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The harm in “Hey Girl, how much weight do you want to lose”

You could be reaching out to women in the DM’s trying to grow your business. Praying on those of us with a body that doesn’t look like what diet culture has made to be healthy, but you could be doing more harm than good with those Hey Girl magic weight-loss messages. First I truly believe you will be more successful if you build relationships or at least have a conversation with the person before asking them to buy from you. For me I buy from the person, not for the product results.

I too have fallen in this path and will be the first to admit in my deep dark days of dieting for weight-loss I was slinging shakes, skinny coffee, and magic pills. I was in other women’s inboxes asking them if they wanted to try these products. Not knowing the harm I was doing. For those, who were like me, those messages came with a sting. When you are already shaming your body and eating habits, hearing wants to try my weight-loss product makes you feel even more inadequate. Worse if you were in the early stage of an eating disorder would be like giving a drink to someone recovering from alcohol, or having a recovering drug addict hold your drugs for you. You just wouldn’t do that.

So why is this becoming the norm in my INBOX? My profile is all about health at EVERY SIZE, yet I’m still getting the HEY GIRL messages about weight-loss. If you don’t do anything else, at least open the person profile before sending your message. At a time in my life, when I was deep in weight shame this could have put me in a spiral. I already wondered why I got to wake up every day, why this worthless overweight, unloved body deserved to be on this planet, and your messages would have added to that deep shame I had about even living. Outwardly, I was happy bubbly and spunky but inside I was dying and wondered when it could be over. Even with all the anti-depressants, crazy diets, and therapy I was still struggling.  And I know I’m not the only one that ever felt that way.

Think about how that would feel if you were in that situation and someone reached out to you with a “Hey Girl, how much weight do you want to lose” message. That could be devastating. I’m all for you running your business, but don’t be SKEEZY about it. Get to know who you’re talking about and approach them with love and respect. People aren’t just your paycheck. Don’t play on their emotions, especially around body size. As in all honesty, you could be triggering something major.

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