Hello Queen!

Are you ready to live like the Queen you were meant to be? Live your life with confidence, clarity, and connection to your true self. Ready to push self-doubt and body shaming to the curb once and for all and STEP into a life where you feel beautiful, worthy, and abundant!

If you answered yes, QUEEN! Come join our Queendom!


You get stuck in patterns that hold you back from your vision of your dream life by

  • Not going after your dreams because what happens if you fail. Other people might think less of me?
  • Hating your body. It’s too big, too small, not what you believe your ideal client is looking for. 
  • You make less money than you know you can as you have stories with money such as too much money makes you greedy.
  • The relationships that aren’t working you stay in them as you are afraid to leave. 
  • You care more about what other people think than what you think.

A transformation that will blow your mind.


  • Be confident in your business, your offer, and feel excited about sharing your gifts, and MAKING THE MONEY you Deserve!
  • Love the body you are in, RIGHT NOW. No diets or exercise programs needed!
  • Have a deeper, more connected relationships with self, others, and purpose!
  • Live confident in your skin, own your body type, and see your beauty!
  • See the beautiful Queen looking back at you in the mirror, every day!
  • A group of GIRLFRIENDS that support you UNCONDITIONALLY!
  • Confidently pursue your real passion and make it your reality!
  • Connection with other women on the Queenly journey!

A community that helps you grow. 


You will have 24/7 access to a community of like-minded women, who are all committed to being confident, growth, and empowerment. These women excited to share ideas, be open with struggles, discuss this work, and help you when you are struggling in your own journey. A community of QUEENs rising TOGETHER. 

You are not alone in your journey and as others are willing to share their journey you will feel safe and confident in changing your life. Feeling heard and supported by a group of strong women will support you in stepping into living the CONFIDENT Queenly life of your dreams. You deserve that life!

Together we RISE!

Conversations that will help dig deep and

RELEASE what is not serving your vesion success.


It is about clearing the clutter of those body-shaming thoughts so you can fall in love with yourself, again.

No more restriction, forcing your body to change, or hiding your body from the public. Just a lot of living an amazing, healthy, extremely happy life.

Release the shame that most women carry around that shows up as imposter syndrome, anxiety, and people-pleasing.

I got you, Beautiful QUEEN!


The deets about what’s included:

2 Monthly Sisterhood Circles held on ZOOM

1 Monthly 30 minutes Unstuck 1:1 Session ($67 value)

Weekly  NEW Tapping, Meditation, or Movement Exercise

Daily Accountability Prompts

BONUS Sisterhood Circles for MOON rituals and Masterclasses

Weekly Exercises and Teachings to support you on your self-confidence journey!

All current courses while in the sisterhood

Sisterhood Circles

Private Community

Monthly 1:1 Unstuck Session


Confidence Blueprint 

We all can create the best plans to change our lives, but soon we fall short! That’s why accountability and community are important. Making a massive change in your life around your confidence in your body, life, and business is some scary stuff! With my support and the love from the sisterhood you always have a cheering squad of QUEENS that are on the journey right beside you, lifting you up when you feel you want to give up!

We focus on confidence as it allows you to tackle your limiting beliefs, past traumas, and addictions to the dieting industry that tells you to change your body (for their profit). How you feel in your body plays a huge role in what your life looks like, think relationships with yourself, food, others, and how much growth you are seeing in your business. Stepping into a confident presence allows you to take full ownership of your gifts and build the dream life, you Queen, deserve and desire!

See you soon, QUEEN