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Don’t spend hours and hours setting up your pitch, finding hosts, and getting ready to have a Profitable Interview. Grab the PLUG & Play Option

Easy or Hard: It is your call!


You can do it the easy way, grab all the templates and information in one spot, here with the toolkit.

Or you can spend hours searching google, setting up your Media Kits, drafting pitches, and researching how-to-be a successful interview guest.


What’s Included

Media Kit Templates

Templates and How to set up a Media Kit.

Why is this important? It gives your host a one sheet to see if you are a good fit for their show. And it’s something you can send with every pitch. Making it easier on you!


Email and DM Pitch Templates

Do you love crafting emails?

What about crafting an email that is all about you “tooting your own horn”?

This can be difficult, let me take the guesswork out of it for you by giving you template and guidelines.

Follow up Templates

This is where the magic really happens and the collab becomes something more. As a host I love when guests follow up and check in. Each time it makes you come front of mind and I normally have someone to connect you with.

Deep Dive Classes to help you Covert

You can sell, sell, sell and repel…          OR

You can serve, serve, sell and create the profits you desire from serving a new audience. There is a way to do this and I’m here to show you the best practices.


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