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A special BONUS from my friend Raditia.

 Today we are learning about mindfulness and how important it is in our life.  This is part 1 of 3 in this BONUS series. Check back next week for easy mindfulness practice and start implementing mindfulness into your life and business, and watch the magic unfold.

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Finding Happiness in the Present Moment

A FREE 6-week workshop on how to implement mindful practices into your life
Starts on Wed Mar 2, 2022
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During this 6-week workshop (no fee), we will explore different aspects of mindfulness and how you can implement it into your life.

The primary learning objectives of this course will provide you with a greater awareness of your surroundings, feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and habits. Additionally, you will find out how you can become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Each session will entail a theme explored in a talk, a specific meditation practice, and inquiries about your experience. Here are the themes we will investigate:

– What is Mindfulness?
– Mindfulness of Body
– Mindfulness of Feelings
– Mindfulness of Mind
– Mindfulness of Community
– Practicing Mindfulness Daily

This course is a foundation on being more familiar with mindfulness and bringing it closer to your daily life.

If you want to receive the most significant impact, it is recommended to ensure you can attend every session.




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Unknown Speaker 0:00 because here at feed your business with love, we want to offer you all of the things that can really benefit you and your business, Mind Body, Soul spirit. So that’s why I brought in my friend Rudy’s here to give you this three part bonus series on mindfulness. Why mindfulness? Well, she will tell you all about that. But it helps you get through those moments, you just want to throw in the towel as an entrepreneur, it brings you back to center back to self, and can provide you with so many answers. So without further ado, here is part one of this amazing three part series. Unknown Speaker 0:39 My name is Rita Lazarus, I created mindful being to raise awareness to the present moment. You can find me on Instagram, YouTube, and my website on the mindful being Welcome to the three series introduction to mindfulness, finding happiness in the present moment. During these three sessions, I want to bring mindfulness closer to you. I know currently, it’s a lot of it’s a buzzword. So everywhere you look and go, it’s all about mindfulness and being more mindful and aware of what’s happening around us. And I love that there is so much attention put to mindfulness. Do we really know what mindfulness is and what it all does and where it came from? Well, not long ago, I was just as oblivious as you might be. I knew that it came from the Buddhist teachings, but I didn’t realize the actual origin. And so as I am getting deeper into these teachings into this practice, I realize how we have to pay attention not only to be more mindful, also to where the origins are from and why we need to practice mindfulness. Because I noticed one thing, it’s not about just knowing that it’s important, it’s about applying it to the way we live, to the way we connect with one another the way we connect to ourselves. And this is where mindfulness really becomes the goal to for me. So what is mindfulness, you might already have your own definition of what mindfulness is, I’m just giving you a few moments here to reflect on what mindfulness is in your own words. Unknown Speaker 3:10 So mindfulness to me, is paying attention to what’s happening in the present moment, as it arises, without wanting it to be different, without judgment, and becoming aware, on our breath. That what mindfulness is to me, you will find a whole lot of different kind of definitions of what mindfulness is. So for you is just to find maybe a definition that really resonates with you and adjust it to how you make mindfulness show up in your life. And as I mentioned, my definition around the breath and judgment. It’s some of those parts that make us thrive. Because it pushes us as we go through our days, we have something that we want it to be, there is an accomplishment that we want to have there is a piece that we want at the end of the days to get through it. And all we’re focusing on throughout our days is how do we get there? We’re missing the moment by wanting to go there to be over there and have it a chief. That goal that we have in our minds with our businesses, is only hindering us in actually noticing what’s going on right here. Because then the society that we’re living in right now. going slow Whoa. And taking each day for what it is, is not really encouraged. We are asked to do multiple things at the same time. Maybe even right now, as you’re listening to this, you’re not only listening to this, you might also drive somewhere, you might also walk somewhere, and possibly even doing it on the side while doing the dishes or something else that you can do something else at. And today, I really want to focus on how we try to do so many things at the same time. And what for, to ask ourselves, why am I wanting to do all these things at the same time? Why do I need to listen to something while driving while getting changed while cooking, eating? And all these other tasks that we do throughout the day? Why do I want to do multiple things? And the answer might be very simple. I want to get it done with I want to use this opportunity to get more done. And I again, have to ask another question, why do I have this need to have it done. And it happens to me all the time, that I am catching myself wanting to get stuff off my to do list. Maybe it’s just something that we know we have to get done. And it’s all about how we think about things, how we relate to them. And so that’s what mindfulness truly is, is being aware that our thoughts are racing, that there is stress arising, there is frustration and curiosity happening, that we noticed that there is multiple things happening at the same time. And the more we realize how much actually is happening at the same time, the easier it becomes for us to be okay to do less. So the key of mindfulness is not only to do less, but to be more. So with this, I want to invite you once again, to take a look at your daily routines, at the way you work, and how you handle your thoughts of judgment, expectations, stress, overwhelm, Unknown Speaker 8:02 and not being enough cause us doing more, doesn’t mean we actually accomplish more. Because in the end, this present moment, right right now is the most valuable moment that you can ever have. Because the future is not guaranteed that the tasks that you’re going to complete in the future is not guaranteed that that’s the end. Because there will be more tasks to do more thoughts to think, and more judgments to have. So by taking this moment to understand what mindfulness truly is, because mindfulness is the awareness of body, observation of mind, observation of feelings, as well as the objects of mind, which are part of our senses, like the senses we take in from the external world, like sound, sight, taste, smell, touch. And with the increase of this awareness of mindfulness, of remembering to be present, and paying attention, we allow ourselves to notice what the senses from the outside world, how they affect us on the inside world. So I hope this little introduction to mindfulness has brought a little bit more clarity on how we can bring mindfulness into our everyday lives into the tasks that we do with more presence and awareness on Now, and this is how you will find happiness in the present moment by taking each moment for what it is without wanting to change without judgment while connecting to our breath. So stay tuned for our next session when we are meditating together. And you will be able to observe your body and your breath and notice how being present and still will bring a lot of new information to you. So thank you so much for listening. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Thank you

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