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It’s time to march to the beat of YOUR OWN DRUM, unapologetically.

It’s time to release the “SHOULDS” of others and BE Authentically YOU!

It’s time to EMBODY who you REALLY ARE leading to more FUN and FREEDOM!

The Surrender and Rise Journey!

 What would it take to feel Empowered and Free? That feeling that you are WORTHY and ENOUGH to have the life you dream about. To be able to live your life in FREEDOM of BEING 100% Authentically YOU!

When you are able to EMBRACE all that makes you uniquely you, you can lead your life from a place of fun freedom and flow! Instead of stuck in the hustle, worry, and fear of lack of love, money, and freedom. When we start to SHED THE SHOULDS of SOCIETY we can ask ourselves to make peace with your past and allow it to EMPOWER us to RISE to a new level.

That FREEDOM you desire is on the other side of finding your true self!

Release your BLOCKS

Release the “SHOULDS”

Release those old beliefs of the “shoulds” your family, friends, and society put on you. This is your life and your path does not look like anyone else’s. Does it feel misaligned or forced. Take a deeper look at what it is you are working towards, is it your goal, society’s goal, or something  your family told you that you should be doing. When you tap into your own INNER WISDOM and INTUITION, life can be in flow and bring much freedom. BUT YOU MUST SHED THE SHOULDS!


EMBRACE YOU. What does that really mean?!?! Some fancy catchphrase you have been seeing all over coaches’ sales pages, right. But what does that look like?

When you allow yourself fun, pleasure, freedom, and the ability to speak your truth and ask for what you desire you begin to shift into another version of YOU.  A you that is willing to ask for your needs to be met, take space to recharge your own batteries, and not hold back who you are because of the fear of abandonment. It’s letting go of the people-pleasing, striving for perfection, and allowing yourself space for fun and flow.

It’s doing YOU for YOU and allowing those that are meant to be in your life to fit into that version of you!

Reconnect to Your Desires

Were you a wild child, loud, laughing, untamed? What would it feel like to bring her back? Maybe you were a sexual soul, but life has pushed down that sensual and sexual feminine goddess. What if she came back? Those light, free, joy filled moments of your life can be your daily reality, if you allow yourself to be FREELY YOU! Open yourself up to the inner child and bring back the freedom of curoristy, fun, pleasure, play, and creativity.

Finding Balance & Peace Within

What you will leave with is:
❤ A Crystal CLEAR answer to the question, “WHO AM I”
❤ You will have a reignited FIRE in your SOUL in all areas of your life. Home and Business
❤ You will have a deeper LOVE for yourself and be connected to who you REALLY ARE
❤ You will shed the SHOULDS that are not serving you! And unlock your true passions and desires
❤ You will be able to speak your truth and have your needs met
❤ You will feel empowered in your life
❤ You will know YOU ARE WORTHY and ENOUGH as you are today!
It’s a journey back to self.
Because as soon as you find YOU, everything else goes inflow and brings you freedom.

Surrender and RISE as the REAL YOU!

Weekly Sisterhood Circles

This is a time where you can gather with like-minded women on the same journey back to self. Allow yourself to share your journey vulnerability and rise together in each Soul Sisters unique journey.


Mediation doesn’t always mean  sitting in silence and having your mind go blank. Each week I will provide different types of meditations to help you on your journey. Never meditated before. We will ease you in with a moving meditation.

Move Energy through Dance

Dance is a fun way to get energy moving through your body. What a better way to move out the trauma and stuckness in your life than to laugh, smile, and move your body. Better yet, grab something you can bang on as your own drum.

Art Sessions & EFT Tapping

These are two great ways to move through blocks and allow yourself to repattern and see things in a new light. Don’t worry you don’t have to be an artist to play, I will make you create your masterpiece with your eyes closed! You will be surprised at what you see!

Support between Circles

You have the amazing PRIVATE SAFE community of SOUL SISTERS and ME to support you along the way. Healing and Rising to your next version of self can be messy, scary, and downright miserable, but you are never alone. This is what makes this Soul Sisterhood Magical!

Inner Knowing Deep Dives

These are deep dives, exercises, and me sharing my vast knowledge of going inward to find answers. Inner wisdom allows you to tap into your inner warrior, goddess, badass (whatever you call her) and bring her out into the open. Allowing you to remove the masks and BE YOU!

Become a Soul Sister

There is so much power in SURROUNDING YOURSELF with other POWERFUL WOMEN, ready to RISE!


Get Ready to        FIND YOURSELF and Live a Life of WILD and FREE!     


Allow yourself the space to be you in a safe container of sisterhood. This is a judgment-free zone. And a place to reconnect with yourself, your soul, and women on this journey.

We start 11/11/2021 with our Welcome Call

The 8 Sisterhood Circles will be held on Mondays unless the GROUP decided on a different date!

Need a Payment Plan? Let’s CHAT!

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