Podcasting for your Soul

The only 90 day soul aligned course and podcast launch system that starts with owning your true self, reigniting your fire, and creating your tsunami as you are too magical for a ripple.

It’s time to AWAKEN THE DEITY inside your by sharing your VOICE!

What if you could finally start making sales without the hustle and burnout?

This Mastermind supports you in building a soul-aligned business that magnetizes your soul-aligned clients into your business without the shoulds keeping you on the hamster wheel of one-size-fits-all biz model.

I get it. I too have been in burnout, almost throw in the towel mode… Until Podcasting

Maybe you are miserable, stuck in the overwhelm of perfectionism, people pleasing with no self-confidence to push you forward. I was there too! It feels like crap.

Maybe you are ovwehmed by al the gurus and business coaches shoving information down your throat that just isn’t working for you. Trust me it’s as bad as the DIET Industry out there. It’s not a one size fits all approach.

Or worse, maybe you are feeling like an imposter in your own life and don’t know how to FIND that inner FIRE GODDESS again.

Trust Me, I UNDERSTAND. I spent the first 5 years in my business in that same struggle. 

It’s time to take off the hustle badge of honor, step off that shitty hamster wheel, and start walking towards that life you dream of. And that starts from within.

Podcasting for your Soul

If I could wave a magic wand, what would your business look like in 6 month?


Would you have finally stepped off that stupid hamster wheel of Soul-Sucking Social Media strategy that has been running you dry? Giving you more time for the important things, like seeing paying clients. 

Would you be sharing your magic with the world with confidence, because you finally let go of the beliefs that you are not worthy or enough to have your dream life. Would sharing your magic have a new number in your bank account that allows you to GIVE BACK in a way the feels like a full body orgamism. 

Would you have given up sales calls, and traded them for authentic connection. Serving from a place of love, instead of fear or stress about money magatizes you and your offers. People will flock begging you to take their credit cards.


Confidence in yourself and your services so you can make the money you need to have the life they desire and leave an impact on the planet.

Take you passion, rediscover play, and be paid to be all of YOU! Allow for ease and flow. 

Sick of Being Miserable and stuck in overwhelm, perfectionism, people pleasing, lack of self confidence and trust.

Stuck in PUSH and never allowing FLOW to happen which has led to NO MONEY, NO CLIENTS, and Struggle to keep a float. Always looking on HOW TO MAKE MONEY, and never acting to create the income! Not feeling good enough (unworthy). 

If you are ready to get off the struggle bus, own your own magic, and allow abundance to flow to your, this program is for you! The world needs you change-maker!

Overwhelmed by outside information

feel that they are a failure because someone else’s strategy failed them which leads to no money, no clients, and more struggle

If you are ready to let go of the strategies that are not longer serving you and create a success business on your own terms join us and let’s rise together as our own unique deity’s.

This is my zone of GENIUS. Since I have so much education and experience we can find that right FIT FOR YOU and YOUR BUSINESS!

Stop Focusing on the wrong things

No more allowing outside influences to lead them to the wrong pasture. Living by someone else’s strategy. Not looking inward to see what they really want relying on others to tell them what they want.


Breakfree from the Soul-Sucking Chains of Social Media and a Strategy that leaves you spinning!

Creating the space where you can really dig into who you are, to the core, finding that magic that lights you up and guiding you to spread your MAGIC like the Tsunami Impact it deserves. We do this together in a way that HONORS you a PERSON and no one system will work for everyone. 

And it all starts with LOVING YOURSELF unconditionally, unapologetic, and embracing the freedom of Perfectly Imperfect Living!

soooo easy to launch with zero excuses and an amazing community of ladies”

Get INNNN. Best Decision EVER!
Thank you, Jennifer, for making this soooo easy to launch with zero excuses and an amazing community of ladies!
I had been wanting to start a podcast for over a year but between being told how much money it costs, how much time it takes, and how much it wasn’t a money-making activity I just gave up. I never gave up the desire…so when Jennifer launched this program I was like what do I have to lose. Let’s see if I can do this. And I could not have made a better decision. Not only did she walk us through all the techy stuff, but she herself learned additional platforms to assist us on what we chose to use.
On top of that, the open office support was unreal. I never expected the price to receive as much support as I did. She helped me realize my voice and it’s being heard was way more important than the imperfections I might bring. If you are looking to start a podcast I’d highly recommend Jennifer and her program. I don’t believe I would have made the leap without her and her support!

Bridgit Norris



The part that most programs and podcasters are missing and that area that really needs support is the on the days you want to give up, feel unworthy, under-educated, undervalued, uninspired, and like an imposter!

I have fun tools that help you when you get stuck creativity UNBLOCK.

I have easy tools to use when you feel like an imposter.

I support you along the way!

I’m there to make sure you aren’t part of the 75% club. You don’t want to be there! That is the percent of podcasts that STOP, FLOP, and JUST SIT uninspired! 

Your business will benefit because:

  1. You Will Release perfectionism 
  2. Move through emotional blocks faster
  3. Discover the actual block and release it
  4. Breakfree and feel confident in being yourself and breaking society’s norms
  5. Ease to create an impact and be a leader
  6. The clarity in your own desires
  7. Releasing the  noise of past mentors or internet gurus that are not serving them
  8. Creating a movement with momentum. Being a change-maker in the world.

Let me speed up the process:

  1. No more googling the how-to and getting overwhelmed
  2. No more seeking self, they know what they really want and are going for it
  3. Laser focus on what you really want
  4. Find actual desires that are SELF DRIVEN
  5. The clarity to stop spinning. Nore more hamster wheel. 
  6. Stop people-pleasing so they can feel good being yourself
  7. Confidence in your own MESSAGE | MAGIC

Your Story and GIFTS deserve the MIC without  OVERWHELM and PERFECTIONISM stopping you!  Done is better than PERFECT!

What You’ll Learn

To step into the masculine and let’s launch your podcast based on your souls fire then step into your feminine flow and allow yourself to receive clients and money. How do you want to show up to the world. Inspired Authentic Client Attraction Plan and how to Call in your tribe in a way that feels like a FULL BODY HELL YES! If it doesn’t feel juicy, exciting, fun, and a little scary… YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!



Discover | Who you are meant to be

    The world needs your Magic



    Do you feel lost? Overwhelmed? Or like you are just making your way through your life. Do you look in the mirror and not recognize yourself.  You feel like a shell of a human, just moving through your life from one “I should be doing this” to another.

    Has personal devolvement or business development taken over your life and left no time for play. Do you feel like you have done all the things, showed up, and all you have to show is a bunch of certificates, big holes in your bank accounts from coaches and programs, and STILL no profits?

    Just like feeding yourself, each person requires an individual path to success.  And that’s where my jack of all trades comes in and the power of working through things as a community. The power of a collective mind!

    Let’s find your true self again, empower you to GRAB a mic, and use the beautiful platform of podcasts to gain authority and make an impact in the lives around the world.

    MODULE TWO | Embody your NEW MINI-OFFER for Passive Profits

    EMBODY  | Embody your Passive Income Offer

    We go through how you want to leave an impact on the world. This would be the “Design it” phase. Creating a Soul Aligned Mini Course that you can use to profit from your podcast.

    Together we will work to build a business behind the podcast that allows you to make a bigger impact by getting you paid for those gifts!

    The time is now to stop hiding, to find your true self, to give up the people-pleasing, and to live perfectly imperfect!

    The impact is the imprint you leave on the world. MY BIG impact involves serving others and allowing that service to fund a horse rescue.

    Too many times we fear talking about wanting to make a LOT OF MONEY, but the truth is, with more money we can leave a bigger impact.

    Together we look at your vision and take the time to dedicate how it feels GOOD for you to create your impact. 

    It’s time to have fun in your business! 




      MODULE THREE | Launch or RELAUNCH Your Soul Aligned Podcast

      Inspire the WORLD and LEAVE an IMPACT

      Your Story and GIFTS deserve the MIC without  OVERWHELM and PERFECTIONISM stopping you!  Done is better than PERFECT!

      GET YOUR PODCAST LAUNCHED and Growing in 14 days with a strategy to keep you GOING for your first season! 

      NO MORE Excuses to NOT Start your Podcast

      You don’t need all the fancy shit to make an IMPACT!

      I’m going to share how I’m doing it! How I took the overwhelm out of the process and made it fun.

      And I will be by your side every step of the way and support you in launching your podcast!

      Launch your podcast in a way that is aligned to your mini-offer and start montizing your show out the gate!

      Make making an IMPACT fun and PROFITABLE

      by being UNIQUELY you!


        MODULE FOUR | Grow… Be Seen and Heard

        TRANSFORM | You and Your Tribe 

        Podcasting, Video, Live Events, Creating a Movement. How do they want to share their message with the world and leave their impact? Skyrocket your confidence through podcasting. This is a great place to start building your confidence. Podcasts is fun, forgiving, and can really leave an impact on the world without having to be overwhelmed. It’s amazing the longevity and authority you can build with podcasting. Start their strategy to attack their tribe. Share their message. Teach the new leaders how to be leaders and change makers. How to gather other leaders to make a massive MOVEMENT and TRANSFORM an outdated or harmful thing in the world to bring more fun, happiness, pleasure, and love to the world. You can be a ripple alone, build a tribe that creates a TSUNAMI of change. 

          They know who they are. They know who they serve. They know How they want to make an impact. Now it’s time to build a tribe so their impact becomes stronger. Together we RISE.



          MODULE FIVE Creating your Signature Offer

          Your Legacy Awaits | No more RIPPLE

          This is where you look at what you are currently doing and PIVOT to grow to the next level. This is your legacy and as you grow, you will want to PIVOT! And to create your SOUL ALIGNED SIGNATURE OFFER! 

          Because with each uplevel it’s time to go to the next level, if you are growing you are dying.

          Oftentimes we get lost in the overwhelm of this world. Being a woman and trying to meet society’s standards of what we should look like, how we should act, and how we should run our businesses. There’s a lot of “shoulds” in there!

          The “should” life gets lonely and eventually your feel like a shell, just DOING life, not BEING LIFE. 

          Together we go on a journey to find what you’re REALLY LIKE in life, those things that LIGHT YOU UP and make you say it’s too easy and fun to be called a business

          You keep telling me your voice wants to be heard, yet you are still hiding in the corner! I’m here to pass you the MIC! It is time to get your VOICE into the WORLD. Your MAGIC needs to be heard!

          Why not use podcasting to share your GIFTS with the world? Fear? Doubt? Overwhelm?

          That stops today!

          Is trying to be PERFECT actually moving you FORWARD. Start with imperfect action and it keeps FUN in the FOREFRONT!

            Core Curriculum: 5 Soul Aligned Business Modules ($5555)

            12 weekly Business Soul Sister Calls ($5555) 

            1 Week Integration Week + Community Support

            1- 1:1 Onboarding + Intention Strategy ($555)

            1-1:1 Offer Mastery Session ($555)

            1- 1:1 Podcast Launch Strategy Session ($555)

            1-1:1 Next Step Personalize GROWTH Support Call ($555)

            Private Facebook Community for 90 days + Support with Your Copy ($2222)

            Done-4-U templates ($2222)

            Podcast tech support ($1111)

            Tools (Practices) ($777)

            Feedback and guidance inside the community for Offer and Podcast ($2222)

            TOTAL VALUE $20K+ *But Not Even Close to Your Investment

            Limited Time Bonus Offers


            24 Hr Bonus 1

            Bonus 1:1 Business Strategy/Support Session ($555)

            *MAKING A TOTAL OF 5 1:1 CALLS

            This is extra hands-on support to work on your tech, your copy, or any aspect you need a little extra support with 


            $555 VALUE



            24 Hr Bonus 2

            Access to the CORE CURRICULUM FOR LIFE! This means when I update the course, you get access to all the goodies.

            Marketing, Podcasting and the way we do business online is constantly changing. This way you get to stay up to date!

            $2000VALUE +




            Pay-In-Full Bonuses

            1. An extra 3 Months of Community Support ($5555 Value) So a total of 6 months inside community
            2. Bonus 1:1 Business Strategy/Support Session ($555)

            * MAKING A TOTAL OF 6 1:1 CALLS

            $6000 VALUE+


             Pay in full

            one-time payment of


              Payment Plan

              3 payments of


                My Guarantee

                As the offering I provide is something that I pour my heart and soul into, NO REFUNDS will be issued. However, if you have done the work with reasonable effort in the allotted time frame and need support LONGER than the time provided,  you will be given access to the community support for as long as you need to create your mini-offer and launch your podcast. I know this mastermind will work if you put in the effort, that’s why I’ll continue to work with you if you are making the effort!

                It’s easy now!
                It’s fun! “

                Jenn is the bomb, makes it so easy!

                It’s all coming together

                The confidence is growing! The fire  is building

                It’s easy now! It’s fun! You launched your course at the perfect time! Thank you

                Lucy Smith

                In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Jenn

                Your Overeducated Podcast Deity

                I may have a Master’s in Marketing and Management and certifited in 7 different modalities but nothing compared to the life changes I made through podcasting. 

                In 2020, before the lockdown, I started my first podcast. My Passion Project to be a TSUNAMI of SELF-LOVE! I fell in love with how powerful podcasts are and BOOM I wanted to give other women a voice and platform too.

                My first podcast ranked #52 in the top 100 Self-Love Podcasts to listen to in 2020, which made my heart so happy. My Mission is to help others find the confidence to get on podcasts, either as a host or as a guest! Podcasting is such a powerful tool, too many businesses don’t use it!

                The confidence part is huge. My clients, like me, thought it was scary to get their voices out. I had been beaten down by people in my past and society told me I wasn’t enough. So why was I important enough to be a podcaster or even a business owner.


                Have a question?


                Do I need an idea to get started with you?

                This is another BIG FAT NO! In the first few lessons, we will work together to get that idea out and create a plan of attack. But the cool thing is it’s your podcast, your launch, and your business so you get the freedom to do things your way! I will show you the way I set up my podcast and give you other ideas. It’s got to feel good to you! And that’s where access to the community comes in, if you decide to create your own trail, we will be there by your side supporting and loving on you each step of the way. Pretty freaking magically. 

                Do I need fancy equipment, software, and to be techy?

                When I started the feed your body with love podcast I started with the headset that came with my iPhone. It has grown from there but make sure you LOVE podcasting and it’s FUN before dumping tons of money into equipment that you think you need to be successful. Remember it’s about the message and content! That being said there is a need for clarity in your audio but we can talk about how to get that with the things you already have or find you a quality affordable microphone.

                Do you need tech and software? The long and short of it is YES. You need to have some sort of podcast hosting software, some sort of audio editing software, and if you do interview something to record the two of you on. The best part is there are many AMAZING free versions of this software to get you started. Right now my podcast costs me $9 a month to host because of all the content I put out. This workshop will help you find the right software for your needs and be there for you if you ever need to change it. 

                This sounds so OVERWHELMING will I have the time?

                The answer is yes when you are ready. The amazing thing about this mastermind is you will have lifelong access to the core curriculum. And limited-time access to a community to support you when you are ready. You get access to all the new things I’m learning when YOU ARE READY to take your podcast and marketing to the next level through updates. The course is set up for 90 days, but this is your journey and it can take as long as you need to fit into your life. Just remember access to the community is limited by the time frame offered when you signed up. Included 1:1 Calls don’t expire. My goal is to give you all the tools, a community to get support along the way, and allow you the space you need to be creative. Being creative doesn’t come from pressure, overwhelm, and the fear of being behind! You have extra behind-the-scenes access to me launching my third podcast and LIVE support that can be referred back to through the replays. Check out the Community and Watch for UPDATES on this course!

                What times do I need to show up?

                We will have our weekly soul biz sessions on Wednesdays. (unless agreed upon with advanced notice)

                Here is the great thing about this system is that it’s flexible. You have instant access to the course and the Community. You can ask questions in the community. I will answer them either by text or I’ll create a video for you.

                I also do BONUS office hours at different times so you can come in when it works for you (and guess what you can ask for specific times for my office hours to be opened up to fit your schedule) *I do my best to make sure that everyone has some time to work directly with me or the group during the first week of the workshop! This is really where the magic happens and the overwhelm stops!

                You also have access to the course here which allows you to work at your own pace. If we are going too fast or too slow, you get to do you! Then pop into the community after the workshop as you will have forever access.

                I don’t want you to be part of the 75% of podcasts that fall off. Meaning, you are stuck with me, my office hours, my loving reminders and nudges, until you tell me to go AWAY! 

                If not now, when?

                 How many years of struggle do you have to go through to want to make a difference? If you wait you can ruin your confidence and self-trust deeper. Dig bigger holes of debt. Lose relationships. Go back to just surviving instead of having fun. They will never put themselves out and the world will never get their magic. That’s a disservice to everyone. Depression. Unhappiness. Fear. Frustration. Release the misinformation and lean into their own magical process so they can reach their goals faster!

                If you want to give up the “I’ll start tomorrow” attitude of stuckness and step into the HOLY SHIT how the Fuck did that happen when you open your bank account, come join us and learn to make an impact as big as a tsunami as your are WAY to POWERFUL to be a ripple.  The world needs you to create this change.


                I never would have stepped outside my comfort zone, if not for YOU and your COURSE! 

                I never would have stepped outside my comfort zone, if not for YOUR and your COURSE! Thank you!

                Jenn’s Podcast  course is very helpful when it comes to teaching first-timers what steps to take when creating a podcast. The course is laid out in a clear format, that prepares you for the work required independently.  The course takes away the guesswork and the fear when it comes to creating your own podcast!

                Colleen Edwards


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