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The importance of self-TRUST before self-love. Chantel finds self-love to be a very vague and even foreign concept especially if you have spent most of your life loathing yourself.

Self-trust is something she realized is a more measurable, tangible step in the self-love process. It leads to an inner and outer congruence and integrity that helps you forgive yourself easily, gain traction in life on your goals, and a fierce self-belief that heals relationships, affects manifestation, kills victimhood, and creates resilience. Knowing you will be there for you is the single biggest gift you can give yourself. 

Chantal Herman is a powerhouse of creativity, spiritual healing, and igniting joy and magic in others.

She started her healing journey as a Parama BodyTalk Practitioner in 2004 and moved on to creating her own Involutions Process – a powerful Congruence tool to create integrity with self, others, and the world we wish to create. 

Chantal’s joy comes from helping creatives and soul-based business owners to align their Message to their true essence and huge mission on the planet. She fully believes that our gift to the world is not only in what we do but how we live fully in joy, integrity, and love. She is also an advanced Sacred Soul Alignment Practitioner and an award-winning comedic actor based in South Africa, “spreading the joy – one scene at a time”



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