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Hi, I’m Jenn! I help people with chronic pain and illness get back the joy of waking up and having endless possibilities to be active, joyful, and free of restrictions.

My Story

I have been in your shoes. When I was around 12, my world got turned upside down when I got my first three diagnoses: Fibromyalgia, Asthma and IBS. I was the girl sitting on the sidelines during physical education classes because my doctors told me I couldn’t participate. Lucky for me, my mom didn’t take this as a final answer and she took me from specialist to guru to alternative treatments.  I was lucky.

However, I still felt like I could never keep up with the “healthy kids”. I found that I was saying no to invites that might be more energy than I had to give, or worse, not getting invited anymore. Crap, I was the “sick girl”. 

Around 25, I started to really take my life back and decided that my life was going to be amazing. I had unstoppable running through my blood. After years and years of education, degrees, certificates, and my own health journey, I found the faster way to freedom.  And it all starts with the choice to change your story, right now.

Now, I get to help others find their Chronically Unstoppable powers and truly go from surviving to thriving!

Are you READY to Unleash Your Chronically Unstoppable?


What we will create together

New beliefs about your pain and illness

Do you ever feel like you are stuck on repeat? Like your living groundhog day of nightmares, over and over again. Like your illness or pain is behind the driver’s wheel of your life journey? It’s time to take back control.

What we think on repeat becomes our reality. Together we drive deep into your story about your illness, design an outline of your new story, and create a detailed path to unlocking your Chronically Unstoppable Story of endless possiblities.

A plan to take control of your life

As we work together to create your new story we put together a plan to take back control of your life. You finally get to put that “diagnoses” in the trunk and take the drivers wheel again. Go from pre-planning to have bed days to being able to have the energy to go out and be active.

What would it be like if when you woke up in the morning, you could grab the leash or your kids and your walking shoes and head out to enjoy the morning sun on your face while walking? Or the ability to say “YES” to that adventure your friend invites you on, without hesitation.

It’s possible!

Create you Chronically Unstoppable Blueprint

Over the next 30 days after our session you will work to put your blueprint into action. I will be  there to support you and be your accountability partner along the way.

You got this, Unstoppable Warrior.

The Approach

Together we will dive into your current story about your illness and how you relate to it. Are you a victim or a warrior? And create the right path for your journey. This is not a one-size fits all approach. It’s about you, your life, and creating your version of a Chronically Unstoppable Life. What does your life look like if you woke up to endless possibilities and no limitations. 

We will go through some of the basics and then begin to transform your mind and body so it aligns with this new vision you have for your unstoppable life.  With 30 days of support, you will be sure to stay accountable, make any needed shifts in your blueprint, and be supported by an amazing community for a lifetime. 

What makes this different from other “chronic illness” guides out there, the added support after the call. The community that understands. The safe space that comes from never having to feel you have to explain yourself. And my 20 years of being on this journey myself. 

Don’t waste 20 years like I did trying to find my Unstoppable. You can start today and in 30 days be on your way to your new life!


Included with you session

Don’t Wait Any Longer to live your Chronically Unstoppable Life! Have questions, let’s chat!