Soulful Podcasting

Day 1

Why Podcasting for your Business | Choosing your Podcasting adventure.
Podcasting is for EVERY BUSINESS, however, there is no ONE SIZE fits all podcast strategy.
Today we will cover:
>Why Podcasting
>Your Adventure: Host, Guest, Both
>The Pros and Cons of Hosting
>Podcasting Basics
ACTIVATION: Aligning with your Mind, Body, and Soul for the answers

Day 2

Discover who you are and what you really want!
>What beliefs are yours versus others
>What feels good inside your body
>What do you desire for your life and business
>What priorities do you have and are you currently honoring them.
RELEASE: Let go of Limiting Beliefs

Day 3

>Next steps for your podcast adventure
>Steps to get you started with this amazing EVERGREEN platform
>What you need to start your adventure your 30-Day Action Plan. Yes a full roadmap for the next 30 days!
>and of course, a special offer to your beautiful soul.
ACTIVATION: Full Chakra Embodyment for Soul Aligned Action

Daily Activations

I’ve pulled the activations out of each day so you have access to them as you need them!

Grab A FREE Soulful Biz Alignment Session

 I’ll get you in for a free Soul Biz Alignment Call. On this call, we will see what’s going on in your business, what little shifts you can make, and if there is a way to support you. Either way, you will walk away with an action plan to get you moving forward even if I can’t support you.

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