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Standing up for yourself with chronic pain.

It’s hard having invisible symptoms or illnesses. Most of the time we act as if we are healthy, like a chameleon we blend in with those around us that are healthy. We sometimes forget to stand up for ourselves and push our body further than or bodies want us to, result, flare-up.


Many of the people that suffer with chronic pain don’t speak up as we do not want to feel like a burden on others. We already feel exhausted, having to pretend to be well or to be able to keep up takes every last spoon. Why do we feel a need to blend in, keep up, and not speak up for our needs. Is it our need to please others or to attempt to trick our minds into thinking we do not have an invisible condition.


When we are able to stand up for ourselves, our lives become happier and less painful.

I finally stood up for myself


For the last 8 years we have been going to a ranch we are part owners. I love it there. ATV, off-roading, snow, mud, pools, games, and so many great memories and laughs I will cherish forever. This year I made the trip more enjoyable. How, I spoke up for myself.


Every trip we go on an off-roading mission to find snow. Being the short one, I am in the middle of the front bench seat, knees to chest as I have a center console under my feet. Every trip I sit in this cramped position and push through the pain. By the time we find snow I no longer am enjoying it as my back, hips, and legs are so sore. This year was different.


About 30 minutes into our adventure, I shouted Chinese Fire Drill. The truck was stopped and I ran around it twice. This was great fun, the kids laughed, everyone thought I was crazy. But as I scrunched myself back into the small middle seat, my body thanked me. I did this twice on the way up and once on the way back.


What was extra special about this trip. Was it was the first time I actually enjoyed the snow. I got to play, hike, and get in a snow ball fight. It was the best feeling ever. I found a way to enjoy my trip too. And because I didn’t make it about me having to stop because I was in pain, it seemed like a fun game. Holy crap, I wasn’t a burden. WOW!






Why do I want to share this story?

 Because it shows little things you can do to listen to your body. When I finally stood up for my bodies needs I got to enjoy the destination. It almost brings happy tear to my eyes because after 8 years I finally got to enjoy the snow, the same as everyone else. Made my heart sing with joy.


Maybe you aren’t crammed in the middle seat of a truck but you are on a hike and getting sore. Stop and take pictures. No one has to know you are in pain, unless you want them to know. Maybe you are on an all-day museum adventure, take some time to sit in front of an exhibit, or stop when you are ready to stop, letting everyone else continue on as you sit and enjoy.


Stuck at your desk for hours, keep hydrated so you have to get up to  use the restroom. Learn some chair yoga and do it. Stand up and stretch. I bet you will create a tend and other will start doing the same thing.

It’s the little things that make big results


When you take the time to check it, make little shifts or breaks, you can really begin to enjoy the adventures you choose to embark on. Getting out of the truck maybe added 5 minutes on our trip, added laughs, and kept my body happy.


Know that you deserve to enjoy your adventure too. The people you are with are happy you are with them and most of the time they are okay with slowing down, waiting, stretching with you, as long as they are spending time with you.  Or they are willing to go on without you for a while, then meet up later in the day. It really isn’t as upsetting as most of us make it.


When you sit back, push through, don’t speak up for yourself. The one person that is really missing out is you. Even though you believe you are doing this for others, it’s really to appease your ego. Speak up and enjoy more moments in your life. Trust me others don’t want you suffering or having to spend a number of bed days after your adventure to recover from not speaking up and pushing too hard.

I’ve been talking a lot lately about the Power of Two, because it literally changes how you react to pain (so you can feel less pain now and prevent future pain – no joke!)

But if you haven’t watched the video or downloaded the free PDF, you may still might not know about this powerful tool.

So here’s the deal:

Your body has been tricking you into being weaker than you really are.

Your body has been sending you pain signals waaaaaaay before you needed those signals because it wants to keep you safe.

But what’s really happening, is your body is keeping you SEDENTARY, not safe.

You know what happens when you sit for too long in one position – it’s REALLY hard to stand up and get out of that position.

When your body doesn’t move enough, it gets stiff and then it hurts when you finally try to move.

But if you learn to read the signals your body is sending you and understand them for what they REALLY are, you’ll know which signals to ignore (because they’re part of the early-warning trickery) and which signals to pay attention to because they’re the real deal.

That’s the Power of Two in a nutshell. Learning to recognize the early warning system and knowing where your true limitations exist.

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