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The Mindset for Wealth Creation is an important part of the process of becoming wealthy. It is a set of beliefs and attitudes that will help you attract wealth into your life. The first step in developing this mindset is understanding what it means to be wealthy. When you are wealthy, you have a positive cash flow, and you also have assets that provide passive income and build equity over time. 

The next step is to identify the limiting beliefs or attitudes that keep you from living a wealthy lifestyle. These might be things like “I don’t know how to invest,” “I don’t know what I should do with my money,” or “The rich people have a lot of money, and they must be smarter than me.” By identifying these limiting beliefs or attitudes, you can begin to change them. This episode with Jen Gutfriend covers this and much more. 

Jen helps female coaches easily remove their limiting beliefs so they can hit consistent 10k plus months. After failure and complete burnout in her first business, Jen discovered mindset work, and her life hasn’t been the same since. She easily achieves the success she desires and is passionate about helping other coaches do the same.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn About: 

[00:04] It’s a money talk month

[00:16] Today’s guest, Jen Gutfriend

[02:27] How she got into the business of making wealth

[04:57] It’s hard to make wealth without self-love

[06:20] Her pivotal moment & how she ended up being a mindset coach 

[11:18] You don’t have to work more to make more

[12:44] Kinds of people that Jen works with

[17:50] You can’t progress if you are your enemy

[22:14] Coaching and training that she offers

[27:39] How you can reach out and connect with Jen

[28:07] This episode’s takeaway



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We are kicking off money. May yes, this month we are talking all things money, because let’s be real. The more money we make, the bigger impact we can leave on this world. Right. So today we’re kicking off with my friend, Jen. She has also worked with me with her amazing RTT so rapid transformation therapy, and we’re talking about busting and through our limiting beliefs.

So we can consistently hit those 10 K months. And because you know, this is feed your business with love, and we are all about self love in here. Just remember that self love. Is the key to success. Self-worth is the key to wealth. So we’re talking about getting through that burnout, overcoming those limiting beliefs so that we can step into that income level that we desire.

So let’s dig in, you’re listening to feed your business with love with Jen dragon neck. You are about to experience a tsunami of self-love in your life. And. Because we have too much magic inside to just be a ripple, let go of society standards and those gurus who leave you burned out, put aside any imposter syndrome feelings and ask yourself, what is it you really want?

Because success starts from within rediscovering yourself, builds confidence in your message and who you are. Your tribe will follow. Let’s unleash the magic inside by being our true, authentic. Starting podcasting for your soul in 3, 2, 1. So welcome back to the podcast, Jen. I am so excited to have you here for our money series.

Yay. I’m so excited to be here. I just love being on your podcast. I it’s very mutual. We’re in the money series. We’re in money may, although we’re recording in March, but I want to know what brought you into, cause let’s back up. Let’s just refer to that a little bit. You started when I first met you, you were one of the people that I came to.

Just change my money mindset. And I’ve seen that you’ve grown so far and there’s so much change that I’ve seen. It’s been like two years, I think. So I want to know how have you stepped into this new form of building wealth? Yeah. Wow. That’s a big question. And I’m thinking, okay, how do I start with this?

You’re welcome. Thanks for it. It’s like just hit me with it. Sure. I’m good with that. So the big thing is, and I preach this to my clients as well. Is wealth is all about mindset and. I know this from personal experience because I’ve had a business before I had a business in my twenties and I did the hustle.

I had a business degree. I did all the things that you’re supposed to do to be successful. And all it got me was the mediocre success and burnout. Like literally my body was shutting down because I was pushing that hard, you know, and I would hit this roadblock in my business. And in my mind, I would. You just need to put in more hours, you need to work harder.

You need to learn more. So I just pushed and pushed and pushed until literally my body said, no, you’re done. We can’t do this anymore. So this time around, I came at business from a completely different perspective. And that’s how I got into the mindset side of things is I had to do a complete mind shift cell shift myself in order to be able to be successful because as long as I had those mindset blocks, like.

I wasn’t worthy of success. It’s not available to me as a woman. Woman’s job is to stay home and raise babies and be thankful that she has a husband to support her and all these other bullshit beliefs that I had around money and success and wealth. And as long as I had those, like I did in my first business, I wasn’t allowing myself to be successful.

I was self-sabotaging. I was procrastinating. I was doing all these things that people say. Oh, well, just push harder, just work harder. Just do more. Get out of your own way. Well, when you have these blocks, you can’t do that. No matter how hard you try, you’re never going to get success because it all starts in the mind.

Yes. Strategy is important and the business tools and. You can have all that stuff, but if you don’t have the mindset, you’re never going to implement it. You’re never going to do it. Right. You’re going to procrastinate. You’re going to self sabotage and you’re never truly going to get what you desire, which is the wealth that time and financial freedom.

Oh, so juicy. And you said a really important thing is it starts kind of within like that. Self-worth that’s. Self-trust self-worth like that mindset piece that it’s safe. It’s safe to be wealthy six, but it’s safe to have all the money in the world. Exactly. 95% of the women I work with. If not more, have the belief that they’re not worthy, that belief that I’m not good enough.

I’m not smart enough. I’m not pretty enough. Like how many times have we gone to do live videos or even. Went to do a reel and how many women go, oh, shoot, I can’t do this. Or they start procrastinating. They put it off because, well, I’ll wait till I lose 10 pounds all. Wait till, um, my hair and makeup are done.

Like honestly, if you look at some of my stories in my reels, some days on. And some days I always joked that I looked like a hobo because I literally live in t-shirts and hoodies. And a lot of times my hair is in a messy bun. And if I have an idea, if I have something I want to share, I just get up and I share it.

I don’t care. I don’t have to put on makeup. I don’t have to dress up because that’s me. And I love me for me. And I have a feeling of being enough, so I don’t let anything get in my way of doing what I need to do in my business. So I want to know how did you get there? Because I know that you even mentioned it, that this isn’t where you started.

Obviously we started with that. Self-doubt that shame that, oh, I’m going to hide behind this mask of whatever it is. What were some of the first steps you did to start moving into this? I’m going to. I’m willing to be wealthy. Yeah. So if you want to talk about someone who had low self-esteem or what I like to say, no, self-esteem that was me a little over 10 years ago.

It’s funny. I’ve run into some friends from college over the last few years, and everyone’s like, who are you? Like, you are not who we remember from college. You are not the person we knew back then. It’s like, you’ve changed. Like people are just in awe and it’s because. I was this insecure self-conscious person.

I hated my body. I hated everything about myself. I literally didn’t feel worthy of anything. I had such low self esteem and thought so little of myself in my life that I had created showed all of that. And it took me. I call it my rock bottom. So part of it was burnout. So during the time that I burnt out in my business was also the time I was going through some struggles in my personal life.

I was in a really shitty marriage with somebody who treated me like garbage, because I allowed them because of my low self-esteem and that low self worth. I also had friends and family members that treated me that way and I allowed all of it. And all of this just kinda came to a point at the same time with the burnout.

And I literally was like, what the hell am I doing with my life? Like, this is not a life like, this was just before my 30th birthday. And I’m like, what am I doing? Like how. How can I keep going this way? Everyone’s telling me your life is so perfect. You’re living this picture. Perfect life. I wish I had your life and inside I’m going, I’m dying.

Like, is there something wrong with me because I don’t see it, but then it clicked and I realized that. I was trying to be somebody else. I was trying so hard to be happy and successful and wealthy that I was doing what everyone else wanted and not what I wanted. So I don’t always suggest it for some people that have gone through this slake me.

They highly suggest it, but I literally walked away from it all my marriage, my business, most of my friends literally packed up, moved to a different city and started from scratch. And it was the best thing. I started my personal development journey. I started reading books. I started seeing. Practitioners of all types, someone would mention some new form of energy healing or something, and I’d be like, sweet.

I’m going to try that. So I would dive in and then one day I found hypnotherapy and literally that was like my tipping point. As soon as I started into hypnotherapy. My life magically changed all of a sudden, all the reasons for why I didn’t feel enough, why I didn’t feel I was worthy of wealth. All these things just come flooding up.

I knew exactly what caused them all. I was easily able to remove them and send them packing. And ever since then, it’s, that’s what caused the biggest shift in my life. Because now with that tool, I can easily uncover anything because. Mindset. Isn’t just a, oh, you’re making $10,000 a year or $15,000 in a year in your business.

You need a mindset coach or you need to do the mindset work. I know multimillionaires that still do the mindset work successful. People know that mindset is an everyday thing. It’s an ongoing thing when we’re first starting out. That’s when we’ve got the really deep, heavy stuff, the big blocks that we need to work through.

But then as we progress, little things are going to pop up. We’re going to hit a next step. Next glass ceiling. I call her then that next income level and something new is going to pop up. I recently went through another one of those where I found myself up against this block and this glass ceiling. So I worked with a colleague of mine and got a session, worked through it.

Boom, within a week of working through. Income jumps again, it’s just, it’s an ongoing process. And because it, both therapy was so powerful. That’s what led me to become certified in hypnotherapy. And I’ve been doing it for a few years now as. I love it. My clients see, as you know, Jen, it’s big results in a short period of time.

You can literally go right into the brain and ask it and go, why do I do this crap? Why am I procrastinating? Why am I not allowing myself to be wealthy? Hearing what the brain has to stay picking through that story and then giving it a new belief and saying, no, we don’t want that one anymore. Let’s get rid of that.

I want to be wealthy. I’m going to be successful. This is available to me and your brain goes, okay, sure. If that’s what you want, that’s exactly what we’ll give you. And so that’s kinda how my journey got going and how I got to where I am today. Being a hypnotherapist and a mindset coach. Oh, yeah. And it is, it can be, it is instant almost.

I mean, I can honestly say that the pivots and the changes that after just one session, it’s like, it’s not like you lay there, then you have to journal it out and process it out. You can, but it’s normally. And then I’m going to be in the next level and you just kind of walk away and you’re like, okay, what’s next?

I just love that. You’re bringing that to other people. Thanks. Yeah. And I just, I want people to know that it can be easy because so much of our world is it’s difficult. It’s hard. You got to push, you got to struggle that hustle culture. And I, I hate to say this, but I hate the hustle culture. Like I did that in my first business and I burnt out and now I’m.

Ease and flow, like literally the more money I make, the less I work, the easier it is, the more in flow I am like I’m running a six figure business and I’m in school. Full-time doing my degree and I have time for both. And I have time for fun and pleasure and joy in my life. And that’s the way it should be.

Yes. Yes. Can you say it again for those in the back? You could have it all, like, just know that it’s available. You don’t have to work more to make more. Oh, you don’t have to work more to make more. We’re just going to keep saying that because I want the listeners to know, like, you don’t have to work more to make more and you need Jen in your life.

Just FYI, go find yet. So as you’re going through this and you keep leveling up and leveling. And you’re starting to work with people who are you working with? Are you working with the beginner? Like this sucks. I am in total burnout. I’ve been doing this for a year and I’ve made a whole $500. Or are you already working with people who are making consecutive income, bringing them to the next level?

Yeah, so. It’s kind of a spectrum. I do have some women that are just completely starting out and they want to do it right, right off the bat. I love working with women like that because they already know that this is important, but a lot of women that come to me, they’re making a little bit of money, but it’s really inconsistent.

And it’s the women who are looking for those 10 K plus months, because that seems to be. Big number that we all really strive for to start off, like, that’s the, I have achieved something I’m successful that 10 K months. So, and I know a lot of women that are making two and 3000 or a thousand dollars a month.

That’s what they’re looking for. And no matter her, how hard they work, they’re getting frustrated. They’re getting angry because they can’t get there. And it’s nothing to do strategies. I’ve had people come to me saying I’ve spent 20, $30,000 on business coaches and strategies and courses and trainings and certifications, and it’s like, I’m still making the same.

And it’s like, well, when’s the last time you worked on your mind? And so we start uncovering that and they go from those two and 3000 months to 10 and 20,000 months. And I love once we get them up to that 10 K a lot of my clients continue working with me and they just want to keep improving. And then it’s more than just their business.

Like one of my clients, she came to me to help her make more money and she did, but she always laughs and says, you actually changed my entire life. Money was something she was doing okay with, but not exceeding, but literally the rest of her life sucked like on a scale of one to 10. Most of the rest of her life was less than a three.

And when we first, yeah. And when we first started working, I’m like, it’s great that you’re making money. But you can’t even enjoy that money because your life sucks and you’re not happy and you’re miserable. It’s like, what’s the point of making money. If you can enjoy your life. And after just a few months, her life just started transforming and changing.

And she got back to me a couple months ago and it had been about a year since we had done work together and she’s like, My life is so amazing. I’ve never been happier. I’ve never been more successful. And the success was actually just a by-product, which I always laugh about. People are like, the success became the by-product, the happiness, everything else working out in their life, them loving themselves, them enjoying themselves that time freedom build relationships that have changed in their life.

That was what ended up being more important than the money, which to me just blows my mind. Yeah. And I think that that’s also an important thing and you know, why I called this podcast feature business, but love is, it starts from within, it starts with loving yourself. It starts with moving past all these beliefs.

It starts with your mindset, how you treat yourself. And it’s so cool that you’re helping. Clients in one area and like building this wealth, but it’s actually like trickling out into everything. I’m sure their health is improved at proving the relationships, fun, pleasure. The fact that you’re not having to work, you know, 20 hours of the 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make your 10 K a month.

And you’re allowing it to be in flow. It’s just, that’s so cool. That’s what you’re offering people. And I just, I absolutely love that. This is like, this is possible. Believe it it’s possible. I’m not special. Like, well, we all are special, but I’m not something that’s super special and we’re making it happen.

Exactly. Anybody can do this. I have everything from women who have barely a high school education to women with multiple degrees that come work with me. And they all experience the same success because the only thing standing between us and success is ourselves. Like we’re our own worst enemy, our own worst critic.

And as long as we’re constantly beating ourselves up and belittling ourselves and our worst enemy. I always tell people, if you talk to yourself, Uh, how you would never talk to someone else. Like if you heard you talking to yourself, talking to like, you would do a best friend, if you would never allow that, why do you do that to yourself?

Because aren’t, we supposed to be our best friend. So we need to be gentle with ourselves. We need to be careful with that inner talk and that negative inner critic and what we’re saying to herself and believing about ourselves. Because as long as we’re saying and believing all that negative crap, we’re telling ourselves we’re never going to allow herself to be successful and happy because.

Deep down. We don’t believe we deserve it. And I know that’s something that I struggle with still to this day, even though we’ve worked together, it’s like you said, every time, there’s this next level, those same beliefs come up and it’s like, can’t they just go away. I’m like, all right, we get to the first level of.

I got this. And then all of a sudden you suck back in and you’re like, oh, I’m not worthy of the next level. Oh, I better listen to John’s recording again, which I still do listen to at least twice a week at nighttime before I go to bed. But there’s so much, there’s so much magic inside creating a mindset.

And like you said, making yourself your own best friend. Exactly. Yeah. I imagine you’re talking to your daughter, your best friend, your sister, and just treat them, treat yourself how you would treat them, be nice to them. And also how you treat yourself is how you allow others to treat you. So if you don’t like how others are treating you, if you don’t like that, you have no boundaries.

People are pushing you that you’re undercharging, people are asking for discounts, all these things. It’s because you’re allowing that because inside you’re not feeling like, oh, I can charge more. Oh, I have to discount for this person. Or they’re not going to buy. That’s all just an internal belief that once you remove it, It’s no longer there.

I never do discounts. I never barter. I never do any of those things because I know that what I’m offering the world is worth 10 times as much as I’m charging. And I know they’re going to see the benefit. So why would I second guess my worth? Because somebody else is questioning it. That’s their belief.

That’s their issue. That’s not mine. Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes. I’m going to keep just like, I just want to keep repeating all the things so that everybody knows, like that’s someone else’s belief don’t discount your stuff. I don’t, I mean, again, I fall short with this one a lot and I have in the last few years, but this is where I’m reclaiming my magic.

I am shifting and moving through those clients that are asking for discounts and saying, Nope, I no longer have space for you. And I think that having someone in your corner like you is that’s where the magic happens because doing it and trying to reprogram your brain by yourself. I hate to say it less.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s possible, but I don’t believe it’s truly possible without a support team. I agree. It’s like anything in business. It’s hard. You can do it the hard way and struggle for years and push and read books and try and do it on your own. Or you can do it a quicker way in an easier way and work with someone who’s already taken that path.

And this is with anything in business, like, yes, you could probably build a business on your own by reading books and not spending any money, but how long is it going to take you to hit your goals compared to someone who spends little buddy money finds those perfect people for exactly what they need to then help them out to show them the path, to find that mindset coach who can literally hone in and say, this is your exact.

Negative belief. This is how it’s holding you back and then just plucking it out, working it through it. And you know, it’s all about perspective, easy heart. And again, it’s a mindset block. Well, I can do it on my own. Well, again, mindset block. Well, you can, but you don’t have to, you can have it easy or you can have it hard because that was one of my mindset blocks.

I had this belief that I could be successful, but I had to put in hard work, long hours, sacrifice family and friends. So I sabotage myself because I believed it had to be hard. So I made it hard. But as soon as I created the belief that no, it gets to be easy. Did nothing else different? No other trainings, no other coaches, nothing just changed that belief that I got to be easy.

And doubled tripled, quadrupled my income in a short period of time, just by changing that one belief. So you can do it yourself, but you can fast track it and get the help instead. And mindset coaches are trained to specifically help with these things. They know the nuances, they know. What’s going on. And if you work with someone like me, that incorporates hypnotherapy, literally we just have to ask your mind hypnosis is extremely safe.

It’s so effective. We literally just go into your mind and say, Hey, why is Jen sabotaging herself? Hey, why is Jen afraid to show up on video? Hey, why is Jen undercharging? And your mind goes, oh, This event happened in her childhood that told her she wasn’t worthy and it’s like, oh right. There’s your answer.

Let’s pluck that out. Let’s reprogram. And let’s send you on your way and start up charging. Yes. And I know that you have a few things that you offer to people. Can you share with us some of the ways that people can work with. Yeah. So I’ve got my one-on-one, which of course is the most powerful, because we can dig into specific issues.

You can come to me and say, I’m doing this and we can plug, you know, pull it right out of your mind, completely transformed your life in a short period of time. I’ve also got some self study courses. I’ve got one on money blocks where you can go in and go through this process of uncovering and removing those beliefs.

And implanting whole new money stories for yourself that are going to change your life. And I have this new program coming. It’ll actually be launched as of the time of this recording. So it’s all about uncovering and removing the most common mindset blocks. That female entrepreneurs run across things like low self-worth procrastination, fear of success and failure and all those most common things that I see in female entrepreneurs.

And we’re literally going to go in and we’re going to uncover all of them. And then there’s going to be all these other amazing tools and support tools that are going to help you and the. This is a six-month container. So you have six months of support to work through all these things, to grow in your business, to uncover what’s getting in your way and really remove all of it so that you can hit those 10 K plus months.

That’s my goal for you is over the next 365 days is to hit that 10 K and 20 K and 30 K, because you’ll find once you hit 10. 20 30, 40 K actually gets to be easy. So I’ve made tons of different price points so that anyone starting out right up to the people that want to do that intensive work, there’s something available for everybody.

Oh, I left that and I am a big, I think it was your course, the money block course is what I have. And I’ve been listening to over and over again still, which has been a while, but I really recommend it. If you are struggling, I really recommend getting into gym space. I can’t say enough about how hypnosis from the right person, mind you from the right person, because if you don’t align with your person, then it doesn’t work as well.

I found, um, but I really recommend working with Jen for money blocks and all the things. Thanks. Yeah, I just, I loved working with you too. And I love working with female entrepreneurs. We’re just a different breed. And I just, I believe in women having financial security because when women have money, we do amazing things with that money.

So I want to put the money into the hands of more female entrepreneurs so that they can have that time and financial freedom to literally change the world because that’s what they’re going to do with it. Yes. And you’re going to break household culture, doing it. Cause you’re going to teach us to be in that feminine flow of ease.

Exactly. No more of this Gary Vaynerchuk, push hustle, go. Like I love Gary and I love some of his vice, but when he tells you to work at 20 hours a day and sleep for four. No, did that burnt out? Not worth it I’d much rather work my three or four hours a day in my business and be successful than 20 hours a day.

Yes. I’ll sign up for that. I will totally sign up for that. I’ll take the same amount of money as the 20 hour day though. Let’s have fun. Yeah. And that’s the thing is you can like, I, the more I make, the less I work, I know tons of other people, the same thing. They just, once you get into that flow and remove those mindset blocks, you become this master manifester because your energy just shifts.

You just know that you’re worthy of it. And it just happens. Like, do you know how many times that not even just in my business, but money shows up things show up like, I was wanting to create this new funnel like a month ago. And all of a sudden someone goes, Hey, you know what? I’m looking for. Some people to build funnels for in exchange for a testimonial, boom.

Like, do you know how many times I get offers like that? People reach out to me and say, can I do this for free for a testimonial or random checks? There was, I was just thinking about this the other day. There was this association I was involved with years ago. Haven’t been involved with them for at least five years, if not 10.

All of a sudden, they send me a check in the mail the other day, some sort of refund. And it wasn’t a huge amount, but literally I have not been involved with this organization in 10 years. And these things just happen. Like checks show up in my bank account money, shows up refunds, show up, like all these things just magically appear in my world.

And it’s because I’m vibrating at a higher level because I’ve got rid of all those bullshit stories that used to hold me back. Yes. Yes. Oh, I just had a story the other day. I was like, I needed 20, a $20 bill for something I needed actual cash and I’m like, I don’t want to go to the bank. So I was going to the grocery store, got out of the car.

No joke. It’s still as can be a breeze picked up and a $20 bill was in the breeze and hit my foot. I was like, okay. Thanks for the 20 may I have another? Exactly. And that’s what I do every time. Even to this, the small checks, I like celebrate, I jump up and down. I get all excited and I’m like, yes, please.

More like, I love this. Thank you so much. Send me more. I’m so grateful for this. And the universe goes, okay, you want more? Let’s send you more. And it just works at easy. Yeah, I love that. So Jen, how can people get ahold of you? So you can find me on all the social media at the six figure mindset. And that’s my website as well.

The six figure six being the number six. So the six figure. Dot com and Instagram is definitely my favorite Hangouts. I love getting DM. So follow me, send me a message and let’s chat. So if someone were to walk away with just that one little mic drop nugget, what would you want them to walk away with? You are worthy of success.

Believe it. And it will happen.

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