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You’re kind of part of the self-love movement right now. Where did that all start?

That’s a great question. Where does the self of Journey start? It’s really something I think that’s been happening on our planet for thousands of years and now we’re really coming to a big head. And so when you ask me where or myself love journey starts. I think it started from the moment I was born because as the second or born were constantly told what to do.

What we should do how we should act, what we should look like. And then, as media, especially mainstream you get has gotten so popular and social media as well, it’s just kind of had that awareness even more for self-love, because we’re just having being shoved in our face so much, to really the journey for all of us begins from the second that we come into this world.

Can you tell us a little bit about that and your back story?

Yeah, so it’s really just like where you wanna start. So there are lots of things that I’ve been through with everyone has their own story and personal stories are so important. So you guys, no matter what your story is to get in the comparison of it, just keep showing up and sharing your story as well, because your story can help a lot of people, and I have lots of different aspects to my story. There’s, of course, I was a very young mom, that went through a very abusive, not healthy relationship, and then it just kind of smiled from there, where I went into a little bit of a depression and things like that, but really works to pull myself out of it. By feeding myself, just lots and lots of self-love, I love that.

And when you say feeding yourself above what kind of things do you mean by that?

Well, I really like wine and cheese. There are the actual aspects of feeding ourselves, which for some reason it has been turned into the mass media and bull shit, and it’s just another aspect of control and too not let you love yourself a really feeding myself and enjoying what And that’s helpful, but beating myself a positive people around me and feeding myself with honestly, any time I have a negative thought or anything like that instead of just writing from it, I lean into it, which I guess would be a form of being myself, right, so I really just lead into it and I’m like, “Why am I thinking that Why do I feel that way and then just transiting that… And to love and I know it sounds so cheesy, but everything can be solved with love and compassion, I completely agree and that leaning in part is something I know a lot of people struggle with.

Do you have any suggestions on how to start leaning it, other than just leaning in?

A lot of times people will do this thing where they’re going through a thought process it so you might get up and you might be like, “Oh my gosh, I hate butt”. “I’m lazy that’s why I hate my butt”. “My dad told me I had a bad butt”. And the cycle continues. 

Now tell the little girl, “Hey you’re amazing and your butt is amazing too”. And you just immediately reverse the cause of it, so what we tend to do, and even in the positivity where all this you’ll hear people even say things like mantras can fix everything and they really can’t. Because if I’m just sitting here saying I love myself, I love myself. That’s pregnant awesome, but you’re just kind of masking what’s really there at the root cause.

You have to notice what you notice so notice what you notice and don’t just dismiss it as bull shit. I really noticed why you’re noticing. Once you discover the root causes and then you can switch it, and then you can use mantras or positive sayings and be like, Wow, that is amazing.

If you can look for the connections versus the consumption, that’s what I am encouraging everyone to do is look for the connections versus the consumption. You can join Samantha in her community https://www.facebook.com/groups/GirlCrushAlliance/

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