Vanessa Marie Dewsbury is a Reiki Master, Life and Business Coach, and bestselling author. She calls herself, The Magical Coach. She helps women build a fulfilling business by connecting to their energy, intuition, and authenticity.

Vanessa loves helping people tap into their own magic and using it to create and manifest a life they love.

Our conversation starts with the magic of being self-aware! Self Awareness is what changes your life. Because when we’re not living in self-awareness, we are not taking responsibility for our actions or energy or reactions.

Self Awareness is the piece that says, “What can I do?”  “What can I do to change?” “What can I do to help rectify the situation?” “How am I reacting or responding to this person, when not having self-awareness is always pointing fingers.  It’s always pointing outwardly.

As soon as you have that self-awareness piece. That’s the only way to create change. That’s the true way to create change. Because we can wait for other people to change, we can wait for the world to change. But that’s not how it works, we can only control what we are doing. And we can only control our own change.

Living from that place is a very powerful place, it can be hard to look at yourself and be like, “Hey, what did I What could I have done better. It’s also a very empowering and liberating place. A very magical place. I know we love the word magical, but it is. So yeah, self-awareness, definitely key for many different things.


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Unknown Speaker 0:00
So welcome back, Vanessa.

Unknown Speaker 0:02
Hello. Thank you for having me. bactrim

Unknown Speaker 0:05
I am so excited. And I want to ask you my new favorite question what it’s which is what is lighting you up the most in this moment right now?

Unknown Speaker 0:18
Definitely. Creation and kind of returning to my roots as an energy healer. So last week was very felt like as a collective extra stress last week it felt very tense, anxious it just all this collective energy this week feels I’m full of inspiration ideas. So what’s letting me up is went back to my roots of focusing on my healing work, my my soulful work and I actually had posted and you know, you’re on my Facebook. So I post a lot of like soulful, deep post. And I just realized that I haven’t been posting those in months. I don’t know if it’s the chaos of the world that’s kind of squash the creativity and and haven’t been feeling overly inspired. But I just haven’t been posting and then I kind of tapping back into that that’s letting me up now is connecting even deeper back to my soul and sharing from that space.

Unknown Speaker 1:19
So when you say that, like there’s this like collective energy around us? What could that, you know, what could that be showing up as other than this lack of self? I don’t know if I want to call it like, it’s just like self awareness, like really trusting in that old, rooted, wonderful, beautiful spiritual self? Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:42
I know well, us being energy bodies, we can feel the energy of others. So some people are not may or may not know consciously that they’re feeling other people’s stuff. So you can wake up in the morning feel grumpy, or anxious or stressed and not even really have an idea. But there could be some intensity happening even in the cosmos, mercury in retrograde, if you believe in that, the stress of the world. So you can you can feel other people’s energy, collectively, and that can actually take your energy down. So one thing I do help my clients with, is recognizing and like you said, having the awareness of when you’re carrying that extra energy that isn’t yours. And that’s a tool just asking yourself, is this mind and your body super intelligent? It’ll say yes or no. Excuse me. So when you hear, and no, you can say consciously choose to release this, and repeat it as much as you need to. And you can actually feel it dissipating. Yeah, so that’s the collective energy that we can feel from other people. It’s like when someone walks into a room, and they’re angry or upset, they don’t even have to say anything, you can feel the energy being off. And because of what’s happening in the world, right now, there’s a lot of that. So you don’t even need to be in this in the physical space with someone to feel their energy. So it’s being super mindful of your own energy, and using tools to help you ground and balance your energy. So you stay connected to soul and to to self.

Unknown Speaker 3:06
So during this process, when you say that you haven’t been posting, you haven’t been sharing that gift that you have, like, how have you How are you bringing yourself back in now that the chaos seems to at least have I don’t know if taken down a notch that’s still going on. But it does seem to be much calmer right now.

Unknown Speaker 3:24
Yeah, this present moment, it does. Lots of meditation. And just I do a lot of body scans, where I connect to my body and kind of feel the energy in my body. Because, you know, when you have family work so many other things, like you’re kind of being pulled all the time. So you don’t really stop a lot to reflect and, and go within. And I’ve been doing that lately. So that’s what I’m doing is just going back in and reconnecting with that part of me in the last few days, I shared a couple posts, and it feels like feels so nice. Like, okay, this is what I absolutely love doing those creating hosts and, and words and like, I let the poetry aspect of it like the deepness of it. So it feels good to be doing that again. And it connects with other people, right, like that’s how people relate and connect with connect with each other. So yeah, I’m just feeling inspired again with that.

Unknown Speaker 4:24
And with this in this new inspiration, like what have you found that you’re going back to that you didn’t, you weren’t doing maybe the last three months or six months, like what’s manifesting and bubbling up to the surface?

Unknown Speaker 4:36
Well, back in December, I started a manifestation challenge. And I created a group that had like so many people in That’s amazing. So, and you being creative yourself, a lot of times we get these ideas and inspiration and we start something and then maybe that lasts a couple of months and then sometimes it fizzles out. That’s just seems to be a pattern. what i’ve learned about myself is sometimes i think that idea has to be something there has to be something out there and it has to be something big and that means it’s a new part of my business so what i was doing was focusing on manifestation coaching and helping women in business which i do but i find i find that was like misaligning me and going back to my roots is what i was mentioning earlier is i’m just i help people on the reiki master and spiritual coach and i help people in all areas of their life it’s like inner child work or healing their relationship with themselves or they went through a breakup so i realized when i was actually trying to nourish myself i was closing myself off to people who need my light and my gifts which i love sharing so it’s interesting when i had that awareness i’m like okay i’m doing this again we’re i’m trying to be doing something i’m not meant to be doing right now and when i sank back into what i am meant to be doing with live with me like within the next day i had like eight messages from people for reiki sessions reiki training and coaching sessions so energetically what i’m not aligned it almost like closes an energetic door for people right because you’re you’re trailing off in a different path but when you refocus and then rely on that path people see you again clearly so that’s it brings in it brings in the people that are meant to work with you so that’s where i am right now

Unknown Speaker 6:32
i think that’s a really important point to like drive home is like as energetic beings and i find it more in like once you get in touch with that like feminine divine feminine energy where there’s that flow that we get stuck in that should or the strategy and we never we were like oh you mentioned like i tried to do this again and it’s like we stopped doing it and we started trying

Unknown Speaker 6:55
yeah yeah and it’s the same thing jen it’s like you look at all these instagram feeds of people and it’s so beautiful and cultivated and you get caught up in like hey that’s where i need to do so then you’re like trying to and i was doing this trying to like make my feed perfected and i’m like what the hell am i doing because i can’t operate structured or discipline i have my own flow and way of doing things but to like have to do things the same every day try to have this organized perfect theme on instagram or whatever it is that’s like you said try and mix you leave that place of authenticity so when you’re trying or should doing things that you think you should be doing it takes you away from what you need to be doing and i always say like i’m more productive in being than doing so just being where i am in that space and not thinking i do need need to be doing all these things that everybody else is doing when i sit back down in my own own energy my own flow it’s magic happens it’s a beautiful

Unknown Speaker 8:04

Unknown Speaker 8:05
i think that that’s something that like is part of why like this podcast is here is that we know that we are allowed to do ourselves like be ourselves you know like be that authentic version and it doesn’t have to look like everybody else i’ve seen the core theme and everything that showed up in the last week of my life is everybody’s been saying you do you boo and i’m like oh it’s okay to do me like i can have the structure side i can be the accountant that is a you know an artist have that creative structured you know analytical side of me and allow all those pieces to come together

Unknown Speaker 8:43
yeah i think that’s so important and that’s where like a self love aspect falls in it’s like loving ourselves enough to allow ourselves just to be who we are and where we are without judgment or worrying about what other people think the epitome of self love is to hold space for your own self exactly where you are at any time we’re outside of that we feel stressed we feel anxious we feel tense we we start comparing ourselves to others you’ll know when you’re when you’re outside of yourself when it’s too noisy in your head and you’re watching what everybody else is doing so that’s a good key of the awareness piece is like okay bring myself back into me where i am right now and loving and honoring myself in this space and present moment

Unknown Speaker 9:34
so when you get to that noisy point like you were in doing your manifestation challenge they how did you bring yourself back into self

Unknown Speaker 9:45
so the manifestation challenge was amazing so that wasn’t like i was so excited there’s like so much inspiration so i am doing i still have my group manifesting desires so we’ve done manifestation challenges chakra challenge and then we’re completing the self love challenge Then I’m doing one for impasse. So I love doing that. And but what I was doing was seeking that that had to be a business within itself. So it didn’t have to be that and have to make it into a business, it was just an extension of what I already do. So that’s just having the realization of bam, like, I don’t need to have more labels or titles or change things, or new names or whatever. Just it’s just a part of who I am and what I’m doing. So that’s how I brought myself back to that is just having that insight that it doesn’t have to be anything else that I’m just doing this challenge. It doesn’t have to be manifestation coaching. And truly, like my coaching is helping people manifest wellness, and health and healing. But I don’t want to overcomplicate it with anything else than just what it is. So feels nicer. Like I noticed a pattern of myself doing this for years. And I can look back and like even see memories on my Facebook or things in my one of my many journals have completed journals of all these different things I was doing. But it always goes back to the healing work and just helping people. A lot of people come to me because they feel lost. And there’s a lot of right now there’s a lot of inner child trauma that has come up for people, because it’s connected to our root chakra, right. So the world collectively is experiencing uncertainty, a loss of sense of security and safety. So when somebody experienced that in their life as a child, where they didn’t feel safe, they didn’t feel secure, they feel stability in their life, that’s actually activate a lot of trauma for people right now. So mostly, I have people coming to me to do that. So yeah, it’s amazing and powerful to be able to hold space for someone just to be seen and heard and loved because we hold so much inside of us. And it’s hard to express this to people, especially those we love, because it’s so easy for someone to say, oh, you’re fine, or I don’t know what you’re talking about, like get defensive. But when we can talk to someone who is unbiased, and just is at that loving, compassionate space, it’s like healing just for the soul just to speak, and to be able to be seen by somebody else.

Unknown Speaker 12:32
And I think that that, I mean, in working with you, that was one of the main things for me is it’s like, not only were you able to uncover things, because you have the gift to be able to see more than other people can see, but to be able to be seen and be heard. Yeah, and it be okay to be seen and safe to be seen and heard.

Unknown Speaker 12:53
Right. And that’s the key word is safe. Because if we don’t feel safe, we want to we want to express how we’re feeling. If we’ve went to express how we’re feeling to somebody, and they either shut us down or dismissed us, that unconsciously is how we see that person. So we stop sharing. And we just let it all fester and manifest inside of us until we just kind of feel like, like, Who am I? Who am I anymore, I don’t know who I am. It seems to happen a lot. That’s part of the book I that that I wrote, just waking up one day and wondering who you are like you take it on the label of wife and husband and mother, daughter and friend, that you forgot the essence of who you really are. So it’s returning home to yourself into your soul into your heart and rediscovering who you are.

Unknown Speaker 13:52
And that is such a beautiful place to be in. And you know, like in the beginning we were talking about like business and like relating it to business because both of us do work with people that are working for themselves most of the time. And again, it goes down to like you said not to niche to allow it to flow. It all fits in and becomes part of like, Who are you as a as a human as a spirit as a soul doesn’t have to be in a box?

Unknown Speaker 14:19
Yeah. And and it’s okay, like I understand people. Nietzschean because that maybe that’s how people some people work. Everybody works differently. And I find it difficult I think to confine myself and I should have that awareness because I’m turning 45 I’ve worked for somebody maybe two years I’ve in my life. I’ve only had I’ve had three businesses my whole life. And Nietzschean almost kind of can feel like it can confine me. And yeah, so not me shame but Nietzschean in my own way, is what feels more right for me. And well there’s something that you just said before that to john i was going to answer i have to remember that

Unknown Speaker 15:04
but when you say nisha in your own way what do you mean by that

Unknown Speaker 15:09
well kind of like what i spoke about like if i’m to say i only serve women in business or only serve woman who have left a marriage i like i don’t i serve many different people and i’ve helped many different people on their healing journeys i if i closed myself off to that i close parts of myself off who are able to help people that are having say a spiritual awakening or like we said breakup in the marriage or health issues i’ve helped people with i just don’t want to close myself off and and essentially nietzschean like when we think of like our avatar or who we serve which people will say like who is your avatar oh they had brown hair blue eyes they shop it homesense that doesn’t feel never felt right to me what i’ve realized is my avatar or ideal client is i think we’ve talked about this before jen is the older version of me so the old version of me had stress and anxiety i had breakups i had a death of my first boyfriend health issues opening my business my own spiritual awakening so all those old versions of me are all the people that i’m helping that so that’s what i mean like in that flow of like my nisha is open but i’m still discerning of who i work with like i’m i’m not a therapist or anything so i’m still mindful of the clients that i’ve taken but yeah it feels it feels lighter too because it’s again it’s like oh i have to niche i should be niching i should i should be in people’s inboxes or commenting on people’s instagram for an hour a day like i don’t want to do that i am not interested unless i actually genuinely want to comment on someone’s instagram because i feel connected but just to do that to get clients like it just doesn’t interest me i don’t have time

Unknown Speaker 17:12
and i love that you’ve recognized that and it’s made you i mean like you said you’ve had three businesses you’ve only worked for someone for two years other than yourself and that’s the fact that you’re able to recognize that that’s why you’ve been able to be successful for so long and doing your own thing is recognizing that exact thing that it’s okay to be all over to serve all versions of your past self

Unknown Speaker 17:36
yeah well versions of my personal and that’s my own experience and we serve best like i understand people can coach you know a basketball coach doesn’t necessarily have an have had to play basketball but i find you can have a deeper a profound more sense of healing too when you’re working with someone who’s been through what you’re going through right there’s that wisdom and knowledge and insights that have been acquired and tools that we can help people so yes they’re on that journey but it doesn’t have to be maybe as painful or as long because they had that support and that guidance from someone who has been through those waters and come to the other side

Unknown Speaker 18:18
and what is your suggestion for somebody who’s just realizing at this moment like wow okay these strategies aren’t serving me where would you think that they should like if you just had one thing to say off the cuff like what would you let them know

Unknown Speaker 18:34
well for me i kind of went back to like okay who do i enjoy serving what do i when i look back at my past clients like what did i help them with where did i find the most joy i know it’s like deep topics but it’s still it still brings you a sense of joy and purpose when you’re when you’re able to help somebody so it’s kind of like retracting in and looking at the times in your life in business of where you felt most content and aligned and in flow and just kind of going from there and like just realizing that you don’t have to like i don’t do sales and funnels but you know i had my photography business for 12 years so that’s i know that’s helped with my business now which is basically like all referrals like i don’t advertise so i understand that there when you’re starting a business to like there’s things that you that are important to do and that can help you but when it’s when it’s coming to a point where you feel completely stressed and overwhelmed and thinking you need to do all these things you need to pull back and reevaluate what you actually need to be doing and i know it’s probably coaches to help that like i know i have helped some of my clients for that as well but yeah that’s all i say is like kind of pull back and like stop and reflect and redirect if you need i always say i always talk about reinventing yourself i was like any given time if that’s what you need to do because i’m a big person that likes to reinvent myself but what i’ve realized now is that it doesn’t mean i have to leave the or do something differently necessarily but reinvention in a different way but still being still serving the people that i’m serving that makes sense

Unknown Speaker 20:24
it makes perfect sense to me because i feel like that’s what i’ve been doing is like okay well this was a good version but i need to reinvent and i’m still serving the same people it’s just a new level of service

Unknown Speaker 20:38
yeah yeah i love watching the different things that you do and i i noticed a few people in my community where i connect on that level so for some of us it’s just hard to stay the same like i love change some people don’t like change i love it but again it’s just recognizing when you when you’re feeling stressed and you’re outside of yourself when you go back in it’s it’s reconnection with your truth

Unknown Speaker 21:09
and you mentioned that you have another challenge coming up inside your community

Unknown Speaker 21:15
so that’s for the past so it’s going to be a five day challenge to help grounded balance your energy so if you’re an empath or hsp highly sensitive person it’s going to be tools and affirmations and my meditation that i’ll share each day to help to help granted balance your energy and kind of release some stress and then go in to yourself because that’s a lot of one of the quotes i like is once you go within you’ll never go without so the self love aspect is going within loving all parts of yourself and pieces of your your heart and your soul and yeah like just i think it’s important to ground and balance our energy because just how everything is right now like we can just kind of be aligned with ourselves because of everything so yeah it’s to help the empath go back in release stuff that isn’t theirs and learn tools to help them to be able to do that

Unknown Speaker 22:18
and i love your community and honestly i listened to your some of your meditations from your youtube channel every night before i go to bed or while i’m sleeping they’re just like on repeat that night there’s something that is just magical about what you create

Unknown Speaker 22:33
thank you that’s nice to hear that i get messages it’s it’s an honor and to get messages from people that just say like there’s something about the sound of your voice or like the energy and the words that you’re speaking but it’s all to me it’s like all about authenticity and leading from a place of love and when you lead with love people feel that so if i’m doing all these things just to make money and think and i and i’m operating from desperation and lack and fear i’m not going to be busy in my business and i’m not going to have the quote unquote right people come to me i might have people come to me that also are operating from that which is okay to but the point of being that is when you operate from love the whole different game so i don’t think about the money the money is always a result of what i’m doing serving from my heart is how i operate i think that’s why that’s my you know a really nice community and wonderful people in it because it’s all energy like people are unconsciously feeling that authenticity and connecting to it

Unknown Speaker 23:46
i think that’s a good point is like our energy does drive in and attract that it becomes a magnet for whatever energy we’re putting out

Unknown Speaker 23:55
yeah yeah absolutely i think when you understand like the aspect of energies like so my whole business is based around the energy so i won’t just post just to post and i will just post i feel i have to and try to find something quick to say i i don’t do that i post right in that moment of how i’m feeling and i feel like again like with the awesome authenticity aspect it’s like how i’m feeling right in that present moment and that’s that’s a frequency i’m putting out you can feel when people are trying to not you can feel people aren’t being themselves you can feel when people are writing from that certain desperation or fearful energy nothing it’s not bad it’s not wrong but again like it’s just unconscious that what people are feeling back so having that awareness of that is like key to like anything

Unknown Speaker 24:56
and you came back to that same word the awareness

Unknown Speaker 24:59
yeah Self Awareness is like that’s what changes your life. Because when we’re not living in self awareness, we are not taking responsibility for our actions or energy or reactions. Self Awareness is the piece that says, What can I do? What can I do to change? What can I do to help rectify the situation? How am I reacting or responding to this person, when not having self awareness is always pointing fingers. Or I’m not like my business isn’t busy because of this, or this person said this, because so it’s always pointing outwardly. As soon as you have that self awareness piece. That’s the only way to create change. That’s the true way to create change. Because we can wait for other people to change, we can wait for the world to change. But that’s not how it works, we can only control what we are doing. And we can only control our own change. And living from that place is a very powerful place, it can be hard to look at yourself and be like, Hey, what did I What could I have done better, but it’s also a very empowering and liberating place. And it’s a very magical place. I know we love the word magical, but it is. So yeah, self awareness, definitely key for many different things.

Unknown Speaker 26:21
I 100% agree, the more aware you are the better exchange energy exchange you put out in the world.

Unknown Speaker 26:29
Yeah. And that way, like you are aware of not just your strengths, but your weaknesses, you can be aware of your weaknesses. Again, doesn’t mean it’s bad. But that’s how you you can transform and change them and build them into strengths by being able to be honest with yourself of like, Okay, this isn’t working. What can I What do I need to do differently to, to change this? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 26:56
what isn’t? We’re working? And what can I do to change this? That’s like one of those Mic drop moments in my brain. It’s just like, Whoa, okay. Everything else left the building that’s gonna stick with me. Yeah. So where can people find you on this in this match in this community that you’ve created.

Unknown Speaker 27:17
So I do have my group manifesting desires, my facebook profile, but SM reduce Barry is open. So I have, I share a lot of inspiration. And I’m going to be sharing a lot more my soulful post again. And my website, but at some reduced bird calm, and I have a Facebook page. And I was the sole sanctuary. But I said this will sanctuary. And I’m enjoying posting on Instagram and connecting with the community there. So that’s just under my name as well. Most places you find me is under my name.

Unknown Speaker 27:51
I love that, because then people can always find you. And that allows you to do that flow and pivot and change that we were talking about. Yep. Yeah, love it. So my favorite question is, if somebody just walked away with one thing, from our conversation today, what would you want them to walk away with?

Unknown Speaker 28:15
To give yourself permission to be yourself and to trust yourself? You don’t have like, you don’t have to be and be doing what everybody else is doing. And if you really dive into your, your, your, again, your heart and your soul, you can connect to your intuition. And that’s a matter of asking yourself, does this feel good and right for me right now. So everything you’re doing, you can live. You can live more consciously and create consciously by asking that question, does this feel aligned with me? Does it feel right for me right now. So yeah, I would love for someone just to give themselves permission to show up exactly as they are and know that we won’t be for everybody and we don’t want to be or need to be. And that’s okay. And just to trust yourself, trust your gifts, trust your ability, trust your journey, trust the universe. And it can be scary at times. But if you can get into that state of trust, it’s, you’ll see the magic happen. And that’s just, I have to use that word again because it really is it can be scary and daunting, but it can be beautiful and magical when you align yourself with the truth of who you really are.


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