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The Perfectly Imperfect Entrepreneur

Your Friendly Podcast Junkie

Inspiring women to lean into your authentic self, find your voice, share your magic, and build a High Impact Tribe with Podcasting and being a Guest Expert

Community | Connection | Confidence

Podcast Host: Feed your Body with Love. Ranked #52 in the top 100 Self-Love Podcasts to listen to in 2020. Creating a Tsunami os Self-Love

Location: Sonoma Country, California

Outside Business Enjoys: Horses, Dogs, The Ocean, Crystals, Oracle Cards, Self Proclimaed Chef, Off-Road Princess, Pilot, Your BFF, Meditation and Healing Goddess

Imperfect Podcast Junkie

Jenn has been told she bring out the FUN to any place she shows up. Might not the life of the party, but I can light up your LIFE and show you you are imporatnt!

In 2020, before the lockdown, she started her first podcast. It was a  Passion Project to be a TSUNAMI of SELF-LOVE! As she spent time working on her podcast she fell in love with how powerful podcasts are and wanted to give other women a voice and platform too.

But like her struggles with sharing her message, it was scary to get their voices out. She spent many years being beaten down by people in my past and society told her she wasn’t enough. Jenn struggled with not feeling important enough to be a podcaster or even a business owner. But pushed forward!

Now she is inspiring others to connect to their authentic self, let go of social standards, and get paid to BE WHO they are through her programs.


Formal Education

Associates in Visual Communication

Associates in Social and Behavioural Science

Bachelor’s in Business Marketing

Master in Business Management



Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Registered Hatha Yoga Teacher

EFT Tapping Practitioner

Therapeutic Art Coach

NLP Practitioner

Reiki Master and Teacher

Licenced Private Pilot

FUN FACT: I’m a licensed private pilot. WHY?!?! Because one of my biggest fears was flying!

A little more about me

I love learning and love sharing with others what I learn, after all, it is part of my HUMAN DESIGN to be a ROLE MODEL and a SCIENTIST/MARTYR! I do it the hard way, so others can do it the easy way!

I am a lover of all things outdoors, animals, and all things that can connect me to the planet. I was using energy healing on my grandparents when I was 3 years old, intuitive.

Life has been a crazy rollercoaster of chronic illnesses, pain, endless learning (which I love), and not taking things too seriously. It’s taken me years to realize what I really wanted in life and how I am meant to be present in this world.

I left my finance career at the end of 2017 and never looked back. I knew I was meant for more than the cubical life and been on a journey to find my thing ever since.

I may look like a jack of all trades, which I am. But I’ve mastered those trades which makes me and my work so much more powerful. I feel blessed every day.

I’m a homegrown Northern California girl that loves to get dirty. You will find me in the garden, out in the pasture with Miss Faith, the amazing quarter horse I get to hang out with all the time, walking Miss Rocky our rescued mutt, or doing something that some of you might think is crazy.

I’m great to have you around on those days you just feel like being spontaneous! As well, on the days you feel your world is crashing down on you!  I love being a rock when people need it or the push when patterns need to be broken!

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What Topics is Jenn and Expert in?

-Using a Podcast to Grow your Business

-How to be a Profitable Guest Expert

-The power of being a Guest Expert

-The Perfectly Imperfect Entrepreneur Business Strategy

-Ditching perfectionism

-Finding yourself by releasing the “shoulds”

-How Podcasting changed my life? It saved me!

-My spiritual awakening

-Finding your VOICE and being paid to BE YOU


Things Jenn is Open to being vulnerable about

-Spiritual Shaming

-Money Stories

-Finding the bright side of Chronic Illness

-Finding joy in the small things

-Finding things to be grateful for when your life is falling appart


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