Today we talk to Joanna and Lainie! Talking about food science, the healing aspects of food, nourishing your body and tapping into the frequency of all foods.  A beautiful blend of spiritual connection and the science of how food works in harmony with our bodies, mind, and spirit!

What if foods can talk? What would they say?

In 2019, Joanna Salerno and Lainie Sevante Wulkan were having a delicious conversation about their respective reading and energy healing businesses when the subject shifted to their other passion – Food. As lifelong foodies both professionally and personally, a spark was ignited on combining their worlds into an entirely new oracle deck that would serve as a bridge for practical nutrition AND food for the soul. Knowing there was so much food had to say, they set out to create a nourishing platform for mind, body, and spirit wellness and The Food Healing Deck® was born.

Joanna has had a passion for food for decades, owning an Organic Produce Store, working with Food Distributors and cultivating organic gardens. She is also a Spiritual Director, Healing Touch Practitioner, Craniosacral Therapist, Sound Healer and Akashic Records Reader/Intuitive. Joanna has long maintained that food is energy and we ourselves are made of energy. Knowing the right foods to fuel the body provides natural medicines that can lead towards prevention and healing.

Lainie is a Fourth Generation Intuitive, Advanced Theta Healer, Sound Healer, Spiritual Recording Artist and Author. She has had a reading practice in tarot and oracle cards for worldwide clients for many years. She is also a major foodie. With a degree in Food Science & Dietetics and an Advanced Food Healing Instructor Certification, she has always been fascinated by the deeper wisdom that Mother Nature has to share about foods while living a life of holistic and natural well-being.

Aware that there is a missing link between eating foods and understanding their effect on emotional, mental, and spiritual health, Joanna and Lainie now focus their teachings on EMPS Wellness and take the reader on a journey with their deck to access the messages that foods themselves want to say.

Their newest book – SMOOTHIES – Nourishing Wisdom Beyond the Blend! Just released January 2021. This very enlightened recipe book includes 33 recipes inspired by The Food Healing Oracle Deck cards and contains chakra, nature’s five elements, Archangels & Ascended Master smoothies with powerful affirmations for each sip!

They can be seen and heard on their live stream show, The Real-Time Wisdom Show with Joanna & Lainie and Zeta Global Radio, Lainie show for world leaders who move humanity forward in a positive way.


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Wish you much Mangos (joy) and Blueberries (clarity)





Unknown Speaker  0:00

All right, so welcome to the podcast, joanna and lainie, how are you today?


Unknown Speaker  0:04

I’m Excellent. Thank you for allowing us to be here today. We’re thrilled to be here.


Unknown Speaker  0:10

Absolutely. Yes. It’s great to meet you as well. And, and hear all the things that you’re doing to help women.


Unknown Speaker  0:18



Unknown Speaker  0:19

I’m excited to have you guys. And I know you have this deck that came out. Can you tell us about this Oracle


Unknown Speaker  0:25

deck? We can tell you, how many days do you have? How long? Yeah, this is an amazing birthing of this project that has united this, this depth in a relationship with Joanna and I, who both come from very long lineage of spirituality and sort of esoteric principles, but also the consciousness around food, and how important it is for us to take care of our bodies, temple, and merging all those worlds together. I mean, this is the very thumbnail we can extrapolate more, but really, it was just the passion of all things of how do we move forward in the world, in a way that sustains us sustains our family allows us to grow and stay healthy and strong and good healing Oracle deck, nourishing wisdom from Mother Earth was born. Wow. 2019. Now it seems like a million years ago, but then I’ll be like an appointment tonight.


Unknown Speaker  1:31

Yeah, yes, I have the same feeling that it feels like it’s been forever in the making. Because the one thing that Lainey and I had in common that was kind of the weaving through our life story is that we’ve always had a passion for good, healthy food, and Lainey with her food science degree and her studies and me with, you know, organic gardens and selling organics at a very, you know, early time in my life. I was, you know, I even had a little organic produce store, I sold produce in the coconut grove in Miami. I mean, like, you know, so it was just like a natural kind of thing that we came together and we had this similar passion beyond our spiritual, you know, lives. You know, we’re both healers, we’re both readers. And we came together with this very unique thread. And Spirit gave us the rest. Yeah. Yeah.


Unknown Speaker  2:37

How did you guys get connected?


Unknown Speaker  2:40

That’s a great question. people. People always wondered, like, how did this come together? So my other world and nationally, music business, I have a few world but when one world is that my husband is a renowned music producer, we have a recording studio, and I have a spiritual record label called intuitive wisdom. And I had been producing a series of meditation album, called Gulf Coast meditations ended up producing five of them. And Joanna was one of our meditations, a recording artists. She was just so phenomenal. And she was on you. I think you’re on several of them. And I just, I’m on on, there’s multiple tracks and they’re on different subjects and budgets and chakras. And actually, our first one went number one on Amazon, it was amazing called awaken the spirit within. And I always resonated with every one of doing so we we have that going, she I would do the third eye chakra she would do the crown chakra we just kind of dancing in that realm. So we we had been connected in that way. And then we had a conversation actually about the the meditations. And then somehow we started talking about food. And I was in the middle of a very advanced food healing instructor certification at the time and I said, Oh, I can’t think about anything until after as a big exam. Finished, it was all lit up about food was all on my mind. And then I said, Yeah, let’s give this a go. And that’s how it all came to be with kind of an evolution through meditation. Really? How it all came together.


Unknown Speaker  4:29

Yeah, exactly. One year ago, we were in the middle of our Kickstarter. We had launched it and then not even maybe a week later COVID came to town. And so here we were, like, in one way it was extremely timely. And in another way it was like Oh crap, like, is this even gonna work people are so you know, worried about lockdown worried about this virus coming up. But we knew when we got the, the spark that birth of this deck and the idea for this deck, that spirit was in charge, so our Kickstarter fully funded and and then we were ready to publish this awesome book and deck. And I have to say the reception in one year has been phenomenal, as well as all the offshoots because now we have a certification class, we’ve had 50 people attend our different certification classes, they’re small, but because of COVID, they’re also virtual. So we’ve had people from Romania, from Canada from all over taking our classes and becoming certified food healing Oracle deck readers. And so that’s been a real thrill for us.


Unknown Speaker  5:54

I think that what, when I look back, there was this big urgency of Yes, we got to spark the Goddess, the divine guidance says yes, we’re going to do this together. And then the information poured in there’s cards in our deck called vegan non GMO. So essentially fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. But then we started channeling we started getting this information of like, what is blueberry really telling us? Or what is butternut squash really having to say? What does it mean with the chakra? What does it mean having to do with the nature of five elements, everything was pouring in. So we wrote it so quickly, because this was so volumous. And in there felt like there was this huge urgency to get it out. And I’m running multiple businesses, Joanne have an amazing healing practice. And then like she said, when COVID hit were like, Oh, this is why we need to have this out now. Because every day we were pulling cars. And it was something that somebody was relating to whether it was garlic protection, everyone, elderberry for immunity, vintage for strength, like all the words that we had already written. The stories to, were really applicable to what was happening in all of our concerns at that moment. And I think that why well, I know, that’s why there’s like, you’re going to do this now. And you’re going to help people. And really, the rest is history. Because a year later, we’re in depth in 20 countries. And we got the certification, we just did it. We have another book called smoothies, nourishing wisdom beyond the blend. And it’s just been an amazing journey. And it continues to be with empowering women, men children. been an extraordinary, I know where this is just the beginning of what’s happening. We all need to be so much more conscientious and conscious about what we put in our foods. There are clues that Mother Nature has been trying to get our attention. And this death, I believe wholeheartedly is getting people’s attention, right, we always say they’ll never look at food the same way again, after seeing what we’ve written. It’s been a fun ride so far.


Unknown Speaker  8:13

Yeah, I think the appeal for people is, it’s not just telling you what to eat. Or, you know, it’s not like a Diet book and card set. It’s an Oracle, the Oracle comes in and was channeled to us about if a tomato could talk to you, which they do talk to you, right. But if a tomato could talk to you, and you could hear tomatoes voice, what would that tomato be saying? In our deck, the tomato says action, that’s the word for the tomato, take action, right it’s time. So when we do readings for people, and we’ve done many with other decks as well, because that’s the you know, that’s the background Laney and I both share together as well. Um, you know, you can do a reading about your love life career, you can do it about whether you should move or not. You know, we have eight different spreads that we talk about in the book. And you can get answers from the food itself, not only about maybe what you want to have for dinner that night, or what you need to buy at the grocery store, but what’s happening in your life, what’s happening in your business, what’s happening for you that these foods, these cards these energies want to say to help guide you on your path to whatever that is. And so having food as an Oracle is just a very unique thing. Nobody else has done that before. And so we find ourselves kind of like what Laney said you’ll never look at food. The same Again, because believe me, when you eat a mango, that is our joy card, you’re ingesting joy, every cell of your body is getting joy within those cells. And you know what can be better than that? Same with our smoothie book, our smoothie book has 33 smoothie recipes. And each and every smoothie has a channeled message to it while you’re drinking the smoothie, you are reading this message, you’re ingesting that positive affirmation or positive thought in your body, you know, and


Unknown Speaker  10:34

that’s the beauty. Oh, sorry. Go ahead. I was gonna ask her if she was familiar with Dr. emoto. staffroom, if not,


Unknown Speaker  10:44

yeah, so he is he’s since passed the heat he brought to the planetary awareness about water. And how water can pick up energies or crystalline structure, you can actually see it. So if you’ve worked, if you had water playing around classical music, and structure water would be different than say heavy metal, or punk rock or different or music that that you know, a little harsher on the ear or in so you can actually put love on a bottle of water or in in intend that that water holds the love vibration. And so it’s the same theory really about food that you can actually intend certain vibrations to happen around. So they already inherently have them. But we’re we’re helping you to see what they are and amplify them we look for for for health, people have health challenges, or mental health, we actually talk about em PS wellness, which is emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. So there’s four ways to really treat wellness. And it’s not just about what we eat. It’s how food affects us on all the levels.


Unknown Speaker  11:59

And I think that’s one of the things that like when we reached out, we started talking that like drew me to your message was that like, food isn’t just to nourish your body so that we have the energy, there’s a spiritual level that’s connected to it. And I’ve heard that with like, a lot of things outside of vegetables is like you have to be careful with how things are grown, and how things are treated. Because that energy is infused inside. And that’s why I was like, I’m so excited. There’s so many questions I have. But I’m like, I’m loving listening to like, how you guys are explaining it, because you’re answering my questions that I already have written down. So I’m so excited.


Unknown Speaker  12:36

We talked about this before, I have two different interviews. But there was a story familiar with the Anastasia or the it was a book series that came out many, many years ago. But it talks about she was a nature spirit or something like that from Russia. But what she was always talking about is that if you put into the soil, or if you put into like, say organic gardening and farming, that you can have more in resonance, for instance, if you took your own saliva, and I actually did this as an experiment, and it was amazing. But my husband and I and our girls, we put our saliva into the sea, and kind of moved it all around and kind of did prayer work over it. And then we plant the seeds. And the understanding is, is that as those fruits and vegetables grow, they grow energetically in alignment with our DNA, our energy field, versus getting food from across the world important to you. You don’t know what the soils are, you don’t know what the energetics are had behind it. That’s why home grown gardening and farming and all that is so amazing. But I remember that and always about how important it is creating tension around your foods. And that’s what we’re helping to show you that so is like going to bed if you want to get out of a bad mood. Now look for foods that have that higher vibration that lifts you up. And also look at what may be causing that. So we help identify it in a variety of ways.


Unknown Speaker  14:08



Unknown Speaker  14:10

We love talking about our day we can go on I just wanted to let you know I do we address all of Jennifer.


Unknown Speaker  14:20

I just I really I mean the energetics of food. I’m like, I’m here at like the 30,000 feet like that’s what I understand of it just because I have been like into energies since I was three years old. And like that energetic healing and things like that. But I just I have I have so many questions around like, what like what was the point where you realize like, it’s not just about fueling and that’s in there was that spiritual aspect, I guess? Like what, like, Is that part of your studies? Or is that something that you intuitively came up with?


Unknown Speaker  14:57

Oh, that’s a great one. Do you want to answer that? Well,


Unknown Speaker  15:02

for me because I’m a sound healer as well as you know, all the other things that I do craniosacral therapist and blah, blah blah, right? But but as a sound healer, and an energy worker, everything is frequency to me, I have known since I was in my 20s as a real hippie child, right? That there is a there is live foods and there is dead foods, live foods have a higher energy frequency, what do I want to put in my body, I want to put live foods in my body. So my body has life, right? So from a very young age I have so it started a very long time ago that I knew that live foods were going to be better for me, I’m not a raw food vegan, I have to say that I have been in my life a vegetarian back in the day vegetarian was vegan. But you know, I just knew that I felt better. When I ate live foods, food from my garden, the sprouts that I grew, you know, the the bread that had, you know, sourdough bread that had the live enzymes in it like there are certain things that we can eat, that actually help the life of our body, the vitality of our body. So that’s when it started for me is all about energy all about frequency.


Unknown Speaker  16:28

I’m going to give you an example. Jennifer, it’s interesting, I mentioned blueberry, and then I just turned my deck of cards over. And of course, what first on the deck was blueberry. So my background or my love, my passion has always been around nature’s five elements. And how we inherently are nature. So we are Earth, we are fire, we are water, we are spirit, we are everything, right. And so I actually we teach a lot about that. And part of our certification goes into that. So we are air fire water spirit, it would lend us to understand about nature’s foods related to that, because our elements of who we are all have different emotive quality. So there’s an emotional, mental and physical associated. So knowing our spiritual background of what we’ve been given our toolset or our guests, and then we look at food and roll with it. What do you want to say to us will vary. So let’s just take this card for a second, I know we got the green screen. So this looks like a bowl of blueberries to the ordinary eyes. So what is the first thing that someone thinks about when they see our blueberry card since clarity? Well, if you are looking for clarity, you are you in you pulled this card, it might ask you a question really well, but not only does clarity on the sort of mental realm, so when we’re getting clear, we usually have to get clear in our mind. So that actually would relate to the air element, which is in the mental realm. So there’s all those pieces playing. If you really, if there are very spiritual people out there who understand blue that’s actually related to Archangel Michael, and you know, a blu ray of light. So there’s all these connections, but on an absolute, practical physical sense, blueberries are amazing for your eyes. So that’s another way of getting clarity. And so eating blueberries, organic blueberries on the daily really helped with our health. So our deaths tell the story, maybe you pull the blueberry card, for instance. And there will be a whole channeled message on all the different levels of what blueberry means. And then there’ll be a practical gift, there’ll be a whole section of what blueberries will do on a physical so we make sure that everybody learns from us. So we have the nutritionist and the personal trainers and the health coaches out there. They will love all the nutrition so they probably know that part. And so they would probably want to know more, we’ll be able to help explain it to their clients of Wow, there’s a lot more going on. If you’re craving blueberries every day and your granola or in your smoothie, and then the for the spiritual people who may not just intuitively gravitate towards something, they may actually want to know why why are they maybe there’s something we need to look at nutritionally. So we have kind of woven it all together. So it’s a natural part of us to have the spiritual we kind of live in that and now merging it together. It’s like this great bridging of spirit and science. I hope that answered your question.


Unknown Speaker  19:50

So it was it wasn’t intuitive it out of the things that you learned scientifically or in trainings, but there it sounds like it was for Have you It came from this intuitive download?


Unknown Speaker  20:06

No question. Absolutely.


Unknown Speaker  20:10

I was just gonna say absolutely, I would and, and you know, what was really interesting to Laney and I, um, because we were getting to know each other through this process. I mean, we knew each other, but we didn’t really know each other because we haven’t worked on anything together, other than the meditations. But you know, what we what happened was we took their 60 cards in our deck, we started out with 40. But then it was too big. So we we did 60. And so we divided the foods bought in half, so we could do channeled messages for both of them. And when we went back to the, to the book, after our will, we were editing. Laney would say, Wow, that’s really that’s really sounds good. That’s a good one. And I’m like you wrote that she goes, I wrote that we couldn’t tell. So we knew that the channeled messages were coming from Mother Nature from source, you know, some source that was speaking to both of us, because we didn’t know what where she wrote or where I wrote it was just, and it was perfectly in alignment.


Unknown Speaker  21:19

Yeah, Santa Fe, people say they would no one could tell who wrote what. And then at this point, it’s all merged together, complete, edited together, but it is one thread there is it’s much bigger than us at this point. And since we’ve written that first deck and book, we and we released the smoothies, and we did the certification, we teach monthly classes. And we have continued to garner much more information that we even knew even when we wrote the book, how it relates to teros, major Akana. We have a archangels and ascended masters. What did they have to say? Or more information they needed to tell us? And with turns out Yes, there is in so we continue to have classes every month, how it relates. And we have different people that come on our essential oils relating this is me and more of that. So it’s served as a basis. And now it’s asked if there’s been an offshoot of multiple monthly classes every month, in addition to our quarterly certification, so it’s become much bigger than we had even thought and we’re in we’re going to be working on releasing our second deck, which is another card, Food Festival or spices. There’s just so much food to share in the information again, is coming in fast in that. Captain beautiful. I won’t say furious. That’s been beautiful.


Unknown Speaker  22:49

I love that. So where you keep talking about these groups and all these classes, where can people find these groups and classes? Because I know I want to go find them too.


Unknown Speaker  22:58

Oh, yeah. We have a website, the hub food healing deck calm. We also have we’re on all the socials, we’re on Instagram and Facebook. We have a show the real time we can show with Joanna lady and right now it’s on hiatus we have so much going on. Including actually next week we’re a major part is the holistic wellness summit. And there’s a food feeding your body temple panel that says go in it’s going to be on and we actually will be part of this exhibiting our decks and our books and talking to people who come to our virtual exhibiting booths. And so we’re going to be a very big part of this whole online like a worldwide Holistic Health summit for families for adults for anyone who wants to spend our day with exhibitors and speakers and all about waking up to the consciousness of who we are. So yeah ever leaving their homes without jaundice? Yeah, so cleanly really has is our hub shows all of our classes. And April 23 is our next certification we do only for a year and it’s a two day absolute deep dive immersion we look at all 60 cards and we look at what is that tomato saying like you said or what is basil has to do purification we look at everything because when you read Oracle cards, it’s not just the word there’s imagery and why is there imagery and what what is the author trying to show you why is there white on there? Why is it green? Why is it blurry? Why is it not? So we go into all that but we also spend a great deal of time on on honing in your own intuition. We want everyone to be their own best intuitive, not to learn from us and and you know come to us for readings, the Be your own leader and so the immersion allows you to do that. And if people want to add it to their toolbox or learn it for themselves or start a brand new business, we’ve had over 50 people come through. So we’ve seen a little bit of everything. So people can go on and be readers and help others, which are, that is our goal to help as many people, build businesses and impact the world in a positive way. You see, some of these things get


Unknown Speaker  25:24

good, I need to sign me up I need to get back in last year was definitely a journey. And I’m really excited to hear your journey through last year, because it was like what you had set up was so divinely needed. Because as we paused, so many of us went inward, and we’re like, Whoa, I don’t know what’s going on in here anymore. And I know like for me, and I would say the majority of the people that I’ve had on this podcast, it’s been that, oh, there’s a connection to everything. How am I feeding myself, which is why this is called feed your body with love. It’s not just about the food, like feeding your body with love is all the things the connection and stuff like that. And it’s just, I don’t know, listening to your story. I’m like, okay, I do you need to work on the food part, because I’ve been feeding my body with all the external. But I’m not really given her love inside.


Unknown Speaker  26:20

Yeah. Well, we would love to see your body with love. Can we pull up hard to do? Are you open to that?


Unknown Speaker  26:27

I am open to that


Unknown Speaker  26:30

wasn’t a few words, we might pull a couple cards. But what came to me as you were speaking, is it helped I know, you talked about the or pause, and it was definitely your positive reflects that. It would be I’d love to pull a card to give you a deeper understanding of what card came up of what last year represented. And maybe I can do that. And Joanna can tell you what 2021 represents.


Unknown Speaker  26:58

I love that. And just so everybody who’s listening knows this is what you get when you get join their communities. So little taste,


Unknown Speaker  27:09

I just felt like, you know, I fall I’m a fourth generation intuitive. I don’t know if you knew that. I’ve been doing this. My whole life. I don’t remember times that people can dose as a teenager, I never didn’t have a deck or a tarot card Oracle. I always had something going on. It wasn’t so years later that after I finished college many, many years later, and was like, you know, why don’t you do that part of your world. And then rest is history. So let’s pull a card for you for last year. Ready? Here we go. Ready? You got a toxification? What did last year represent? And actually, line lines is a detoxification card. So what happens when you’re going through detox, you have to stop, pause, reflect relief, pivot, get rid of the things that no longer serve you bring your body back into balance, and move forward in a way that is healthier and more congruent with your system. Right? That’s me a thought. So that is what last year represented for you that under percent hold a million different cards that the current 60 actually, but that does that sum it up for you. It does it


Unknown Speaker  28:33

at the same time. It’s so funny because of all of my garden that I have I have an organic garden in my backyard to the only thing that didn’t produce last year was my lime tree.


Unknown Speaker  28:44

So now let’s see what’s going on with her. So


Unknown Speaker  28:47

the cards never lie they the end, sometimes they can surprise us. But as I was shuffling a card just flew out and I had to pick it up off the floor. And you’re not gonna believe because there is 60 cards, right? For 2021 you got arms I know, look like it’s vague. I think there’s more detail that you need to do. I mean, like, How weird is that? I mean, it’s like 60 cards, she had 60 I had 60 were not in the same room and we both get the same card as that. That just freaks me out.


Unknown Speaker  29:28

And it lets me know my exact next step.


Unknown Speaker  29:31

Yeah. So I would say, you know, to it’s time to do some inquiry and invalid evaluation of what is it in my life or in my closets and drawers or in my pantry that I need to detoxify? And maybe it’s a couple relationships. So you know, that is what’s coming through as well. So it’s like, you know, really assess kind of do that. You know, I I call it being the observer, you know, allowing yourself to rise above your life and look down on it, as you know, someone objectively just assessing, and allow yourself to see. Maybe there’s some letting go, that needs to happen. Oh, yeah,


Unknown Speaker  30:18

there’s, there’s a lot of letting go. And it’s so funny that that comes up. Because that’s like my process like in this current moment that we’re doing, like, right before we jumped on this, I’m like, cleansing out all of my spaces. So my home, my social media, like, two days ago, I told my website designer, I’m like, put it down, burn it down. Let’s start over, because that energy was so out of alignment. So I just, I think I’m like, just this, it’s just, it’s that empowered, like, this is the right message. It’s not like everything, all the signs are there. So I appreciate you, I appreciate you.


Unknown Speaker  30:58

But last to get it twice. That’s always a big knock on the door very. But it’s also a gift, it’s also letting you know that you’re, you’re absolutely on course in exactly where you need to be. And you now had an opportunity, because what happens is if we don’t take that time to detox, pause, reflect, pivot, whatever going on, it just gets buried in what happens is that when we start to have dis ease, in the body, we have disease, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, we lose our connection to source, everything becomes toxic. So if we don’t address it, it continues to fester, it doesn’t go away. People think they can brush things under the rug, it doesn’t. And so it’s a gift that is coming up to the surface to be looked at, in heal. So this is not an accident, right? The all that comes together, and we found one another. So I’m really happy that we can be of service this way. And I, I expect it as you remove these layers. And what lines do on a body physical balance, they actually can bring us into a more alkaline and more balanced state of being right. Going from that citric acid, not as high vibration, but moving us into a higher vibrational state, which is more balanced, alkaline, we’re dis ease doesn’t live on any level.


Unknown Speaker  32:30

And I think that’s really cool. That’s like the science side. For all the science people out there is like living in that balanced. And we’ve talked so much about the spiritual side. Can you talk a little bit about like that science side that you were just kind of like going into with that? alkine levels?


Unknown Speaker  32:46

Yeah, absolutely. I can’t I don’t even say what decade ago, but a long time ago, I got a degree in food science. And I’ve always been a foodie my entire life. Same with Joanna. But on the science, I really was into product development. I really want to know how things work and why they’re working, why things are coming together. why certain oils are important on a frying pan. Why aren’t Why do some clubs free radicals? Why do some don’t? What does that mean on the chemistry side. So I kind of go there on top of all the woowoo stuff, but I really am hardcore science too. And then I last year or two that’s 2019 as I was missing for taking food healing instructor certification course, very hard course. And we went into the food science of many fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices really looking at disease. And it was based out of a book called conquering all disease. And we studied all the protocols of how food there we go, who does. And yeah, so I took that test took that class course pretty high. And I was very interested to see how food is medicine and how important that is. Because in the age of over, over medicating oneself, and Do people really need to have antidepressants in their foods that can do that. That’s, you know, a renewed passion of mine. So I really have been listening to foods to answer those questions for years. And so we do touch on that. You know, am I a registered dietician? No, but do I know how I’m pretty good knowledge? Yes. Joanna? Yes, we do plenty of research. Yes. So you do get a paragraph with every one of those 60 cards that says Wow, if you do black sesame seeds, that is really great for brain health, people who are dealing with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, that actually is very good things that are black. So we do touch On these elements, and so you do get that. So it’s really practical wisdom, we call them practical gifts. So we do discuss the science of it. And what is amazing is that the science actually really lends itself exactly to the spirit of it all. If you look at foods, there’s tons of pictures out there online, there are foods already getting your attention because they look like the organs that they are meant to be healing. Right, we’ve seen that strawberries have a hard red bell pepper and have heart walnuts, the blood brain with lemon blueberry look like guys. So they’re already the clues are there, we just help to bring spirits message even further and science message to the world with these cars and books,


Unknown Speaker  35:49

and your teachings and certifications. Don’t forget about those because


Unknown Speaker  35:59

there’s really nothing like that, because it’s a very unique toolset to be able to have sort of spirit and science. And Joanna so beautifully share so much in the third week is about activating your psychic. So you know, activating and psychic information. And what does it look like to be clairaudience clairsentience? Clear Gustin when we talk about at all. And by the time people leave the certification there, they’ve already been practicing over the weekend, right? Doing readings with one another, they can’t believe it. And all day long. What do we hear you can’t make this blank. This guy has that. Yeah, so real true.


Unknown Speaker  36:41

I love I love the last day of the classes when everything’s coming together for our students, and they have those lightbulb aha moments, and then we get to watch them go off and do all these awesome things, you know, with, you know, what they’ve learned. And we’ve seen a lot of growth in that area for for the people that come to our classes, and it’s just very exciting, it keeps our fire burning, you know, our cherries card is community. And the thing that we have built with this card deck is community, and it is the lifeblood of our work. Because as we continue to see the results of what we’re doing, it feeds us to do more. And so it’s just kind of this beautiful synergistic, you know, element that we have in with this deck and creating even more things to go with it, it wouldn’t have happened this way, without our chairs. For sure. Alright, I


Unknown Speaker  37:51

need like five of the decks because I know like, I know everybody that needs them at this point. I’m like, Oh, it’s just, it’s so it’s such a beautiful thing that you’re creating. And the fact that like, there is the change that’s coming where we’re not always going to focus on like the medicine, like, as soon as you started saying all the pills, I’m just like, curl it, like my cancer self is like, I’m going to put my walls up. Just because there was so much of that I grew up with all of the disease in my life. And it wasn’t until I I helped myself heal and go within and got off all of the random chemicals, and started focusing on the right things. And I think that the fact that you guys are creating this, like it’s a beautiful movement. with food, it’s something that like, it’s like, I always like to say like, we’re not meant to be ripples, we’re meant to be tsunamis and like, I can see this like food as a as a tsunami. Once the light. As you know, you touch one person, that person is so excited. They go out and touch five, and then they touch five, and it becomes this wave to the tsunami. And I think it’s so beautiful that you’re bringing that awareness to that spiritual side and that connection and the vibrations in the planet because it’s a huge vibrational shift with what we’re eating. Yeah, absolutely.


Unknown Speaker  39:15

Amazing. First off, thank you for that. I really see what you’re saying it does feel like a movement and to see people right in their impact. Or we see that wow, we have a lot of people in Australia who really love our deck. And I think what really clicked for us, we gave a presentation to a group last month, and there was a woman on the group and she she said I have your deck. I love your deck. And I have a weekly we have a weekly online chat group with my my friends in Australia and we use your deck as the weekly get together and just Joanna living each other like wow, this is just amazing. And so watching what is happening and how people are resonating and it doesn’t matter, you know, they can know nothing about. I mean, there are people who, you know, me going through cancer and wanting to understand these deep wounds and why that’s coming up. And hey, yes, what foods in our deck will help with cancer, help? And then we’re also what does that mean? emotionally, mentally, and we touched on those pieces too, because a big part of that is releasing, and not holding on to things. So our watermelon card is released. So we’ve actually gone so far as to take a good majority, well, not good. We’re on our way to having the mall done. But Joanna and I have created meditations along with some of our certified readers. And so now we have spoken word and meditations that we offer on our website. So if you are feeling that there’s like a release, like there’s a really like, that’s the car that keeps showing up in your reading, we actually have a meditation that you can go and anchor, like go listen to our watermelon meditation, or asparagus transformation. So we have now actually, where we first started with with the meditations and spoken words, now we started to create them for each card. Can you towards so I think there is a movement because we’re continuously providing more next step for people to heal. Drinking with the smoothies, listening with the with the meditations, and who knows what else your directs us next. But we’re up for it, we’re up for it.

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