Find your Voice

Oftentimes we get lost in the overwhelm of this world. Being a woman and trying to meet society’s standards of what we should look like, how we should act, and how we should run our businesses. There’s a lot of “shoulds” in there!

The “should” life gets lonely and eventually your feel like a shell, just DOING life, not BEING LIFE.

Together we go on a journey to find what you’re REALLY LIKE in life, those things that LIGHT YOU UP and make you say it’s too easy and fun to be called a business.

You are one-of-a-kind and the way you find your version of success will be a one-of-a-kind process. Don’t get stuck in the noise. Allow yourself to embrace YOU!

As a thought leader, change-maker, and someone ready to leave a massive impact on the world, you know it takes more than a cookie-cutter approach to get there. And you know leaders don’t level-up alone so that’s where my magic comes in.

As a questioner and someone that can hold a safe space for you to process out the steps and provide the wisdom, I have learned on my journey when asked. We can unleash your magic so you can make MASSIVE IMPACT!


30-day intensive breakthrough program. I’m at your fingertips. We dig into what you truly want in life. Look at the things holding you back and work through those blocks.

Together we remove the strategy you are using that is making you overwhelmed and stalled so you can take massive messy action.

If you are feeling lost in what you should be doing? You aren’t loving what you are doing and you feel like to are just DOING life not living life. We should chat!


4 hours of one-on-one sessions to be used as you like. You can break them up into 30 or 60 minutes sessions to be used in 30 days.

Support via WhatsApp between calls during office hours.

Worksheets and support documents as needed


Having one central person and place to turn. That’s what makes this special. With the intensive training I have in so many different fields, we really can work together to make a “self-strategy” that works for your life and business. There are no cookie cutters here.

Just like you are unique and one of a kind. This allows you to get a one-of-a-kind approach to finding your voice and true passion and creating the roadmap to make it happen!

Launch your Podcast

You think podcasting is scary, overwhelming, expensive, have fears of being laughed at, or worse… 

Taking all that time to create your podcast and no one to show up. 


I get it. I was there!

In February of 2020 (you remember that time right, LOL) I decided podcasting was no longer going to be a bucket list idea, it hit my to-do list. That day I launched it. I did all the things, pushed all the buttons, and by November of 2020 the Feed your Body with Love Podcast ranked #52 on the TOP 100 Self-Love Podcasts to listen to in 2020.

Now as I level up my podcast this year. I am inspiring others to start their podcasts, too.

What makes me and this program different is I have the strategy of not just how to do it my way, but how other experts are running their podcasts. 


Who wants to start a PODCAST but feels frozen as to where to start?

You don’t need all the fancy shit to make an IMPACT! 

I’m going to share how I’m doing it! How I took the overwhelm out of the process and made it fun.

And I will be by your side every step of the way and support you in launching your podcast!


1. Access to me and the support of all the new podcasters that are releasing into the world.

2. Immediate Access to the DIY Podcast Launch Course! This way you can go at your own pace or you can come along for the monthly launch inside the community!

3. Lifetime Access to the community and all the training videos. The best part, as I learn new things you will get access to those new lessons and training too!  FOREVER! It’s the gift that just keeps giving! Meaning you will be getting access to the office hours FOREVER. This is helpful when you get stuck in the overwhelm or creative block!

4. Open ZOOM Office Hours for you to pop in and get extra support during your launch.

5. Monthly Workshops. These are where I open up my schedule and help you get launched with all the support and handholding you desire! These happen one week a month. A great time to go ZERO to LAUNCHED in 30 days or Less!

4. BONUS: 1 (one) 60 minute 1:1 Strategy Session. This is a great way to PUSH to get started! ($150 value)


No more stuck in perfectionism mode!

 Go from zero to launch during our MONTHLY Workshop INTENSIVE Week if you wish.

OR use the DIY course for launching and launch at your own speed, with the support of the community if you need to take it at your own pace.

EITHER WAY, you have access to me along the way from DAY ONE!

*Remember I launched my Feed your Body with Love Podcast in 1 day. I’ve learned some things in the process. So I know it’s possible.

Are you ready to start your podcast?

Create  Impact 

The impact is the imprint you leave on the world. MY BIG impact involves serving others and allowing that service to fund a horse rescue.

Too many times we fear talking about wanting to make a LOT OF MONEY, but the truth is, with more money we can leave a bigger impact.

Together we look at your vision and take the time to dedicate how it feels GOOD for you to create your impact. 

We create a game plan that works for you in the long run. That’s the magic of working one on one together with me. As some who has degrees and certificates, I’ve learned easy ways to make things work for you!

No cookie-cutter programs here. 

Your business and success will look like NO ONE ELSES in the world, and that’s the magic. Together we clear the noise, find your passions, create a road map on the roads less traveled, allow you to share your magic, and CREATE massive IMPACT with all the money you have allowed into your life through your GIFTS!


This is really where the magic happens. It’s a 6-month adventure TOGETHER!

In the beginning, you will need more sessions and towards the end, I know you will be flowing and just need little nudges.

I will pour all my love, wisdom, and support into you over these six months.

You will have 1:1 sessions, access to the membership community, access to me through WhatsApp (let’s be clear there are some boundaries here) But if you ask any of my clients you will know. I really am there when you need it!

Sometimes it’s a quick message back and forth and sometimes we need to go deeper!

This is the one-stop-shop to find yourself, find your passion, launch your passion into the world, and get paid for that magic hiding deep inside! You got this!




You get 40 hours of 1:1 Support to schedule when you like. Have a block, let’s talk!

Missions from our sessions together, if you choose to accept them.

You will get access to all my masterclasses!

Create specialized meditations, EFT Tappings, or Art Sessions to work through your BLOCKS

LIFETIME ACCESS to the membership Community

and a CLEAR PLAN to move forward with a fun and easy!


The support when you are feeling stuck 

Access to my entire bank of knowledge. Meaning use me for business, marketing, mindset, limiting beliefs, trauma pattern release, and so much more.

There is no more feeling stuck and doing it someone else’s way that makes you feel overwhelmed. 

This is about going on a journey that allows you to find your thing and create the magical life you desire!

Schedule your FREE Consolation call today and we can see if we are a good team. During this call, we will work through one block together and come up with a clear next step!

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