency of her Vibrational UPgrade™ container, she hosts a wildly popular Activate Your Magic monthly program synced with the potency and support of the moon. and offering Group Clearings & Activations. Her signature program, Magic, Manifestation & Money Flows facilitates massive money, health, spiritual & life enhancing shifts to 100’s of clients worldwide.

While her advanced clients are supported by her Vibrational Upgrade™ Mastermind Group, Certification Program & International Retreat Programs. You don’t need to believe in this in order for it to work… that’s the beauty of what Dr. Alison accesses – as soon as you experience her work, you will feel the shift within you











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So, welcome to the podcast, Dr. Allison JK. I’m happy to be here, Jen. I am so excited that we got connected and I have been like, binge watching your stuff on YouTube and in different places. I have to know what led you to Asia?
Oh, wow. Okay, well, great that you’ve been bingeing on my stuff and getting yourself lightened from it. Can May I ask, before I answer that have what have you noticed?
So there was one thing, it was something like breaking the standards of making money has been one of them opening up to abundance, like coming in and aligning with soul and your sole purpose and not just, I feel like you have this beautiful thing of like, we don’t have to push and push and push until we break. Like there’s a way to have this alignment of flow of like, abundance in just being who we are.
Yeah, so but it’s not just words with me. That’s the thing that’s different, right? So I have a lot of people calling to my awareness lately. Really, clearly the universe wants me to hear it that Dr. Allison while I may have been opened up by something else out there like lol, a god bless lol and all that it shifted for people in their awareness. You have shown me the how. So like, I know that there’s so many people kind of saying what they are doing is kind of like along the lines of what I do. But I’m not just saying it the not just words for me, I actually realize people feeling that and being in that. So being in that meaning my signature program Jenna’s called Magic manifestation of money flow. And why I why I call it that is because from what I’ve seen from doing the clearings on the back of the house consciousness so that it frees up more consciousness. And so we’re more mindful and able to make new choices and create new neurological pathways and new behaviors, including with money. You’re in the flow when your your chakras are cleared, and you’re aligned. And so in that flow, you can manifest as if by magic. And that, of course, includes money. And it’s really funny. So you asked me what led me to Asia, I had my hands over the abdomen of a client. And she was like on our third session of a package of 10. She was getting great results. I was really thrilled both of us were thrilled. But I found myself asking is my hands over her Solar Plexus in our sacred way? How can I get more robust results for my even more robust results for my clients. And at the same time, Jen, I speaking of money, I was using my bachelor’s, I had a Master’s, but I was using my bachelor’s in English literature to teach in the classroom. And then alongside that I was running energy medicine and holistic health and wellness sessions for an additional revenue stream while also teaching meditation. And I only want to basic housing basic car, I did want organic food and a massage a week I consider both of those preventative health 101. But I wasn’t looking for luxury living, you know, and I couldn’t make ends meet with grace and ease. Plus, I saw myself in, I had already lived overseas a couple of different times and traveled and was very adventurous in em. And so I saw like a cage kind of being put around me like, Oh, my God, am I gonna be doing this for decades of my life? No, not acceptable. So these two things coalesce together. And I was led to within a month’s time from a colleague, bring in the fact that there’s an international school system. So I did what I had to do gut resumes in and traveled over to the place in the states where all the heads of the international schools come in from all over the world got interviewed by a bunch of them in this hotel, which is really funny. Like, there’s chairs outside each hotel room. And like in the morning, it could have been in Colombia in the in the afternoon, it could have been in Lebanon. And then later on in the day, I was in Moscow, another part of the day I was in Taiwan. I mean, it was just crazy. And so at the end, I accepted the job at the International School in Taiwan, the small democratic Chinese nation south of mainland China, because I viewed that, whether India or Taiwan, both of those cultures have ancient wisdom that goes back 5000 years about how energy, the subtle energy system in consciousness works. But Jen, the key is that they still operate from it today. It’s not like in the west where we had alchemists that went underground into the Mystery Schools, you know, so that’s why I went there. And I came back after a decade there. And here I am.
Wow, I love that. So what was your biggest takeaway from that? 10 years there?
How much so this became one of the two parts of my mission. How much pushing, forcing, making things happen we do in the West that’s unnecessary. Because we live from our minds in our ego minds and our intellects. And if we knew and understood the subtle energy system in our consciousness and did the inner work, so much becomes easier. So for example, with money, yes, if you have a more, if your heart chakra is open, and it’s turning the vital lifeforce energy, there’s a vortex in front of it and some of the frequency contained in it are magnetism are receiving and receptivity. So if you’re closed down, if you’re like thinking with the unconscious belief or even conscious belief, I have to work hard, I have to make my goals and you go about it in that strategic way we’re taught in the West with you know, you make a list of the goals, you’re figuring out the how and then you go for it. Whereas in this world of understanding my consciousness and subtle energy system can contribute to my life, because that’s why I have it. And it is the fundamental functioning of my system behind my thoughts that I hear consciously. Then you have your heart chakra, pulling to you, possibilities that can come flying. And so what I experienced is I have a thought, for example, that, like when my latest book got published, I would like more PR. So I had that thought, I didn’t have to do any research, no googling nothing, no phone calls, no questions to colleagues, just an opportunity that was perfect for me came flying in. And that’s who is sending out asking in pitching to have me on more podcasts. I didn’t do any research, and it was a perfect fit. And I like giving money to people in the Philippines, one of my long term one on one clients is from there. She’s an ex senator from there. So when they talk in law of attraction about the things like just focus on what you desire, I find a lot of people can’t do that. You know, instead, they end up focusing on why it won’t work, why it won’t. And then they open it up saying this is too good to be true. But I actually help people actualize the how into having it so it’s fun. It’s fun taking people out of struggle. I mean, I frequently say one of my business coaches loves this. She loves it, I say on my free monthly vibration upgrade call. If you’re addicted to the struggle paradigm, I’m not the right mentor for you. And I just posted even today is where we have a new moon on Thursday with a partial solar eclipse. And we just have this full moon with the full lunar eclipse that’s Eclipse season and Eclipse means to end and the ancients knew to pay attention. They were actually in awe and fear of eclipses because of the power of what it has to eclipse things in our lives. And so right now as we’re speaking, I feel like even more coming out of 2012 to 2032 is another thing I came back. And voice America asked me to do a show on the mind galactic alignment on for December 21 2012. I was doing nothing my business other than taking private clients on VIP trips to the Mayan ruins. I wasn’t advertising that. So nonetheless, I said give me 48 hours, let me listen in and see if I want to do this. And I did. And I had two and a half years of weekly radio shows interviewing specialists and experts, not only from my first book about measuring subtle energy and the effects of meditation, but also about the mind galactic alignment on December 21 2012. And they’re not the only ones that that in saw that that date was the end of an old era and the new beginning of a new one. But it’s a 20 year window till 2032. And I feel like where we’ve gotten to by now has been all the clearing out of the old the crumbling of stuff that’s out of alignment, that with his abuses of power, where there’s secrets that are keeping people down. And we’ve been through that. And COVID is a part of that. And as we are turning the corner in this eclipse season, it feels like the building time of the new paradigm is just now starting. So it really behooves people to get themselves aligned and cleared out of the old so that they can see and vibrate at the same kind of frequency that will allow for these new possibilities to become a part of their life. So you’re living in the flow of what’s real for now, not the past and your beliefs around. Like why you can’t have that.
Or do that.
I love that. And I love like, I’m just recently kind of coming moving in more to like who I am spiritually and connecting to self and all the other things. I want to know like, when you’re a little bit like misaligned, what are the things that are bubbling up to the surface? You told you mentioned some of them, but I wanted to be like really clear for the audience of like, what does it look like to be out of alignment?
Okay, that’s a great question. And another like my second book is called vibration upgrade a conspiracy for your bliss. My publisher knowing my mission and the work I’m up to, he says you have to have this as a subtitle, easing humanity’s evolutionary transition. So excuse me the nickname for this 20 year window is humanity’s spiritual awakening times. And I’m saying that because of what you just said. So we’ve been seeing more yoga classes offered to more people interested in sound healing and crystal bowls and crystals themselves. And now there’s more meditation apps even before COVID I have some of my work on a meditation app, right? So there is that spiritual awakening that’s happening when you’re not. You just know when you’re in alignment, you know when you’re in the flow and so it does take a chunk of work of clearing out and when I say work with me, it’s play. It really truly like I have This is the way this is one of the redirects that I use my new favorite person. Yeah, because they make it so serious, especially like in one of the keys I use, and have used for people I can trust as a teacher and mentor is what kind of sense of humor they have meaning if they have one, and they use it. And even truly, when I’m training students in vibration upgrade system that I created, they’re trained to understand that a lot of the times when you’re hearing intuitive guidance, and you’re working with, let’s call them your team of guides, there’s a trickster element. I don’t mean like in Native American symbolism with the coyote animal where you’re kind of in self sabotage, like chasing your own tail. That’s what the coyote and momentously means. But a trickster element like goofy playful like a jokester the divine has a sense of humor, like putting behind a veal for all of us until we get to it, like there’s certain amount of work in the beginning is done or play. You can’t see how you’ve been living behind that veil until you’ve cleared enough that in and of itself has a sense of humor to it, you know, like, it’s just like, if it’s just a trick, almost as if you’re sitting there thinking, I can’t believe what she’s saying, It can’t be that good. It can’t be that easy. I see everybody else struggling around me, or there’s this struggle, or I haven’t been able to make this happen. That’s when you know, you’re not clear enough. That’s when you know, you’re blocked. And another simple way that I tell people is if you say to your loved ones, you want a and you see your behaviors and your choices and your time spent, not a but going for anything that’s not a, like you’re going for B or you’re doing you’re making choices that aren’t leading to a you have blockages at an unconscious or subconscious level. You’re not allowing yourself to go for what you’re really actually desiring and saying you want.
Alright, I’m seeing, I’m hearing a lot of me and what you’re saying. So I know that you have like, you have so many things you just mentioned, you have a new book that’s coming out, like, what is this new book? Alright, hold on, let me grab it.
This is it right here. It’s on Amazon, the dragon master create tricks, conversations with a female spiritual teacher for these new times. And this is a really different books my fourth, it’s a lightning bolt there cuz that’s one of my nicknames. Because I can, I’m able to catalyze so much energy or light. And it’s in story form a woman going to learn about the ancient power mysteries and access more power and get trained in energy medicine. I lead my retreats that contain the most official part, let’s say of my training where they get manuals, and they get these sacred attunements. And that’s in the UK. And so people travel with my students from around the world to meet me there. And that book is in the first half of each chapter. It’s a story of her being taken to sacred sites or sewing circles or being trained in energy medicine or receiving a two minutes. And then the second half is literally very advanced questions that my students my mastermind is not my magic manifestation of money full of people in the three month program. That’s the prerequisite for the mastermind. And I invite people out of there into the mastermind about a third of most of the people are right to be trained in in vibration upgrade system. So they’ve asked me all these kinds of questions, including, like, how do I stop caring about what other people think of me? It’s not only about like, how do I follow my intuitive guidance instead of you know, chickening out and not kinds of questions only. It’s not only about the spiritual path, it’s very real. Because I mean, I even had to, in order to be who I am, I’ve had to, like I learned in my early 20s, like, two times at most, I get to listen to that intuition. Because chaos ensues when I or ensued when I did it. And so I have let it lead the way and as if I’m Hansel and Gretel with breadcrumbs. And that’s in part, you know, how I found out about the international school system. And I mean, I’ve asked questions, I’m not just like, expecting this, these possibilities you dumped into my life, I’ve done the work to open up my consciousness to be able to hear the questions. And I, you know, I have components of steel. You know, I follow my guidance. So there’s questions in there that are more about like, How can I be more like that and live a life that is it’s not just the spiritual tons of questions, but it’s a really fun book, because the rest of the first three are all nonfiction. In this one has a sense of story to it, and she goes on the retreat, asking, should I stay with my husband, and by the end, she has an answer, so it kind of has an interesting little bit of mystery and suspense to
how amazing and I’ll make sure to get links in the show notes everywhere. to that book first it has has dragons in it and I’m a little partial to dragons as as a dragon mat, small dragon, I loved your last name. So my third book. Oh, okay, I know what my next new two reads are getting this
one’s on Audible and people I recorded this in. So where I have my students come and meet me is Glastonbury, England. And that’s considered the heart chakra of the planet. So not only us, but the planet has chakras, and has meridians, like we have that the energy flows on. So this is a really powerful spot Glastonbury, UK. And so I had somebody in the states coordinate for me to be at a recording studio. So I had just finished leading a bunch of retreats, I was really high from all that I have to deliver on them these attunements each one is worth eight one on one sessions, and I receive is I give, so I recorded it right after the retreats in Glastonbury, England, and people just rave about it on Audible. It’s the only one that’s on Audible. But yeah, my second of my for the third and fourth book, my last two have dragon in the title. Yay. Hold on, let me read you the subtitle of reasonable dragons, you’re gonna love this, how to activate the field of possibilities where logical magic is the new normal. Because this stuff is logical sold. You know what I mean? Like it’s, it’s like a higher order of logic, like you’ll see after you’ve worked with your intuition long enough, after you’ve woken up and you’re following your intuition more regularly. And you have less clogged old stuff that you’re operating from making choices from and you’re starting to like rise above the old and you’re really starting to see the new beginning, you’re continuing to make choices that lead you down the path creating a new life, you see yourself doing this. Yeah. And so once you hit a certain point, you understand that, like, so much of the time when another podcast interview actually said to me, You should make a T shirt out of that, Allison, Because I said so much of the time our ego mind, the conscious thoughts we hear it interprets things, the exact opposite of what’s actually meant from the universe or the soul level. So it can see, for example, all of the crumbling of the old in like 20 1617 1819 all the protests in the streets COVID itself? Yes, absolutely. There’s been grief and loss and suffering and just stress on all of humanity, for sure. Aside from that, taking the bigger picture, this mountaintop perspective, with a satellite perspective, it’s still part of the cleansing process so that we can move into a time that is much more purified, where people are acting out of integrity and not out of selfish motives only. And that sounds ideal. But if you look at the me to movement, if you look at the Black Lives Matter movement, if you look at how intense American politics has become, if you look at countries that typically don’t have people protesting in the streets, to have their voices heard has been happening. All of this is not chaos only if you stop there. That’s the minds interpretation. But if you rise above it and see more from the universe’s perspective, or our higher selves perspective, it’s part of all of the stuff that’s out of alignment crumbling so that we have a much more just society. It’s called the new golden era, what we’re moving into.
Wow, it’s really is a magical time.
Yes. Especially right now, Jen, we have a new moon on Thursday, this eclipse seasons are so potent to just get rid of the old in and really start a new path, you get a lot more of a boost from making that choice when you do it during a time like this.
That is so magical. So where can people can connect with you? Because I know that there I’ve again, I’ve been stalking you in many different places to prepare for this interview. And in turn, I’d like I just need Allison and Dr. Allison in my space all the time. Where can I find you?
So it’s funny, I came to about a good 10 sec I came thanks for asking Jen. I came to a point where like people were, I felt like after doing this work, I dropped my classroom teaching an administrator profession and took this work full time when I came back from Asia. And after a couple of years I have had I had enough recordings out there. And enough people were using them regularly that I started to notice I didn’t feel alone. I didn’t feel like myself only in my field, I started to perceive how many people were actually not exactly the amount but I started to understand people were like listening to me until I was at the hand motion I’m doing it’s kind of like a thing of drawing off of me. So I had to like up my game so that that doesn’t happen. While the recordings still work, so people go to sleep. They tell me this all the time, especially our mastermind is and honestly people who get the most change for me, they come in and work with me because you get the classroom teacher investment style in each individual. But you get the direct interaction where I can read for you What’s happening and I can clear your specific blocks and activate for you the new that your system intuitively is showing me It wants and so I love to get direct access to people and when Do that is magic manifestation of money flow. It’s a four figure investment. Because of the ridiculous shifts you get in my time and expertise. Frankly, I’d never said that I love that feels funny saying it. But I tend to, like ego. Well, I tend to run really humble. That’s, you know, I mean, so I’ll go a little bit. It’s the Chinese culture in me as well as my background as an English person, I tend to just have what I do works. And so my nose has been to the grindstone just doing it, and helping people. And so to talk about me doing it, it’s still, it’s just interesting. So magic manifestation of money flow, if you go to my website, which is vibrational, upgrade, calm. And you look at the work with me tab, drop down, you’ll see programs and you’ll see one on ones I don’t do very many one on ones anymore, except for my mastermind, is really in a few long term one on one clients. But the magic manifestation of money flow program, you can get to under the program’s tab, if you want to start that and it doesn’t, and you don’t want to throw yourself in, you can go to activate your magic, which is a lower price program, per month, and you get each new moon form, when you get sacred activations to keep you further in alignment and use those energetics that are getting cast down on us that we’re living under. You get more aligned with them to make use of them. And then there’s two live events in a month, activate your magic. So you can I would recommend starting there. For people who are newer Jennifer, you’re ready to dive in to the magic manifestation of money flow. Because I what I realized is I save people time, like I, in the fifth year of meditation, and I started meditating in 9392. Rather, I realized I that’s when I picked up my first energy medicine modality. So nowadays, I’ll see my students going in like their second year working with me. And they’ve gotten results that and I’ll say to them, Wow, man that took me like five or seven years to get to. So I literally have gotten the answer of what how does it how do I get more robust results for my clients and speed them up? So I mean, you can spend time in in little bit of money piecing stuff together, but where you really will speed it up, honestly, is if you work with me, you invest your time and energy me I invested back. Thank you for saying Yeah, because it does make sense, doesn’t it?
It does. And I think as people will, at least I’m speaking from my heart at this point is that as someone with more of a spiritual connection modality that I want to share with the world, which I’ve been hiding from the world until this year, so no more hiding? But I find it like hard to say like, yeah, it is it is a forfeit your investment to work with me. But you won’t have to go through that last 10 years that I’ve been promise you that.
Yeah, I mean, important. It is really important. Thanks for saying that, Jen. I mean, I don’t have a problem saying it’s a four figure investment. I have a six figure business and I help others do the same. You know, I mean, there’s when I got back from Asia, I was expected to talk about spiritual awakening and holistic health and wellness. And everybody was so freaked out about the economy. Now I had been tucked away in Asia where I had increased my net income by 60%. So I was all in abundance and came back and was launching my first business because I hadn’t I always worked either in nonprofits as a classroom teacher. And put in front of me were people who couldn’t hear anything about the spiritual path or Holistic Health and Wellness for the most part. Instead, they were worried about money. So I became, so of course, I’m going to serve people where they’re at in front of me. So I became unexpectedly ridiculously proficient at clearing money blocks. Like we’re like, even though you open the show would saying something along the lines of we’re so used to having to make it happen. So what about this? If you look at your beliefs about money, are you chasing after prosperity? Or are you allowing in asking and inviting prosperity to chase after you?
yeah, I see the blank stare, Chase,
chasing behind, I’ll be honest, I’ll be authentic, I’m chasing.
But it’s the whole inversion. It’s like understanding that like in the West, we’re so attuned, especially in America to the external, right. And so the external measurements like what do you do for a job? Where did you go to school and then therefore, I have this kind of car, this kind of house with this square footage, my kids are going to these colleges, you know, all of that external measurement, where in the clothing and the bags instead of where your real power to change what shows up on the external is in here, and I don’t mean just simply meditating, I mean, like converting under your understanding. So in traditional Chinese medicine, for example, they one of the most fundamental tenants is where she goes or energy, blood follows. And I add on where consciousness goes, energy follows. In blood follows blood is the physical quantum field. It says the same thing, it’s waves. And then our repeated thought patterns or a very strong intense thought like a trauma collapses a wave into a particle. And that means its physical Ising. So whether you’re looking at ancient wisdom, like the one I just talked about from traditional Chinese medicine or Taoist philosophy, we’re looking at quantum physics, they both say the same thing. The physical shows up in response to what energy is doing. Energy is our first language not smell Spanish, Chinese English, energy, you go into a room and you assess is it feel good here, I get on this show you assess? Did she feel good? Do you feel good? You know, we may look at how each other looks, you know, but it’s all about feeling first and foremost. Am I safe here? Is this an upbeat environment, do you have negative energy, you know, it and you don’t even consciously necessarily hearing the assessments you’re making energetically. So we move energy, where our consciousness goes, energy follows, we move energy by where our focus is, and especially the higher vibration that we are, we move even more energy. So it’s another trick by the divine sense of humor, where the physical seems so important. It’s the physical that lags behind it that at the tail end. And in fact, if we were to go and work within how much it’s like an inversion, it really is of living where you understand and recognize your own power to create and it’s not like, everything that shows up and you feel there’s another mistake a lot of people make that I love to clear up. And working with the law of attraction. A lot of people think that if something bad shows up in their lives, it’s because they they miss created, they were thinking about what did I do to cause this bad thing to show up? What am I believing? And I find and I’m the only one saying this out there in the field, I find like I’m after living in Asia for 10 years and paying 10s of 1000s of dollars myself to get training Claire How to Clear karma, because karma is pretty darn persnickety man. There is at least about 10% of stuff that happens randomly, like that car accident that you may have driven by, or you may be involved in, it’s not necessarily just because you’re you’re angry. You know, I mean, it could, it could just be somebody else’s behavior that you were there at the wrong time for I mean, there is some random stuff, karma seems to kick in gear, and people have to wrestle with it and deal with clearing it at some certain point in their lives. And a lot of the times it’s in the 30s. So it’s, you could say I was thinking a certain way. So this showed up in my life, but there’s there’s much more going on. And so I don’t want people taking responsibility for that which isn’t theirs, and then making themselves feel bad or wrong or giving up and working with the internal world or their consciousness because they don’t seem to be getting the results. It really takes a bit of time to work with your consciousness as you awaken and you learn. It really takes a bit of time to understand this stuff. And if you give up in the first six months or a year, it’s almost like you’re worse off than if you just kept going along the path. you’re meant to continue to evolve. I mean, what the hell, if we’re eternal? Right? I’m really going off with this interview with you, john.
Thank you. But if we’re eternal, like nice in the community of nice see, they wiped out in the 400 something there’s 416 ad in Rome, they met and it was it’s called the committee of Nicea and they wiped off reincarnation out of the Bible it had been in the Bible. If you live over in the east, over half the rest of the world understands and reincarnation. I know that there’s hypnotherapist, an MD, for example. He couldn’t get a patient to heal, he put the patient into hypnosis, that patient talked in an Irish accent unexpectedly all of a sudden said that this is the pub that my family and I owned in this lifetime that she was regressed to. And he had his staff go look up the data she gave him and that family did indeed exist, that pub did indeed exist. And then there are other times when looking at the picture of someone, this is not the same source. They’re the shapes of our faces, the size of our eyes, the shapes of our noses tend, when there has been proof of a person regressing coming up with this information from a past life and they’ve compared faces of each lifetime. They say this, they’re much the same. When you have a child who comes in with a high ability, interest or talent, like violin genius at age four. That’s a past life carryover. This is one of the bigger takeaways from Asia to is the separation that if we do believe in reincarnation, we make between lives. It’s much more a constant thread in Asia, like it’s just much more of a just a continuum. So yeah, it’s if we’re eternal if we have past lives, and this is only temporary, this physical body think thinking it. Why? Why would we focus on that? What’s temporary? I mean, if you look at the big picture, really, what I understand from yoga, I’m a yoga teacher trained in India, and they helped answer this for me. It’s called a some scar. Each of us have about two in our lives, there’s so patterns, behavioral patterns that were born to move beyond to evolve beyond. And it’s not like you’re getting punished with karma. Karma is pretty simple logic cause and effect. Yeah. But then when it becomes more persnickety, it’s those two or three things, I say two or three, I knew I just said to, sometimes it’s three pad key core patterns to our personality that we’re here to evolve beyond. And so when we’re in the process of evolving beyond them, it can seem like I’ll never, this will never change this celebrit shift. And that’s trickery from the ego mind in a way. There’s different stages on the path that really, if you have a good mentor, you can move through it much more gracefully, it can get really convoluted and a lot of unnecessary struggle and waste a lot of years. But if we’re here as souls in a body, here’s another way to invert it. This inside of me is more important than this outside of me not to say don’t take care of the body at all, then it’s another level of veal where we live with an external focus instead of an internal focus.
I was like, so much to process. I’m like it is it and I love. I love this, like all of this. I’m like, my brain has gone in so many different directions right now. And I’m like, okay, things are starting to make sense. Like, yeah, I was born with a fear of helicopters. And I did do one of those like those those hypnosis, worked with somebody that took me back, and I was shot down in a helicopter, in a past life. And I, I often time forget that I’m still working through that soul that’s hanging out in this physical body. And I just want to thank you for that reminder.
Hold on, Jen, I want to give you another one that I think will ease you up. That’s not the only lifetime you’ve had. Oh, I know. Yeah. So that’s only like 1/16 at most of your soul, that helicopter trauma. So we want to clear that not just get, this is what I do with my students, I train them, like, I can easily give you a past life reading, like I knew that. Right? When you said it instantly it was the past, like, bam, is what I saw almost hearing the noise. I don’t voluntarily give these readings to people, you know, I mean, you have to be held in a safe space. So I can follow along with you afterwards. And clear it, we don’t want to just give you the information, because I could do that. But I don’t. A lot of the times I’ll actually withhold the information saying just what’s necessary, and then when the clearing on it on the trauma, so you can evolve beyond it. So then you could see yourself being able to go in a helicopter, I mean, that’s what we’re talking about where everything becomes this like is almost I feel like getting to a zero point like a clean slate. And it’s available in this lifetime. These magical times we’re living in Don’t let the chaos fool you. In Chinese the character for chaos has two different characters together crisis, but also opportunity. So inherent in crisis, ancient wisdom tells us this opportunity. That’s In fact, what crisis is used for. And what would it take for us to live lives that didn’t require a crisis in order to force us to grow? Wow.
I’ve like my brain is like, all right. This thing I’m so I just I cannot wait to continue to be in your space. Because this this really like. It’s very eye opening for me very eye opening. And I know it will be for many others within the tribe. And I know that you also have things that you need to run off to. So I’m going to ask you my favorite final question. Just because I’m going to honor your time is if somebody walked away with just one little like, Mic drop out moment, what would it be?
I’m going to do this differently. As a teacher, I’m sorry, please forgive me, I’m going to turn it on you to help you process because I was going quickly because time is limited. And when I talk it’s charged with energy. So it’s not just receiving concepts, it’s to kind of see them for you to have an easier time to process them. So let’s get that integrating. What’s the biggest thing that stuck out for you
is that it’s time to just step into being myself and to let it flow. And to stop going against everything that I I am and just allow this magical time to awaken my magic inside.
Beautiful. Yeah, the nature of the mind of the ego mind. The Buddhist Buddhism says that all human minds and erotic here are the tools with which to work with your own particular flavor of neuroses meaning meditation and mindfulness. So there’s so much life to be lived beyond that, that negativity in that negative focus. The ego mind will criticize us and focus only on what we’re not doing right and I see that you’re come from that kind of head Yeah. I’d love to help you 100% replace that. Yeah, I mean, that’s what I mean when people are listening to me all the time. It’s funny because they’re like Allison Your voice is right and touch also your voice is finally replaced mine. And I become like your number one cheerleader. It’s it’s really one of the key ways people tend to use my work and how I serve. So welcome aboard, Jen.
I will be in your space.
Yeah, I I’m excited and just to have a beautiful, blessed day, all of you. Thank you for this time, Jen. Thank you.

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