Perfectly Imperfect Podcast Launch

Your Story and GIFTS deserve the MIC without  OVERWHELM and PERFECTIONISM stopping you!  Done is better than PERFECT!

GET YOUR PODCAST LAUNCHED and Growing in 30 days with a strategy to keep you GOING for your first season!

Why Podcasting

Leave a Long Lasting Impact

Are you READY!

Who wants to start a PODCAST but feels frozen as to where to start?

You don’t need all the fancy shit to make an IMPACT!

I’m going to share how I’m doing it! How I took the overwhelm out of the process and made it fun.

And I will be by your side every step of the way and support you in launching your podcast!

The Program and Community

What’s Include

The Launch Guide

Everything from coming up with the idea, tech, software, and all the pros and cons of each

The Community + Support

 A Community to help you grow  and open ZOOM Group office hours!

And your include strategy session

Tools, Tips, and Tricks

Tools for when you are feeling stuck (this is what’s so unique to me and this program) I added all those FUN and easy tools to move through blocks.

Why Choose Us


The part that most programs and podcasters are missing and that area that really needs support is the on the days you want to give up, feel unworthy, under-educated, undervalued, uninspired, and like an imposter!

I have fun tools that help you when you get stuck creativity UNBLOCK.

I have easy tools to use when you feel like an imposter.

I support you along the way!

I’m there to make sure you aren’t part of the 75% club. You don’t want to be there! That is the percent of podcasts that STOP, FLOP, and JUST SIT uninspired! 

Let’s Do this! Get your message out into the World!

If you want to be part of this Perfectly Imperfect Podcasting Community, have FUN, ditch the OVERWHELM, and get support while you learn the Art of Releasing your Voice into the world! 

We can launch a podcast Imperfectly Perfect into the world together.

Get in now and get podcasting off your BUCKET LIST and on your LIST OF “I’ve done that and I’m ROCKING IT”

NO MORE Excuses to NOT Start your Podcast

No more stuck in perfectionism mode!

 Go from zero to launch during our MONTHLY Workshop INTENSIVE Week if you wish.

OR use the DIY course for launching and launch at your own speed, with the support of the community if you need to take it at your own pace.

EITHER WAY, you have access to me along the way from DAY ONE!

*Remember I launched my Feed your Body with Love Podcast in 1 day. I’ve learned some things in the process. So I know it’s possible.

Are you ready to start your podcast?


Jenn Dragonette

Jenn Dragonette

Your Podcast Junkie

In 2020, before the lockdown, I started my first podcast. My Passion Project to be a TSUNAMI of SELF-LOVE! I fell in love with how powerful podcasts are and BOOM I wanted to give other women a voice and platform too.

My first podcast ranked #52 in the top 100 Self-Love Podcasts to listen to in 2020, which made my heart so happy. My Mission is to help others find the confidence to get on podcasts, either as a host or as a guest! Podcasting is such a powerful tool, too many businesses don’t use it!

The confidence part is huge. My clients, like me, thought it was scary to get their voices out. I had been beaten down by people in my past and society told me I wasn’t enough. So why was I important enough to be a podcaster or even a business owner.

The Best of Podcasting

30 Day Easy Launch Strategy

Get your Podcast Launched with Ease and Success in 30 days or LESS.

Build Confidence and Connection

Hosting your own show builds confidence and increases your connections

Create a Bigger Impact

It’s a LASTING platform. Meaning you don’t have to beat the system to get your stuff to show up for 24 hours or LESS!

Take the Headache out of Tech

Podcasting tech can be a pain but I’ve tried most of it and give you the options based on your needs. Better yet, you can ask for support in the community!

Have a Community to Support you

Together we Rise!

Create a Podcast you Love

If you love your podcast and are passionate about the topic you will not become part of the “FAILED to make it past 3 episode CLUB”

What People Are Saying

Jenn is the bomb, makes it so easy!

It’s all coming together

The confidence is growing 
The fire  is building

It’s easy now
It’s fun

You launched your course at the perfect time

Thank you

Lucy Smith

Essentially Wholehearted

I never would have stepped outside my comfort zone, if not for YOUR and your COURSE! Thank you!

Jenn’s Perfectly Imperfect Podcast 
course is very helpful when it comes to teaching first-timers what steps to take when creating a podcast. The course is laid out in a clear format, that prepares you for the work required

independently.  The course takes away the guesswork and the fear when it comes to creating your own podcast!

Colleen Edwars

How to Be Happy When it's Tough

Get INNNN. Best Decision EVER!
Thank you, Jennifer, for making this soooo easy to launch with zero excuses and an amazing community of ladies!
I had been wanting to start a podcast for over a year but between being told how much money it costs, how much time it takes, and how much it wasn’t a money-making activity I just gave up. I never gave up the desire…so when Jennifer launched this program I was like what do I have to lose. Let’s see if I can do this. And I could not have made a better decision. Not only did she walk us through all the techy stuff, but she herself learned additional platforms to assist us on what we chose to use.
On top of that, the open office support was unreal. I never expected the price to receive as much support as I did. She helped me realize my voice and it’s being heard was way more important than the imperfections I might bring. If you are looking to start a podcast I’d highly recommend Jennifer and her program. I don’t believe I would have made the leap without her and her support!
Bridgit Norris

Master your Misfit Mind


Q: Do I need an idea to get started with you?

This is another BIG FAT NO! In the first few lessons, we will work together to get that idea out and create a plan of attack. But the cool thing is it’s your podcast, your launch, and your business so you get the freedom to do things your way! I will show you the way I set up my podcast and give you other ideas. It’s got to feel good to you! And that’s where access to the community comes in, if you decide to create your own trail, we will be there by your side supporting and loving on you each step of the way. Pretty freaking magically. 

Q: Do I need fancy equipment?

This is a BIG FAT NO! When I started the feed your body with love podcast I started with the headset that came with my iPhone. It has grown from there but makes sure you LOVE podcasting and it’s FUN before dumping tons of money into equipment that you think you need to be successful. Remember it’s about the message and content! That being said there is a need for clarity in your audio but we can talk about how to get that with the things you already have.

Q: Do I need software?

The long and short of it is YES. You need to have some sort of podcast hosting software, some sort of audio editing software, and if you do interview something to record the two of you on. The best part is there are many AMAZING free versions of this software to get you started. Right now my podcast costs me $9 a month to host because of all the content I put out. This workshop will help you find the right software for your needs and be there for you if you ever need to change it. 

Q: This sounds so OVERWHELMING will I have the time?

The answer is yes when you are ready. The amazing thing about this workshop is you will have lifelong access to it and the community to support you when you are ready. And again as an “OG” in the house, you get access to all the new things I’m learning when YOU ARE READY to take your podcast to the next level. The course is set up for 30 days, but this is your podcasting journey and it can take as long as you need to fit into your life. My goal is to give you all the tools, a community to get support along the way, and allow you the space you need to be creative. Being creative doesn’t come from pressure, overwhelm, and the fear of being behind! I’m just running this round LIVE so you have extra behind-the-scenes access to me launching my second podcast and LIVE support that can be referred back to through the replays. Check out the Community and Watch for UPDATES to this course!

Q: What times do I need to show up?

Here is the great thing about this system is that it’s flexible. You have instant access to the course and the Community. You can ask questions in the community. I will answer them either by text or I’ll create a video for you.

I also do office hours at different times so you can come in when it works for you (and guess what you can ask for specific times for my office hours to be opened up to fit your schedule) *I do my best to make sure that everyone has some time to work directly with me or the group during the first week of the workshop! This is really where the magic happens and the overwhelm stops!

You also have access to the course here which allows you to work at your own pace. If we are going too fast or too slow, you get to do you! Then pop into the community after the workshop as you will have forever access.

I don’t want you to be part of the 75% of podcasts that fall off. Meaning, you are stuck with me, my office hours, my loving reminders and nudges, until you tell me to go AWAY! 

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