Today we talk to Laura, a former Social Worker and the founder of Self-Love Rebel.

Self-Love Rebel is a movement to release fear and patriarchal conditioning and embrace all parts of self on the journey to liberation and self-love! As an Advanced Intuitive EFT Tapping Practitioner and Purpose-Driven Business Coach, she is committed to supporting highly-sensitive women in creating visionary businesses that are aligned with their own unique purpose in a way that creates impact, income and feels absolutely incredible!

We are talking about dropping the illusion that we need to show up like any other version of ourselves based on what society tells us. How living in a world full of competition with our neighbors and saying we can’t have what they have, leaves us feeling empty.

Laura became an EFT Tapping Practitioner through her own journey. It was the catalyst that really brought her from point A to Z, where she is leading her own movement and business.

Tapping is a great way to help move through your past as even when you think you have dealt with a thing your mind has cataloged it for a later date. If that memory comes back you choose to believe you can go back and edit it, but the truth is you need to reprogram it. And tapping is an amazing tool to help you!

You can live in alignment with your integrity! Allowing yourself to tap into the Devine Feminine allows you to be the fullest expression of who you are. We go deep into the discussion of how to find this alignment!


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Laura GAVE US an amazing INVITE (and she hosts new ones all the time in this same space)

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Laura Parkinson is an Adv.EFT Tapping Practitioner, Intuitive Business Coach, and former Social Worker. 

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So welcome, Laura. Hi, Jen, thank you so much for having me. I’m so happy to be here. I’m so excited that you’re here I have you know, I’m gonna be the first to admit that I have been stalking you for a little while. And I’m so glad I reached out. But what I really want to know is like what’s firing you up in this moment right now? Oh, my goodness. So in this woman right now, the thing that is most firing me up is dropping the illusion, dropping the illusion that we need to show up as any sort of prescribed version of who we are, that we are in competition with that person, there are a neighbor there, I want that and I can’t have it. This is really what’s firing me up today is really landing into this awareness that this is just a big, beautiful opportunity to play a big beautiful opportunity to play the game. And the goal of this game is to be the fullest expression of who you are. Which means you get to want what you want to want. You get to have what you want to have, you get to experience what you want to experience like this is literally it’s dropping the illusion, letting it be fun and playing in the space of our existence. This is what’s lighting me up today. And I think that’s probably the energy that’s attracted, because like me to you Is that fun and play are like, we forget, we forget that that’s supposed to be part of our lives. Well, and I have to say I am not someone who naturally comes by funding play, which is why I think it’s such a focus for me right now is this mashup between fun and play an ease and spaciousness. I really feel like they all go together.

Because I was somebody who was I was raised by a single mom and her dad. So my grandpa, who lived a very, very difficult life, he was the Chief Fire Chief.

And like, worked on tugboats, as an engineer and fire chief and just saw a lot of really hard thing. So growing up, it was all about being on guard, like really being on guard and making sure that you know, you aren’t vulnerable and nothing is going to hurt you. And then my mom worked full time and my grandpa took care of us and there was never enough money. And so fun play does not come naturally to me. And I think a lot of people relate to this, and especially people who feel like they need to do the right things, right. So I felt like I did all the right things. I graduated from high school after I dropped out actually, that’s a whole other story. I graduated from high school. It took me 10 years to figure my shit out and I went to university Well, maybe a little less I went to university, you know later in life than most people I was 27 got the degree got a good job and you know, as a social worker, got the promotions, paid off my credit card, contributed to my rsps did all those things, and then realized I fucking don’t like my life.

This is not fun. This is not fun. And so through a series of things in my life, really breaking down like really breaking down with

Lots of financial stress between me and my partner at the same time that we were having our children. Lots of like, questing, who am I? What am I here to do? Because this, I feel like I kind of get it like I can figure it out, but I’m definitely not there. And so fast forward to now, you know, seven years later, we had our first my eldest child is going to be eight this month, actually. So maybe eight years, almost eight years, that I’ve been on this journey of really discovering who I am, why I am lovable, why I am valuable simply because I am and how to draw up this illusion to experience all that life has to offer because I definitely was not experiencing that. So I love your question so much, because it’s so fun to be able to talk about these things that are really on my heart and on my mind that I’m feeling into, like, how often do we get to talk about dropping the illusion? Love it? Right? So I know, there’s got I mean, that it’s seven or eight years? What What’s your favorite tool that you used in like moving through that that energy or those patterns?

Well, I mean, you know that I’m an advanced EFT tapping practitioner. So thanks for that setup, Jen love it. So for sure, tapping was 100% the catalyst.

So I entered into the entrepreneurial realm through a network marketing company.

And then that was able, I was able to transition out of my so called Social Work career into that. And then what was so beautiful about network marketing is there is a strong push towards personal development. And what I think is really interesting about that is it actually led leaves a lot of people away from network marketing and like, eventually, because they realize, okay, this was the bridge. This was the stepping stone, right.

So, really, the catalyst that was the thing that really brought me from point A to Z, where I am now was tapping. Yeah, so EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. So really feeling that freedom to begin allowing those parts of me to show up in everything that I did in life.

And for those that don’t know what EFT is, can you kind of explain how tapping relates to like releasing and reprogramming? Totally. So as I said, EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. And what we’re doing. It’s this beautiful marriage of Chinese acupuncture principles with Western psychology. So we’re physically tapping on acupressure points on the body, while we’re speaking out loud, what’s going on for us. And what happens is, we when we tap on these acupressure points, we allow for this beautiful release and flow of energy. And as someone who was a social worker for nine years, and I worked in the field of child welfare, I mean, I was very familiar with talking, right? very familiar with talking. And talking can be so incredibly therapeutic. But what I began to realize, even for myself was that, and I mean, this isn’t all this is everywhere in literature, literature is that at talking can reinforce the trauma, and it can actually embed it even deeper in the body. And what EFT does is it allows those places in the body that are holding on to those old stories, those old traumas, those old emotions as old wounds, to be almost like shaking up like I almost see it like a little bit of an earthquake, and it creates this space and it breaks that energy up so that we can actually

create space for what is wanting to be witnessed, seen heard felt, and then what you actually want to experience now, right, we clear out this space, and now we get to decide what we want to fill it back up with. And so that to me is that’s everything. That’s why we use that’s why I use EFT and I’m so passionate about it.

So when you say clear the space to fill it with things, what kind of things are we reprogramming to fill instead of? Okay, so we are always creating space and filling it always, always always. It’s it’s the law of vacuum. It’s a universal law. Right? So you think about

Tell me if this this resonates for you, you clean the house. And as you’re cleaning, you’re like, Oh my gosh, all this clutter. What How come there’s always all these papers, I can’t get these papers on all these debt, right? We’re cursing it like, and and we’re angry and we’re clearing it. And then it’s clean. And we’re like, oh my god, that feels so good. That looks amazing. The next day, fucking paper back here like, Why? Why does this keep happening? It’s because we aren’t intentional about what we actually want to experience.

And now with that, with that cleaned and open space. And so if we instead of looking at that clean and open space as Oh my god, finally it’s clear of the clutter. And we start looking at that clear and open space as what I want to create in that space, I’m going to put some plants there, I’m gonna spend intentional time.

You know, maybe putting some crystals there and really enjoying that and looking at a space and saying, Oh, my gosh, thank you space for being so clear and open. So I can feel this clarity in my font, and I can get new ideas. And I can create, right? Like, it’s such a different energy. And this is what we’re doing in the body. So when you clear the space in the body, instead of saying, Oh, my God, I released this trauma. And I just feel like so grateful to not be tied to that trauma that was holding me back anymore. Instead of for like, Oh my gosh, now I’ve created this beautiful space to create, and what do I want to put in this space, I want to put my affirmations I want to put my dreams for the future, I want to put this life that I know is my birthright. And I’m going to start to hold the vision and the feeling of that, in that space I just created. It’s so powerful. It’s so powerful. And we often think that the life that we want, the things that we want to experience are so outside of our reach that they feel so big, right? You look at somebody else, and you think, Oh, I want to have that house, I want to have that business success, I want to have all that abundance of money. And that feels so big. But it only feels big, because you believe that it’s separate from you. And so what happens if you start to actually pull pieces of that into your body, like feeling what it feels like to have that abundance in your life, you begin to feel less separate to that bigness, you become that bigness. And suddenly, you know, you’ve you’ve got the thing, you’ve got the money in the bank account, you’ve found the love of your life, you’ve got this beautiful dream business. And it wasn’t for you to figure out all the steps of the how it was for you to energetically align yourself in your body in your energy field to that feeling of what you wanted to experience. So no, just totally like got hopped up on my soapbox there and went off. Do you remember what your question was about? I think it was like, What do you put in that space? And that’s what you put in that space. And first, never apologize for a soapbox. That is what this podcast is here for? Like you said, like putting the things back in the space. And one of the things I noticed that you just said in your conversation is you said, Oh, we think we move through the trauma. But then we think oh, thank you for moving past the trauma. But what a lot of people don’t realize is just saying I moved past this trauma puts you back in the trauma, because like you said earlier, what we say is becomes a repeated pattern. So you don’t really clear it, which is beautiful part of tapping.

Ah, what an incredible insight you just picked up on Chen Oh, my goodness, I mean, this is it. And so, so thank you for that because the other part of this is to be able to get to a place. full integration occurs when we can and I this is hard this is this is often a hard thing for people to hear until they begin experiencing experiencing it is when we can be grateful that that happened. Right when we can and my spiritual mentor Jordan joy Kingsborough likes to say when we can fully accept all of it, love all of it, right? Because it’s not happening now. It occurred in the past. And so we can go back and we can transform that experience. So that’s, that’s one of the other things we do in EFT is we love to work in the matrix. So we love to actually so any experience that you’ve had in the past, it’s cataloged, right, kind of like you save a photo on your phone and you save it to the iCloud. It’s literally the same with every experience we have in the past and they get stored in the cache. And whenever you choose to believe you can simply go back to that you can edit it, you can edit the video, edit the photograph, replay it, however you want to do it. And this is so powerful this work that we do in EFT called matrix reimprinting. My teacher taught it is called the younger you technique is so we can actually go back to that time in your life when you felt like you didn’t have the resources that you needed to process that experience fully and then you can process that experience fully. And then what happens is now you feel free you feel liberated, to be able to use your voice. really ask for what you want. Step out into this entrepreneur entrepreneurial landscape which is my passion is is really partnering with highly sensitive, intuitive and visionary women entrepreneurs like yourself, right and helping them create this experience of life and business.

This that is in full alignment for them. And so when we are able to heal this trauma from the past, and really transform it and integrate it in this way that I was just saying, then we’re able to come at our business with this beautiful, bold strategy, because I’m all about the strategy in business. But this is not strategy like strategy 101, from you know, all the patriarchal, whatever, who are telling us we need to do this this way. This is like, what do you want to do? How do you want to create it? How do you want to feel moving forward in your business? And I mean, I’m telling you this, the future of businesses, women,

because we are bringing this elevated consciousness to business. And I think in the next like, this decade, we are going to see this massive reach shifting, women are going to be running the show, alongside men who are connected to this balance between the divine feminine and divine masculine anyway, again, total soapbox woman, I love your soap box, bringing them. And I think there’s another thing that you just brought up that I know, recently, I’ve heard and I saw this post that was there had like 200 comments on it. Because someone’s like, do you want to tap into your divine feminine energy? And underneath that everyone was commenting? Like, no, we’re not supposed to be barefoot at home in the kitchen. And there’s that misconception about like, what that feminine energy and that masculine energy really is. Do you have any insights for people that don’t fully understand? We’re not talking about barefoot pregnant in the kitchen? We’re talking about this beautiful blend of harmony inside? Yeah. And I mean, and that’s okay. Right? If If you want to be barefoot pregnant in the kitchen, then fucking go get it create that experience for yourself. Right. But I think like what I’m hearing you saying is there is this there’s this gap in understanding. And this is why people like you and I are using our voices to share about it right because for me, divine feminine is a coming together in connection and community. One of my other mentors who I follow closely, her name is guru Jagat. She’s the creator of Rama, Rama, TV, Rama, I don’t know if you’re familiar with it. She’s a Kundalini Yoga yoga teacher. And she likes to say that community is the salv of the soul. And so for me divine feminine, is that it’s this, we there’s no need to be in competition. We don’t need to step on the little guy to get to the top. There’s more than enough money, resources, abundance, love, partnerships, all of that to go around.

And it’s being in alignment with your integrity, integrity and divine feminine for me go hand in hand, because if you are out of your integrity, then you are not being the fullest expression of who you are.

Does that answer your question? It does. Okay. I just thought it was just one of those things that has kept popping up is like, I’m noticing that people don’t understand when we say divine feminine and divine masculine. They’re thinking of it as gender

old society rules of gender status. And so I just I’m trying to bring that awareness because I’ve seen it a lot recently. And you brought that up that if our listeners are listening, and they haven’t dipped into those topics, that that’s what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about like that energy within not Yes. Not that society standards of what it used to be like when they are supposed to be. Yeah, it’s an honor. It’s an energetic for sure. Yes. And I entered another paradigm that shifting right like we are in this, there have been great paradigm shifts throughout history. And we are in a time when those paradigm shifts are coming fast and furious. And this is just another business paradigm that shifting right. So you know, if you are listening, and you are an entrepreneur, and you’re worried because maybe you’ve been in business for 510 1520 years, and it’s starting to feel different, and the foundations are shaking, and you don’t know what that means. And of course, it can be a scary place to be in especially when we rely on that income income. And especially if we’ve also defined who we are by what we’re creating, right who we are as my business, which is actually it will in Divine Feminine, you are all those things, but you’re not defined by any one thing that that you create, right. But there is this natural

crumbling of these systems that’s happening. I mean, I’m seeing it everywhere. And that was actually where my business was birthed from. The self love rebel brand was from network marketing and having my own experience of, you know, kind of hitting that that top being really successful, but then feeling emptier than ever. And looking around in the community and recognizing all of

These women who were literally killing themselves to reach an idea that was never meant for them, and that they actually didn’t want, truthfully. And it was really hurting them and hurting us, as a humanity as a society as a collective, to have all of these women in this entrepreneurial network marketing space that were really suffering.

And so this is where,

where I recognized that we needed to allow that crumbling to occur. But in that crumbling, you know, it’s like the phoenix rising from the ashes, like, what can we create? Oh, my gosh, the world is your oyster, what can you create in that space of crumbling, there’s nothing to fear because, in fact, what we’re creating, now we’re creating it on a more solid foundation, because you’re like, you know, we’ve kind of reached this point of, oh, like, I don’t even know what’s real, and not anymore. So you know, fuck it, I’m just gonna do what I want to do, instead of doing what I think I should do, because it looks like nobody knows what they’re doing.

And that’s actually how you create, in my opinion,

a solid foundation because you’ve released you have less fucks to give you’ve written you’ve released that need to play some sort of role and you can just be yourself.

And is that how self love rebel was born with being yourself and like saying, screw all of society’s standards? Like, I’m gonna do it my way? Oh, big time. Yeah. So I was doing a Facebook Live tapping in my free group that’s now called self love rebel women. And, and so I was just, you know, jamming back and forth with the women who were on and commenting. And it felt like a conversation. And it just popped out of out of my mouth. I said, you know, we need to be self love rebels. And this is, it’s a big and bold move to make, because, I mean, it’s such a heated, it’s such a heated thing to be a rebel. But now, it’s, I think it’s becoming cool. I always thought it’s cool to be a rebel. I mean, I’ve been, you know, tapping before tapping was cool. And I feel like it’s now you know, becoming more mainstream. But yes, that’s exactly where self love rebel came from. It was like, you know, we’re women who are in this direct sales company, that’s all about selling health and healing. And we’re sicker than ever. Right. So that’s rebellious to acknowledge that and say, I love myself enough to say the way that I’m doing this is not working. And this isn’t to say that there’s anything wrong with network marketing, because till I’m blue in the face, I will say those systems were not set up to be anything other than they are, it’s the way people within those systems interpret it, and the perspective with which they see it. So there’s beautiful opportunity in network marketing, and direct sales, but from this perspective of honoring who I am first, and not falling into this trap of being somebody that I think that I’m meant to be or that I’m being told to be, by my industry, or by my community, or people in it. And so that’s really where self love rebels from.

And I think that’s beautiful, because you are creating a space that has a void, because we have those extremes of like, rebels bad and then you have the people that take the word rebel that are that extreme, the other side. And it seems like what you’re saying is like, you’ve created this middle balance place of like, where you get to actually listen to you, your soul, your your, you get to connect and not work the 30 hours a day, even though there’s only 24. Sometimes we try to work, but

it doesn’t have to be like that. No, it’s a harmony. It’s a harmonization from that comes from within. Because when I mean I guess that’s just another fancy way of saying alignment. And when we are in that space, we

we just look at the world differently. Right? We don’t we don’t need to push through anything. We don’t need to hustle our way to anything. There’s no timeline, there’s no rush. Right? We just we’re open to the flow. And like I said before, I’m all about strategy. And I love to work. We I truly believe that we were not meant to come here and just coast and you can coast. Nothing needs people who want to coast. But we are meant to have an experience here right on this planet in this time. And in order to have that fullest experience. In my opinion, you need to be willing to put out output. Right? So part of my quote unquote work is walking my dog in the forest every day. It’s tough, having my own tapping practice meditating, journaling, meeting with my own coaches, going for coffee with a girlfriend, taking a nap if I need to, like that is part of my work and I work fucking hard. Right I work

At that, but then when it’s time when that when that inspiration is flowing. I mean, you’re in my group, you’ve seen my group, and I am willing to come in and I’m willing to work, right? I know how to create a beautiful experience of a launch of a program. I love connecting women together in groups. I love working one on one with women, and I show up for that all the time. But I follow the inspired energy that brings me there, I don’t push I don’t hustle. I don’t force and because of that, because I’ve so many people who say, well, then how do you ever get out of just walking in the in the forest with any and meditating and tapping and napping? How I get out of that is because I’m so committed to this work that I’m doing, including the work on myself, that the actual like that quote, unquote, work that people are familiar with, like the brass tacks, you know, putting creating something in the material world that you can see and touch and feel the money coming into your bank account, the clients, all those things, it just flows. It just flows. And you won’t really experience that flow until you commit to doing it. But you are the first piece of work that has to be done. Always, always always. So tapping, meditating, journaling, working with a coach, clearing that trauma from your past, just getting familiar with using your voice with feeling safe being seen, allowing yourself to be more of who you are like that is the most important foundational work. And then when you start to do that, you’ll find oh my gosh, like, I want to create something, right? I want to create a business, I want to create a program, I want to have this massive launch, I want to be on a stage in front of, you know, 1000s of people, that begins to feel like the natural next step. And you didn’t even need to figure out the how you did it because you worked on you. So that’s the work. We’re here to work and get I don’t remember what we started talking about.

But this is like this is this, is it. This is it, in my opinion.

And so there’s just so many things that you just said, like, I’m so sorry, I’m allowing it No, no, I’m just I’m doing a recap just because that’s how I like to process things. But like that flow, that’s that divine energy, feminine energy that we’re talking about allowing that energy to flow in and out, you know, allowing it to be successful in a way. But what really stood out to me is you’re like, I did it my way. Like I have a strategy. But the strategy isn’t do this step this that this step, it’s to connect with yourself and allow that energy to bubble up so you can share it with the world. And that’s what’s lacking in the business world. And it makes like, that’s why I kept touching my heart because it was like this. This is what lights me up. This is why I’ve created this space is that I want to create that shift with you guys want that shift to be like, we don’t have to hustle. We don’t have to live by strategy X, Y, Z to be successful. You have the life that you’re desiring. When you’re ready to level up, you will allow that energy to bubble up. And I think that’s just that’s such a beautiful place. And that’s a beautiful thing that you’re doing.

Yeah, well, and it just and same with you. I feel your energy. You’re so incredible. I love being here with you. I feel this. And I feel like you and I are the perfect example of this divine feminine coming together. I mean, think about the ripple effect that you and I you’re like I don’t want to recall your like, Lord, don’t say ripple, think about the tsunami

event. I know your brand now, right? Think about the tsunami that we’re creating simply by holding the space for this really excited energy that we both feel right now. And I think so many people get really bogged down by the how. And it makes me sad, because of course I can empathize with that have been there. Oh my goodness, I’m only a bajillion times, right.

But this the how it just what you just said so beautifully, it bubbles up. And we instinctively and intuitively know the steps forward. And that voice becomes clearer and clearer, the more clear you are with who you are and what you want. And that’s really it.

And I love that that’s that’s your message like that’s what the self love rebel is. So speaking of that, because we’ve talked about like you have these groups and stuff, I will make sure to get them all in the show notes. But where is your favorite place for people to connect with you?

My favorite place for people to connect with me is in my private Facebook group on Facebook. It’s a free group. It’s open to anyone who identifies as a she her and it’s called self love rebel women

impact and money making visionary intuitive entrepreneurs. So I spent a lot of time there. You can also find me on Instagram at self dot love dot rebel and you can also check out my website self love rebel calm and what else to tell you and I just signed up for tik tok literally yesterday.

So I’m excited about Tick Tock because as you can tell, I just want to like I can get up and give like a little 22nd like one to puncher and I don’t know why I resisted it for so long, but maybe maybe you can check me out on check me out on Tick Tock. I’m gonna say check me out and on Tick Tock. I am self love rebel.

That’s awesome. I want to end with my one of my all time favorite one. I have a whole bunch of favorite questions. I should stop saying this is my favorite question, because they’re all my favorite questions. Perfect. Sorry, not sorry. But if somebody only walked away with one little like you said, those 22nd nuggets, what would you want that nugget to be?

You didn’t tell me that I had to answer this question. succinctly. This is not my thing. Can you tell him a verbal processor? process, but we can get to the q&a again through the process? Okay, I’ve got it. I’ve got it. Always be looking for the possibilities. Always, always look for the possibilities. And what does that mean? We spend so much time looking for answers to problems. What happens if instead of looking for an answer to the problem, we look for the possibility in this situation? What else could this look like? What am I not seeing here? How could this feel instead? Look for the possibility it will change? Everything, everything.


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