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Would working for yourself give you more joy?


I want to talk to you about what you can do when you have a chronic condition and a 9 to 5 career is not working for you. Why is that?  When you are struggling with energy and symptoms, getting through a job that requires specific hours can be a tedious task. And can have huge effects on your family time and the time doing things you enjoy.

A big part of my big why and my reason behind me leaving my comfortable, high paying career in the finance world was because I struggle with chronic conditions. I found that my priorities would get pushed aside so that I could hustle my booty off for someone else. How about hustling for yourself and being your own boss?

Why did I decide to take the leap of faith and leave my 16-year career in the accounting world? It was a great paycheck. It was wonderful. I had some great coworkers. I had some not so great coworker.  I was interacting with people every day and providing value to the company. Why would I leave something so stable?

One major reason for leaving was that I hated about having that position was the extra hour to hour and a half that I had to sit in a car every day. 

My day was spent sitting in a car, sitting in a cubicle, sitting in the car again. I was miserable. And by the time I got home I had zero energy for what my main priority in life was, which was my family, my husband, and being able to do things and having that little bit of time freedom.

When you are struggling with a chronic condition, not only do all those things steal your energy but waste those valuable hours we have the energy to interact with those we love doing things we love. This steals energy from those that don’t have chronic conditions but take away all our energy when we are chronic warriors. When you have to think about if you want to take a shower before work because you are afraid it might take away to much energy to get through your day, you understand the concept of managing your spoons (energy).

It’s a huge deal.

Coming at this from a different angle is a little  hard to understand at first, but it’s a really great thing. For me, I left that 9 to 5 of working for someone else’s dreams, to build a life I enjoyed living. Let’s be real. I was working 10 hour days, having a mandatory 1 hours lunch, and I was having a two hour commute. That was 13 hours of my day, four days a week. I was at this place that was making me unhappy, working for that 5 cent raise every year because we got to do that cost of living raise or whatever it was. I was working somewhere that I didn’t have control of what I was bringing in.  I didn’t have the control of what I was able to make, how big I was able to grow my financial independence. That was a big part of the reason that I made the shift.


The second reason to make the shift

The other part of the reason why I made the shift was because it just didn’t feel right. I didn’t feel aligned. I didn’t feel like I was providing anything to the world. Here I am a powerful healer and I’m sitting at an office crunching numbers. Yes, I am freaking great at crunching numbers, but it wasn’t aligned with who I was as a person. This misalignment with who I really was added to the stress.

It’s really important to understand that when you start your own business, a lot of us go out here in the hopes for more time freedom and get sucked into the endless busy work of building a business, focusing on the wrong things. I know I sure did and I burned out fast. But I never gave up. I really looked at the things that I was doing every day and only forced my  four hours of “energized” time to those actives and grew like crazy.

The second big reason

The second big reason, besides making my own schedule for me was that you have no limits on your income potential because you are controlling it, not someone else. Yes, it’s safe paychecks working for someone else because you get that consistent paycheck and that feels really good. They pay your taxes for you, they do all this stuff and you just show up , do your job and your paycheck gets deposited into your bank.  But does it really fulfill your purpose for being here? Does it light your up?

Some people that’s a yes. Some people that’s a no. When you have a chronic condition, this schedule  was killing me. It was taking away all the joy because all the effort and energy I had was put into helping someone else.  I made the shift to becoming a coach. Soon as my coaching began to fill up, I realized being a coach is amazing. I love helping people get to where I’ve been. I’ve been through a lot of struggles and now I’m able to manage my conditions so that I do have the energy to do the things I want to do. But know that One on one coaching was really time consuming, energy consuming and I was getting back into that having to work 10 hour days and it doesn’t have to be that way.

I knew I had to find a way to spend less hours working, as it was still stealing time from my top priorities in my life.

I layered in another level to my income, which is direct sales.. Not only is it amazing, it’s been an amazing product for me and it’s been an amazing game changer for my life. It’s been helping my clients and the people that have come on board so much. Only start with a direct sales company if you align yourself with a company. Make sure it’s a good fit for you. I’ve been with 8 and it wasn’t until I joined this last company did I feel like I aligned with it and it was home.

Don’t put all our eggs in one basket. Diversify and create passive income

Alignment is KEY 

Make sure you are aligned with whatever it is you’re sharing. If you are interested in what I’m sharing with the world, I’d love to chat. If you are looking to find claritly to see what direct sales company might be good for you, let’s chat. Make sure whatever company you decide to go with you’re interested in the business part of it, the culture, and the products. If you are not aligned it will be so much extra work and energy to try to gain traction in the market.


My Simple Choice

For me it’ was a simple choice to add another side hustle. And I hate the word hustle because in all reality, hustle is a energy killer. I spend maybe four hours a day building my business. That’s the reality. And that’s my coaching practice and my direct sales business. I do spend more hours on calls with clients and groups but those are things I choose to schedule in. There are days that I will put in 10 hour days building out content, making sure that I connect with enough people, but I do those long days when my body has the energy to do them and my family is out doing other things.


 Remember there are people that work a full time job and spend maybe one hour a day making direct sales work.  Maybe they break up the tasks they know will grow their business into 15 minute increments . Maybe you’ve got 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes while you’re, you know, on a lunch break, 15 minutes before you go to bed. And Heck, if you’re taking 15 minutes in the bathroom, you might be able to just bring your phone in and connect with some people.


It’s that easy if you have a plan. Planning is key in managing chronic conditions. It’s one of the main 3 Ps of living well with chronic conditions. Planning. Pacing. Priorities. I’m not saying that it’s that easy to grow huge and grows huge wealth in the in the beginning cause it’s not. It takes time and if you’re willing to put in that time, it can grow to numbers that you could never believe in. Just know what you are doing today isn’t going to help you until a couple months down the line cause you have to plant those seeds. You have to nurture your tribe.

Now, I can also purchase some of our groceries and my coffee is paid for every month. Again, my side hustle, realistically, I maybe spend 30 to 40 minutes a day building daily. If I spent maybe an hour or two hours of that time building this company, it would get that much bigger faster, but this is my side gig. So again, the nice thing with having a chronic condition is when I wake up in the morning, I normally have a ton of energy so I can break my time. I can work right now.

Productivity Hours on My Terms

I know that the afternoon now that I don’t have my three o’clock slump where I need a ton of sugar and caffeine, that that’s a great time for me to talk to clients and get people like motivated and help them along their things. I can work that. And then I also know that I get this huge burst of energy around 8:00 PM at night so I can divide up my time with when my illness says this is the best time for me to work.

One of the wonderful things about getting out of the 9 to 5 and working for yourself is time freedom, working when it works for you and your needs. Yes, you have a lot of things to learn to grow your business. Whether you decide to coach,  you decide to go into direct sales or whatever it is that you want to work for yourself, do it. Maybe it’s setting up subscription boxes or whatever it is you have to work to get to that place. But the great thing is that once you start planting the seeds, that eight hours a day that you are spending working for someone else you could be working for yourself with an earning potential that’s limitless. And that’s why it’s important. And that’s why I believe that like a lot of people with chronic conditions are saying, hey, I want to work for myself.


I want to be my own boss and I’m ready to be that. So if you are interested in what I am doing, let me know because I’m want to have a conversation with you. I’m not saying that my product is the best fit for you, but I have tried eight different direct sales companies and I have a wealth of knowledge. Feel free to pick my brain. I’m telling you right now for free, you could pick my brain so that we can find the right product. If you want to do direct sales, if you’re interested in becoming a coach of some time, I’d still love to have a 20 minute conversation with you for free and just be like, hey, let’s kind of dig into this and see what’s there. Do you know? And maybe, in the end, you’ll want to work with me. Maybe, in the end, you won’t want to work with me, but there’ll be no sales pitch at the end.

Regardless. Make today amazing. Stand tall and become chronically unstoppable.

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No matter how you’re feeling today, you deserve to enjoy life to the fullest! You have the power to choose how you’ll live the rest of your life.

Live WELL, even with chronic illness!


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